February 19, 2009 Volume CXXV Issue 4

Buffet fit for a king

Take a trip to a land of delicious eastern delights


Do you have an appetite when you go out for dinner? Do you have an interest for trying new kinds of food for a reasonable price? If you found yourself answering “yes” to these questions, then Asian Royal Buffet is the place for your dining experience. As soon as you walk into the door, you cannot help but be overtaken by the beautiful architecture. There is a stone fountain visible as soon as you walk in the door and there is also a wooden cabana-like area for eating. The rest of the restaurant is filled with tables and booths in a soothing environment. The lighting in the restaurant sets a very relaxing mood along with the decorations on the wall. Everything in the restaurant is coordinated with earth tones and the aroma of a veritable plethora of diverse Asian cuisine.

After you are taken in by the relaxing environment, the servers take your drink order and you are released to explore the buffet. The experience is similar to being released from school on the last day to explore the beginning of summer break. The possibilities are endless and there are plenty of options. On the buffet, there are a wide variety of delicacies from egg rolls all the way to fruits and desserts. Be careful not to get overwhelmed at first. It can be a lot to take in if you are not careful. In other words, don’t let your eyes become bigger than your stomach. The first thing that I would recommend is to survey the hot food for round one of eating. In round one, I would suggest becoming a soldier in General Tso’s army and going with the chicken selection. There are plenty of varieties available and with different varieties of rice, as well. For some good food, go to the end of the buffet lines and try the food underneath the lids. It is very good and runs out quick, so make sure to give it a try. For the end of the first round, I would suggest an egg roll for good luck.

If you have successfully completed round one of the meal and you are still hungry, then go for round two! There are so many options that did not make round one that are good prospects for round two. Perhaps a different type of chicken would be wise? Maybe switching from rice to noodles would do the trick? That is a choice that I cannot make for you, but there are certainly plenty of options. After round two is complete, I would suggest topping off the meal with a nice dessert or some fresh fruit. After you see this buffet, you will truly realize why the Asian Royal Buffet is the king of buffets in town. The buffet is a perfect size that does not sacrifice quality of food over the quantity of the food.

The dining experience at Asian Royal Buffet is top-notch. The service is great (essentially limited to drink refills) and there is a wide variety of high-quality food. On top of that, the environment is soothing and the price is very reasonable. If you are 21, then there is also a good selection of adult beverages as well as rare imported beverages. The Asian Royal Buffet is a premier restaurant with endless possibilities of choice. My only warning with the buffet is to be careful not to become a victim of a gluttonous stomachache. It is very easy to do with the wide variety of food, but you will feel much better if your fortune cookie does not involve pepto-bismol in your near future. Just remember that it is a good idea to make more than one trip if you would truly like to sample everything.

Oscars could end in controversy


Good luck trying to predict the winners in this year’s version of the Oscar’s ceremony. Unlike recent years, there do not seem to be any clear cut favorites. There have been a vast array of impressive films this year, touching on a variety of genres and styles. In a perfect world, this is what every Oscars ceremony would be like. Truthfully, there has been too much complacency in one of the most prestigious awards shows that the entertainment has to to offer. You don’t see this kind of cordial behavior when various sports crown their champions. Instead, you see emotion, competition and a fervor to be the best. The Oscars could use a little spice, especially in a year like this. It is competition that brings out the best in people, and the controversy that could result after this year’s ceremony could do nothing but benefit the film industry as a whole.

Film has needed a spark for some time now. Too many times it has been easy to pinpoint which film will be crowned the best at year’s end. In the wake of the college football season plenty of people spend months dissecting the winners and losers, arguing about who was really the best. That doesn’t happen with the Oscars, and this year, the chance is there. The impressive diversity of the nominees immediately serves to separate this year’s crop of movies from those of recent years. In this instance, you could even claim that the nominees aren’t even representative of the best that film had to offer. While the public has had some time to digest Best Motion Picture nominees such as “Frost/Nixon,” “Milk” and “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” recent film “The Reader” has barely had a chance to register in theaters. “Slumdog Millionaire” rounds out the category, indicating an intriguing shift in the film trends as they regard the general public.

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve noticed that quite a few of the nominees did not initially recieve a wide release. What does this say about public film consumption? It has been recognized that there has generally been a shift in preference towards the more “independent” mindset, a product of the growing popularity of arthouses and the influx of filler movies into first-run theaters. However, it must be noted that all of these films eventually found their way into mainstream cinemas. If this trend continues, will the arthouse essentially become a farm-system for larger, revenue-driven movie theaters? This shift could render large-budget production companies almost useless. This would mirror other entertainment mediums, such as music. Large-scale record labels have found themselves rendered less effective because of the growing utilization of small-scale and independent retailers.

Additionally, this entire year was spent clamoring about the possibility that an animated feature could be nominated for Motion Picture of the Year. “Wall-E,” however hyped it may have been, failed to make it out of the Best Animated Film category. Is it the best picture of the year? No, but it deserves to be nominated alongside other contenders. Perhaps its only flaw was being released too early in the Oscar season. For an animated film, largely marketed towards children, to break into the film world as prominently as it did speaks volumes about the progress that animated films have made over the years. Regardless, a legitimate claim can be made that almost all of the nominees could be decided upon as the victor, which could result in endless arguments and controversy. This would be the ideal situation, creating a media buzz about the films that could mean a resurgence in film attendance among the viewing public. If the Oscars are going to re-assert their prominence in the entertainment world, it can begin this year, and it can begin as soon as that winning envelope is opened.


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