April 1, 2011 Volume CXXIX Issue 9

GC and Scott Co. focus on words in April

Contributing Writer

In efforts to build community among members of the college and Scott County community, the GC FIne Arts Department and the Scott County Cultural and Arts Center have created a series of events to help bring people together through art experiences. “Image and Word Week” will take place during April 11-16. Each day has a different topic of focus. Those who wish to participate have a range of activities to choose from. Some of the activities include a noon luncheon with the well respected author Gray Zeitz (registration required), a spoken word performance during the Poetry Block exhibition, and a workshop centered on “Reading Graphic Words.” Most of the events will take place in the Anne Wright Wilson Fine Arts Building.

For further questions on how to register or to participate, contact Laura Stewart. For a full list of events, see the schedule on the right.

STD celebrates Spring

Opinion Editor

Sigma Tau Delta is the national English honor society and, at Georgetown at least, the nerdy literature club. In the past, STD has been very active on campus, but it practically died off. This year, a variety of English majors and their literature- loving friends have, with the help of Professors Barbaccia and Bolden, jump-started the organization. The group put on two readings in the fall semester and have more interesting things planned in the coming weeks.

April 1, the students of STD will be taking a pilgrimage from Pawling Hall to the Arboretum to hold another reading, this time with the title, “April is the Cruellest Month.” Students are invited to come along and read Spring-themed poems or short stories or just listen to others read.

Junior Sarah Carey says, “I’m very excited about the STD Literature Pilgrimage because it allows English majors and literature fans to come together and celebrate the written word.”

The group is also planning other activities, so be sure to look out for STD signs around campus advertising future events.


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