April 14, 2011 Volume CXXIX Issue 11

Springfest brings joy

Contributing Writer

The Cabrew Montage performs at Springfest.

The idea of a nice peaceful evening of music and friends is something students needed desperately in times like these. Of course in the final weeks of classes, the stress is rising, but there are other tensions that add to stress on campus. Springfest 2011 definitely gave students the outlet to just relax among friends last Wednesday.

“Like our own mini-Woodstock to bring peace, love and music back to Georgetown,” said Traci Dews who organized the evening. Dews had the idea of this event to bring back harmony after the racial tensions on campus and Dr. Crouch agreed to it. Since the tensions began, there had been no campuswide event directly in response with the intentions of bringing friends back together and making new friends through a common interest: music. Considering that there’s no better time to have an outdoor event than when the weather is good, the event was definitely a success.

The evening started with music and s’mores by a bonfire in the quad. Tori Shover and Mark Scout were DJ’s for the first few hours of the evening. They were very successful in gaining an interest from the surrounding dorms. Some students enjoyed the beautiful spring weather by throwing footballs or just sitting in the grass listening to music with their friends. Even Todd Gambill and his daughter came by to enjoy some music and show their support. The fresh flowers that covered the stage brought a nice touch to give us the spring feel we’ve been waiting for all winter long. Live performers included Skit and Marty Rock and The Cabrew Montage. Both performances brought the crowd near the stage to dance and enjoy their friends.

The attendance for Springfest 2011 was great; there were plenty of students that were there to support our campus in overcoming the difficult times we have been struggling with. Music is something that almost anyone can identify with. It doesn’t matter the style of music; just about everyone enjoys some kind of music. So having an event that everyone can enjoy on campus is very important for bringing the community that is Georgetown College back together.

Overall it was a great time. The weather was chilly, but perfect for a bonfire and s’mores and it was a peaceful setting that this campus definitely needed. There has been mention of having a Fallfest next semester that is hoped to have more performances, more attendance, and to bring the GC community back together for another great year. “Hopefully this idea of peace and music with s’mores will catch on for years to come,” said Dews.

Georgetonians show talent

Contributing Writer

Kays and Kuney, along with Gutierrez performed “Bonito.”

Many students gathered last Thursday to watch Georgetown’s first annual Talent Extravaganza. The show featured Spanish rock music, a rousing rendition of the French National anthem and an impressive showcase of Salsa dancing. Students were not the only participants in the program, however. Dr. Campbell and Dr. Hunt were also involved, and performed a piece entitled “Mi Cabello Blanco,” or “My White Horse.”

The show started with “Bonito,” performed by Ariel Gutierrez, Jonathan Kays and Michael Kuney. “Bonito”, meaning “pretty,” is a song that talks about the beauty of life and all of the things in it. Another highlight was a somewhat comical rendition of “La Marseillaise”, performed by the French classes of Dr. Brill and Dr. Cassidy. “La Marseillaise” is the French National anthem and was adopted as such during the French Revolution, when peasants took to the streets in protest of their government.

One of the best parts of the show was the stirring performance by Wence Peraza and Shannon Grosheim in their “Salsa y Meringue.” It was a flurry of movement and activity and featured many moves that make this writer wince. The skill that was on display during this segment was phenomenal.

This is one event that I would like to see return, with even more diversity and even more talent than this one provided. Here’s hoping that a new tradition has been born.

23-hour visitation pondered

Contributing Writer

This semester, the Student Government Association tried to go to every residence hall on campus to listen to and address concerns of residents. We made it to many halls (and we brought cookies!). However, due to scheduling problems, we didn’t make it to all the halls. The top three issues we knew we were going to hear were definitely the three top issues we heard: (1) the dorms are “gross,” (2) the alcohol policy is “dumb” and (3) visitation hours are “ridiculous.” Truth be told, we went in ready to tell people that nothing could be done about these.

This year I have learned to never say never. You, who attended the forums were right—some of the dorms are gross, but new ones are coming up and the current ones are being kept up as well as possible considering their age and structure. For those of you of legal age, you also have a right to own and consume alcohol. But rules are still rules…sorry, folks.

One afternoon last semester, during a meeting with Dr. Gambill, I decided to dig at the visitation hour question a bit, just to see how likely or possible 24-hour visitation was for East Campus, since all East residents are upperclassmen and have individual bathrooms and bedrooms. Dr. Gambill explained to me his concept of 23-hour visitation—it is more or less 24 hours, but does not allow or suggest cohabitation with the opposite sex. If a female student wishes to visit a male student’s room at or until three o’clock in the morning, the new visitation hours allow this to happen. In addition, it gives a one-hour window for an individual to shower or have privacy from a roommate’s visitor of the opposite sex. It made perfect sense to me.

So SGA Executive Council started making phone calls. Eight schools and many Post-Its full of information later, we now know that Georgetown is one of the few schools that has a mandatory fouryear residential requirement. Many comparable schools allow 24-hour visitation to upperclassmen dorms or allow students to live off-campus either throughout college or at a certain age or hour status. We compared the facts and I am ecstatic to announce that, if passed by a vote at the April 19 General Assembly, SGA will implement a resolution granting East Campus residents 23- hour visitation.

While this event is not for NEXUS or CEP credit, we invite all students to attend on April 19 at 11 a.m. in the Chapel and ask any questions. Remember that, as a student, you are, by default, a member of SGA. Only students on Senate and House may vote, however, so please encourage your House Representative (who represents your residence hall) to attend or send a representative in their place.

I am excited for this step in SGA. It has certainly been a process and I am proud of the Executive Council for sticking with it. Cross one of the impossibles off the list!


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