February 24, 2011 Volume CXXIX Issue 5


Chief Emeritus

Coran Stewart is a senior from Paducah, Ky. Come May, he will graduate from Georgetown College with a major in Philosophy and a minor in Religion. A member of the President’s House Association, Stewart has earned a cumulative GPA of 3.9 during his four years at GC. For the past two-and-a- half years, he has been dating the lovely Rebecca Thompson (also a senior at Georgetown). And, for those of you who are curious, his favorite color is black.

Those are the basics about Stewart. But everyone knows a senior spotlight is about more than that. It’s time to get down to the nitty gritty.

A number of factors played into Stewart’s decision to come to Georgetown College. He explained the choice, saying: “I wanted to go to a small Christian school. I’ve had family that have gone to Georgetown, so I knew to look here. If I’m honest, scholarships played a large part in my choice, but I really enjoyed my campus visits, and I knew I would have the chance to go to Oxford.”

And seize that chance to go to Oxford, Stewart did. During the last spring semester, Stewart studied at Regent’s Park College of Oxford University. This semester abroad win’s the award for Stewart’s favorite GC experience. He qualified the choice with the following explanation: “I know it sounds cliché, but it was such a life changing experience. I’ll never forget the friends I made and all of the sights I got to see.”

In fact, Stewart so enjoyed his time at Oxford that it has become the setting for his idea of a perfect day which involves “reading and playing croquet on a sunny day at Regent’s Park with all of [his] friends.”

Stewart’s love of the Oxford experience is so common that even his friends, and probably some random strangers, have picked up on it. When Stewart asked his friends Aaron Padgett and Daniel Perry to describe him, they responded with “Oxford.” Stewart clarified the description, explaining, “I guess I talk about it a lot.” There’s a little more to Stewart than just the Oxford thing though, seeing as both friends interviewed also described him as “swag.”

It seems that being abroad might have taught Stewart some basic survival skills. Either that or he’s just naturally gifted with common sense. Were Stewart to be trapped on a deserted island, the three things he would most want with him are “his iPhone, a good book and Bear Grylls.” Seriously, why hasn’t anyone thought to bring Bear Grylls along before? I’ve seen him make a wet suit out of seal skin. That is survival instinct. I have digressed; I apologize.

Now that we’ve discussed Stewart in England and Stewart in the wild, it’s probably time we turn his spotlight back stateside.

During his four years at Georgetown College, Stewart feels that he has changed quite a bit: “I think I’ve developed a more mature faith. I’ve become a much more critical thinker. I have a wider perspective on the world.”

Looking back with this wider perspective, there are understandably some things Stewart would change about his GC experience. He explained a specific example as follows: “I would have pass/failed my art class. It was one of my favorite classes, and Boris is a great teacher and artist. But when I look at my transcript and the only B is next to a class called Drawing, I feel pretty dumb.”

Regardless of Stewart’s outlook on the situation, it is doubtful that that B is going to blemish his transcripts. This successful senior is hoping to attend a Ph.D. program next year and one day dreams of becoming the chair of Georgetown’s Philosophy Department. After admitting this, Stewart added a parenthetical “Sorry, Dr. Ward.”

Campus radio station provides wealth of information

Contibuting Writer

Situated in the corner of the WOW Grille is the WRVG-FM campus radio station, which can often be heard playing today’s hit music. Though the station is known to play music throughout the day, WRVG provides the campus community with local and national news, sports commentary and even radio segments hosted by students.

According to student manager Jordan Rowe, the station is a “low-power, non-commercial, educational” operation that can be heard within the city limits of Georgetown and a few miles beyond. Though the station has a weak signal compared to larger radio stations, Rowe states that the station’s website also streams online at wrvg.georgetowncollege.edu, where those outside of the signal range can listen to broadcasts.

Also, the station can be heard on campus by tuning in to campus television’s Channel 2, and past broadcasts can be accessed at the station’s website. In the future, Rowe also states that broadcasts will be available on iTunes.

Overall, WRVG encompasses a broad range of interests for its unique audience. Students and faculty can tune in to hear programming such as “The Big Picture” with station manager Rowe, which covers local and state current events.

Likewise, the station offers variety shows such as “The Kitchen Sink.” From current events to campus updates, the station has all aspects of the Georgetown College community covered. For example, “The Kitchen Sink” host Tori Shover believes that one of the best aspects of being involved with the radio station is introducing the campus community to different types of musical genres. Shover, who is new to the station, states that she enjoys the “artistic interpretation” that comes with being a station host at WRVG.

In addition to covering current events and introducing new musical genres to the campus community, WRVG also covers all home football and basketball games and will even call some baseball and softball events in the spring. Politicians, Georgetown College staff members and a vari- By SARAH CAREY Contibuting Writer ety of on-campus organizations have also been known to appear on WRVG’s broadcasts as well.

Though a small station, WRVG makes a large impact within the campus community and beyond through its broadcasts. For those seeking more information regarding the station, WRVG can be found at its website and also on social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, where those who “like” the station’s pages can receive timely news updates.

Students participated in the Epic Ultimate Frisbee competition to raise funds for the Stop Paying for Slavery Tour, on campus this Monday & Tuesday.


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