April 1, 2011 Volume CXXIX Issue 9


Chief Emeritus

Massie hopes to one day run a Fortune 500 company.

As spring begins to swarm on campus and the calendar rolls from March into April, the May-date of graduation really starts to seem just around the corner. No worries for senior Kevin Massie, though, who finds himself excited about graduating.

This senior baseball player from Lexington, Ky. is looking forward to what graduation will bring: “I am very excited to start focusing on my career and to start my life after college. [But,] I will miss baseball and my teammates.”

Baseball is actually what attracted Massie to Georgetown College in the first place. He shared: “I chose Georgetown because it provided me with the opportunity to play college baseball after taking two years [off] after high school to do volunteer work for ‘The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.’ I also had a good friend (Josh Franklin) that played on the team and he played high school baseball with me.”

When Massie was volunteering for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, he spent two years living in Arizona, Texas and New Mexico, working with the Hispanic community. During this time, he actually managed to become fluent in Spanish.

Knowing this, Massie’s major and minor combination makes a little bit more sense. He is a Finance major and Spanish minor. Commenting on the choice, he said: “I chose Finance because my uncle, who is Senior Director of Investor Relations at Wal-Mart, told me that it was the best area of business to go into and that the most could be done with a Finance degree. I choose [a] Spanish minor because [of my time] living in Arizona.”

Following graduation, Massie dreams of one day finding a job which utilizes his Spanish fluency and will allow him to be in charge of a Fortune 500 company. His directly-following-graduation plans are a little more down-to-earth: “I plan on working another summer selling home security systems [for a company called Vivint]. Then I might take up an offer working in Australia for a couple years working for the same home securitycompany.”

As Massie prepares to graduate, and potentially leave the country, some reflection on the past four years at GC is bound to happen. Looking back, if Massie could do anything differently, “[he] would have enjoyed the good times [more] and been smarter and prevented the bad.”

Bad times aside, though, college has really had a positive impact on Massie. He explained: “I have changed a whole lot. I have experienced more in four years than I thought possible. Starting college at 21 I thought I had experienced a lot, but my experiences in college have taught me even more about myself and [about] dealing with others.”

After acquiring so much life knowledge by this point, he would like to pass a little of it on: “The advice I would give for underclassmen is to not coast through your major classes that you take early on because the classes that come after normally build on the earlier classes.”

Just to give you a little bit more of a personal feel for Massie, I’m going to include the next few pieces of information. Of his girlfriend, Kyla Welch, Massie touchingly said, “It has been a crazy four years of ups and downs but always worth it.”

And, on another touching note, Massie disclosed who his hero is: “As corny as it might sound, my Dad is my hero because he has given me all the opportunities in life that I could ever ask for. I never once heard him say I was not able to do something and [he] encouraged me in all of my endeavors.”

Just to make sure this is a well-rounded portrait of Massie, I’ll leave you with this tidbit. If he were stranded on a deserted island, the three things he would most want are: “Fed ex boxes, Wilson, and an ice skate.” Make of that what you will.


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