March 24, 2011 Volume CXXIX Issue 8

Community Corner

The Community Corner tells about interesting events coming up at Georgetown and in the surrounding community.

Passover Celebration

The Georgetown College community has been invited to join Temple Adath Israel in the celebration of Passover. It will take place Tuesday, April 19 from 6-8 p.m. If you are interested and able to attend you will need to RSVP to Erin DuBose at by Friday, March 25, at 5 p.m., so we can be accommodated. There will be about 200 people and this will be an experience you will not want to miss.

Study Abroad Scholarships

Deadlines are fast approaching, some as early as March 25, so apply ASAP. College-sponsored scholarships such as Fogle, Roberts, and Monson as well as Phi Kappa Phi travel grant information may be found on the International Programs (IP) bulletin board (across the hall from the mailroom) and in the IP office or on the IP website. Check our website for scholarship specific information: or call Emily Brandon, Director of International Programs @ 859-351-4578.

Re-Defining the College Identity

Georgetown College is no longer a part of the Kentucky Baptist Convention, but is committed to remaining a Christian college. In order to identify what exactly that means, a committee led by Director of Religious Life, H.K. Kingcade is surveying faculty, staff, students, parents and alumni. In addition to surveys, the committee is looking at other institutions and how they shape their religious identities. Faculty have already been surveyed and students can now take the survey. This is a great opportunity for students to have input and the Board of Trustees will be reading the summary data from each survey. To take the survey, go to

•Volunteers for 4-Paws Clinic

Scott County Humane Society (SCHS) has recently opened a low-cost spay/neuter clinic in Georgetown in its commitment to humanely reduce overpopulation of cats and dogs through spaying and neutering. Currently we have two to three clinics being offered weekly. The SCHS 4-Paws Clinic is conveniently located in Georgetown in the Indian Acres Shopping Center.

As the clinics are largely volunteer-run, with the exception of the vet technician(s) and licensed veterinarian(s), 4-Paws is seeking to expand their volunteer base to have more volunteers involved with clinic aspects.

The various opportunities provide great learning prospects for anyone, whether it be administrative, customer service or relating to animal veterinary care. It is an ideal opportunity for any pre-vet students and it offers valuable learning experiences and hands-on work with animals.

Requirements are: must be 18, must sign liability waiver and volunteer agreement and must be able to work at least three hours at a clinic.

Clinics are scheduled Monday- Saturday. Each clinic we hold begins at 7:15 a.m. and can last until up to 5:30 p.m., depending on the volume of animals and surgical involvement with each animal. Approximately 25 to 45 animals are serviced at each clinic.

Any interested persons should contact Julia Meister-Musgrave, SCHS Volunteer Coordinator, at

Communication for all ages

Contributing Writer

Students, the elderly man you are sitting beside may not know how to work your iPad, but that does not mean he has no knowledge worth sharing. Faculty and staff, the teenager at your side may seem ignorant or inexperienced, but she may have valuable insights.

A professional development workshop titled “Generational Communication in Today’s Workplace” will take place Thursday, March 31 from 11 a.m. to noon in the Chapel.

The Graves Center, which is cosponsoring the event with Lambda Pi Eta (national honor society for communication studies), encourages all students, faculty and staff to attend.

According to the Graves Center, members of different generations are now working side-by-side in the workplace more than ever. This can create difficulties in communication, so it is important for workers to understand the differences that exist among generations.

The upcoming workshop is designed to inform attendees about these differences.

Jay McChord, an experienced public speaker and expert on generational communication, will facilitate the event. “My goal is simply to encourage attendees to understand they are competing and working in an environment that has never existed in America before,” McChord said.

The ability to communicate effectively across generational lines gives workers a competitive edge, McChord said. The workshop is one step toward gaining that ability.

When Georgetown students graduate and enter the work force, they will face these difficulties.

This workshop seeks to provide attendees with the knowledge necessary to succeed in today’s work climate.

PKP to initiate new members

Georgetown College’s Phi Kappa Phi chapter has invited 11 graduating seniors, 24 juniors and nine staff and newly-tenured faculty to become members of one of the oldest and most prestigious national honor societies. The initiation ceremony is set for Sunday, March 27, at 3 p.m. in John L. Hill Chapel, followed by a reception in the Hall of Fame Room of Cralle Student Center.

Senior invitees are Coran Stewart, Amanda Rochelle Boykin, Brenton David Yadon, Rachel Christine Karrer, Leigh B. Lynn, Sable Leigh Floyd, Abigail Claire Watkins, Allison Joyce Dye, Leah J. Babik, Savannah K. Fieldsm and Megan E. Sauter.

Junior invitees are Rachel Elaine Ward, Lee C. Birdwhistell, Jordan Kirk Rowe, Danielle Marie Cinderella, Kelsey Michelle Luckett, Ciera Dawn Lowery, Caitlin M. Williams, Sarah Jane McIntosh, Elizabeth Marie Goodin, Portia Nicole Watson, Elizabeth Quenn Levay, Joshua Allen Slone, Torin Claire Bachman-Johnson, Brandon Scott Gardner, Sara Jo Keller, Hannah Jo Flanery, Victoria Elizabeth Engelhardt, Samantha June Yeates, Matthew S. Eddy, Rebekah Jo McIntosh, Laura Elizabeth Strange, Marlene Janice Nall, Ashlyn Monnie Anderson-Keelin and Robert M. Gilvin.

In addition, these staff and newly-tenured faculty are being invited to become members of PKP: Dr. Adela Borrallo-Solis, Dr. Jonathan Dickinson–alumnus, class of 1997, Dr. Steve Hyndman, Dr. Sheila Klopfer, Dr. Lisa Lykins—alumna, class of 1986, Dr. Jennifer Price, Dr. Sara Maria Rivas, and Christopher Verch.

Achieving Phi Kappa Phi status is another way of “recognizing intelligence and hard work,” said Dr. Christine Leverenz, the chapter’s charter president and its current treasurer. Dr. Leverenz is professor and chair, Department of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science. Dr. Emily Stow, Associate Professor of Spanish, is the current PKP chapter president.

Georgetown’s PKP chapter was installed in 2003. The Phi Kappa Phi honor society was established in 1897. All society members must abide by one motto: “Let the love of learning rule humanity.”

Press Release

Bishop College revival on campus

Contributing Writer

Georgetown College will welcome three Bishop College graduates to campus April 5-7 in the spring semester revival. David Boyle, Major Jemison and A.B. Sutton will all be on campus to preach to students through the Bishop Scholars Program.

The revival is designed to bring Bishop College alums who are pastors to campus. The revival services will begin at 7 p.m. each night and will be held in John L. Hill Chapel.

Executive Director of the Office of Diversity, Brian Evans, is currently working to organize the services. “I am excited about students’ opportunities to hear and learn from these influential pastors,” said Robbi Barber, administrative assistant to diversity initiatives.

Reverend A.B. Sutton will be preaching the first revival service. He is the current pastor of The Living Stones Temple of Birmingham, Ala. Sutton received his bachelor’s degree from Bishop College in religion and went on to receive his Master’s of Divinity and Doctorate in cross cultural education from Virginia Union School of Theology.

The pastor of Saint John Missionary Baptist Church of Oklahoma City, Okla, Reverend Major Jemison will be preaching the second night of the revival services. Jemison graduated from Bishop College in 1977, receiving his bachelor’s degree in religion and philosophy, with an emphasis in church ministries and pastoral care. He went on to receive his master’s degree at Perkins School of Theology in 1982 and his Doctorate of Ministry in 1990 from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

The final revival service will showcase Reverend David Boyle of Antioch Baptist Church of Memphis, Tenn. Boyle also graduated from Bishop College and went on to receive his Master’s degree from Memphis Theological Seminary and two doctorate degrees from McCormick Theological Seminary.

The services promise to enlighten students with the word of God and aid them in hearing and listening to different respected African-American pastors from different churches in the United States.


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