April 21, 2011 Volume CXXIX Issue 12


Chief Emeritus

Dixon brushes his teeth.

This week, in the final Georgetonian issue of the semester, this familiar Spotlight Writer tackles the nigh impossible task of writing about The (infamous) Back Page Editor everyone loves to hate. Or is it hates to love?

Regardless of how you feel about this Editor, it’s undeniable that you’ve noticed him during his service to The Georgetonian. Senior Perry Dixon, more commonly known as “The Boy Who Lived,” has been filling The Back Page with his satirical and insightful commentary for the last year, but there’s more to Dixon than that.

He, like many of us, will be graduating in less than a month. He says he’s ready to leave and describes being a senior as “awesome.” As of now, he is undecided on his post-graduation plans, but the Philosophy and English double major hopes to one day achieve his dream job of having a career that “pays money.”

Looking toward the future, I think it’s best to describe Dixon’s outlook as hopefully ambivalent. See the following quote from him for evidence: “I have worked in the Mulberry. Now I will do other things. Allegedly.”

One of the things he already has done is study at Oxford for a semester. Just to make it clear, Dixon mentioned this fact briefly during his spotlight interview. In fact, he even went as far as to break the mold by listing something other than Oxford as his favorite GC experience (for the record, his answer to this question, was a simply-stated—and perhaps Harry Potter-related—“mischief”).

Still, I deem it necessary to mention Oxford as a pre-cursor for the following interesting fact about Dixon. In his words: “[I] never lost a beverage downing contest while in Oxford. #America.” Honestly, if you’re surprised by this, you don’t read The Georgetonian very closely.

On a slightly related note, Dixon remarks on how he feels he has changed since freshman year with the following comment: “I am now more intelligent and drink more beer. There is no correlation.”

Still, I feel as if I am painting Dixon to be a rather flat character. To spice things up, here’s his response to what he is most passionate about in life: “Struggling with difficult questions whether they are philosophical, theological, ethical or of some other sort.” And I bet you thought he was gonna say “beer.” Silly reader.



Arens is so cute.

This Editor is somewhat daunted by the task of writing a Senior Spotlight for the Master of Senior Spotlights, Editor Emeritus, English Major, Domestic Goddess, Girlfriend of Stephen Parker and Generally Awesome Person, Whitley Arens. But here goes.

Once upon a time, Whitley Arens was born. She had brown hair and eventually she started wearing Dr. Pepper chapstick. When she was a sophomore in high school, Arens decided she wanted to be an English teacher, and a few years later, Georgetown College gave her an awesome scholarship, so Arens stuck around in her hometown to major in English and earn her Secondary/Middle Education Certification. She then spent four years experiencing some amazing things like studying at Oxford University for a semester, working for The Georgetonian and meeting Stephen Parker (he told her to say that in the interview answers). At the end of those four years, she still had brown hair and still used Dr. Pepper chapstick.

Fortunately, Arens isn’t dead, so I won’t keep talking about her in the past tense. In fact, she has a lot left to do in the future—at the top of that list, graduate next month. Although she has a post-GC plan in mind—find a job in Kentucky and survive her first year of teaching—Arens has mixed feelings about leaving. “I’m going to miss Georgetown after I graduate, but I’m really looking forward to what the next chapter of my life will bring,” she said. “I’m scared. I’m excited. But mostly: I’m ready.”

In the meantime, Arens is enjoying taking advantage of all GC has to offer, including sweet potato fries with honey mustard from the WOW and newspaper layout with The Georgetonian staff, whom she describes as her dysfunctional family. When she has free time, she bakes random confections, reads, watches the Food Network and beats Stephen Parker on Word Challenge on Facebook. When she doesn’t have free time, she student teaches at Scott County High School and tries to instill in her students a love of sonnets. (Arens is so fond of sonnets that she plans to name her future daughter Sonnet.)

Since I’m already over the word limit and conclusions are hard, I’ll just end by saying this: Whittles, we’ll miss you!


Chief Emeritus

Jones says nyah.

You may know her as a ginger with a soul. You may know her as a biology major. You may know her as that kid with diabetes. Perhaps you even know her as one of the current Copy Editors of The Georgetonian. Regardless of how you currently identify Hillary Jones, if she has her way, one day in the distant future we will all know her as a Wal-Mart greeter.

That’s right. Jones’ dream job is to “someday, when [she’s] really old, be a Wal-Mart greeter.” Jones’ more immediate after-graduation plans involve finding a job and applying to grad school after a year or two of working.

After a life of biological and academic fulfillment, it’s likely that Jones will love her senior days spent as a Wal-Mart greeter. A good indicator of this—that is in no way actually related—is the fact that Jones is currently enjoying a very different kind of senior days.

This senior’s feelings on graduating are pretty standard; she explained: “I’m loving being a senior, actually. I still love Georgetown, but I’m excited about going out into the ‘real world’ and having some new adventures…and also a little nervous. But I hear that’s normal.”

Perhaps one of these adventures will involve lots of travel. Jones shared that her dream vacation would be travelling the world. Her travels—if they go awry— could land her on a deserted island. Ideally, if this were to happen, Jones would be accompanied by “a lifetime supply of non-perishable insulin, an endless music library, and the Harry Potter books.”

The only way in which this island set-up could potentially get better is if Jones were joined on the island by her hero: Justin Bieber. She explains her admiration, saying: “Because he never says never. He also likes purple a lot and has great hair, like me.”

Knowing this, one (perhaps specifically this writer) might have expected Jones to quote some solid JB lyrics as her advice to underclassmen. However, she effectively switched it up and offered some words from the heart instead: “Work hard in your classes, but don’t stress yourself out too much. Ask for help. Don’t be pressured into doing things you don’t want to do; just be yourself.”


Chief Emeritus

Cornele yells in surprise.

I would like to start this senior spotlight with a pronunciation lesson. Here’s the name: Lauren Cornele. Lauren is pronounced pretty much like one would expect. Cornele=CORE-KNEAL-EEE. Get it right. It’s not that hard. I just want to make sure that you’re pronouncing her name correctly in your head as you read this spotlight. Alright. Moving on.

Cornele is a senior and French education major, sociology minor from Kettering, Ohio. She described her hometown, saying it’s “near Dayton. Some people say it sounds like a Prep school (Cough. Hillary Jones. Cough.) It’s not.”

On living in Kentucky, Cornele says that she likes it here, mentioning that the way people treat each other down here is much more personable. “Plus,” she says, “you can say pretty much anything as long as you follow it with a ‘bless your heart.’” Cornele says the only drawback is that she apparently “has a Southern drawl when [she goes] home.”

All in all though, Cornele must like Kentucky at least a little bit since she wants to stay here next year. She explained: “After college, I’m hopefully getting a teaching job somewhere in Kentucky. Or a surrounding state. If that doesn’t work out, I’m going to move in with Joel and Ava.”

On a slightly less realistic, yet still career-related, track is Cornele’s dream job. She elaborated, saying: “To teach Charms at Hogwarts, but if that doesn’t work out, I hope to teach at a Charter School somewhere. Preferably with my Education professors and Whitley Arens.”

Another reason she likes Kentucky might have to do with the fact that she met her significant other, Justin Sizemore, here. To those of you who don’t believe the validity of their relationship because it isn’t on Facebook, I have this to say: It is very real. I see them together almost every day. And they are adorable. Also, for the record, neither one of them know that I am writing this.

To totally switch topics and wrap this up, I’ll share an interesting fact about Cornele. When she was younger, she believed that E.T.—not Santa—brought her Christmas presents because she was scared of the jolly man in red. Too bad Santa still visits Kentucky. I guess that’s draw- back number two.


Chief Emeritus

Jordan enjoys funny hats.

Senior. English (with Creative Writing Emphasis) major. Spanish and Classics double minor. Georgetonian Opinion Editor. Occasional Georgetonian Copy Editor. Georgetown Review Editor. Tall. Brunette. Geoffrey Chaucer’s #1 Fan. Joel Federspiel’s girlfriend.

These are all labels by which you might know a Miss Ava Jordan. This editor extraordinaire hails from Meade County, Ky. She explains, “It’s near(ish) Fort Knox and Elizabethtown, for those who don’t know,” and she ended up a student at Georgetown because “[she] liked the size and atmosphere; it just felt right.”

Right now graduation is an equally scary and exciting prospect for Jordan. She explained: “Some days I wake up and have this revelation of ‘Oh my gosh, I’m about to graduate!’ Sometimes it is exciting, but other times it is utterly terrifying. I’m not ready to be a grown-up yet.”

Speaking of this grown up life Jordan mentions, in the future, she’s hoping to find a job, preferably in editing, since “editing books” is her dream job. If you reference some of the labels from the first paragraph, this shouldn’t come as that much of a surprise.

Also in the list under “relatively un-surprising” is what Jordan says she is most passionate about in life: “As you might guess by now, books. Books can preserve and spread knowledge. I could go on for quite a while, but I won’t.”

I could go on to tell you that Jordan really enjoys reading in the spare time that she manages to find occasionally. However, I think I’ll take a less predictable route and add another facet to Jordan’s print persona.

Many people like to listen to music while studying. Jordan, however, is a little different. She elaborated on this quirk, saying: “I have a ‘working movie.’ If I need background noise and iTunes isn’t cutting it, I put in the movie ‘Hitman’ and become so productive it is ridiculous.”

To close, and to further prove that there’s more to Jordan that literary endeavors, I’ll cite her favorite GC experience—the pancake parties she “forced” her friends to throw this year, one of which may or may not have featured Star Wars-shaped pancakes.


Chief Emeritus

Federspiel slays a dragon.

I would just like to begin this senior spotlight on Joel Federspiel by saying that I am his hero (it’s true! That’s what he said! Don’t question it!). And, as such, I will try to live up to the grandeur of my title in composing this.

Even before I officially met Federspiel—the longstanding Features and Web Editor for The Georgetonian— I knew I would like him because his name followed the ‘I’ before ‘E’ except after ‘C’ rule. Clearly, he is someone to be trusted.

This Oldham County, Ky. native and Chemistry and Computational Science double major has very much enjoyed his four years at Georgetown, but is looking forward to moving on. On being a senior he said: “It hasn’t seemed to hit me all that hard. I am really looking forward to graduate school so I guess I feel good about being a senior.”

Come this fall, Federspiel will be attending Vanderbilt University for graduate school with the hope of one day becoming a Pharmacological researcher. For those of us who are less science-savvy, he explained: “I want to make new drugs and research how they work on our bodies.”

But before he leaves GC and goes off saving the world, let’s look back on the four years at Georgetown which have brought him to this point. Federspiel fondly remembers the days he spent with friends during freshman year, “watching movies instead of doing any work.”

Anyone who knows Federspiel knows that he takes school seriously, but college has taught him to value other things as well. He passed this wisdom onto underclassmen, saying: “Take time off from doing schoolwork—even when you can’t really afford to—and enjoy the company of your friends. You will get more out of that than any homework that goes by the wayside as a result.”

Undoubtedly, Federspiel is spending these last weeks as a GC student enjoying the time he can spend with friends before graduation. However, he is sadly already lamenting the loss of one of his favorite components of GC life: “My lunch nearly every Wednesday that I have been here has consisted of 2-3 Philly Cheesesteaks. Until this semester at least. This semester they have been strangely absent. The Caf had them once. Once! It has been sad without them…”


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