April 23, 2009 Volume CXXV Issue 11

Recent Grads prepare for world

A potential employer scours Facebook for signs of malfeasance.

A potential employer scours Facebook for signs of malfeasance.

With graduation finally upon us, the College is swarming with seniors rapidly trying to adjust to the fact that they will soon be thrust head- first into the real world. An enormous percentage of college graduates this year will struggle to find a job interview, let alone a job, but there are some things you can do to help yourself out in this competive job market. First, make sure to browse your Facebook page, specifically the “Interests” and photo albums. Edit all necessary sections to make yourself seem more professional and marketable. What, you thought that job interviewers would never check up on your social networking profiles? False. Especially if your name is particularly easy to google.

If your interests include things such as “Drinking!” or “Partying until I black out!” then be prepared to alter them. Try such admirable interests like “Research” or “Organizing things.” Remember, every little thing helps. If your quotes section consists mostly of things your wildly intoxicated friends uttered after a long night out, consider replacing them with inspirational quotes from wellknown historical figures, or excerpts from “The Purpose-Driven Life.” This will make you seem wordly, intelligent and hard-working.

Make sure to browse your tagged photos and remove any evidence that you may have engaged in a controversial, embarrasing or life-threatening situation. Your Spring Break photo album may be full of nostalgia for you and your friends, but it is full of red flags for potential employers. Perhaps you should even consider updating your work information. Remember, this isn’t a real resume, so feel free to lie. These small things can make the difference between getting a job and living with your parents.

G-town boosts budget at track

The horses burst out of the gate at Keeneland, winning Georgetown lots of money.

The horses burst out of the gate at Keeneland, winning Georgetown lots of money.

The recent Spring Meet at renowned Keeneland racetrack has proven to be quite a boon for the Georgetown College budget. Faced with a troubling and daunting debt, the Board of Trustees recently authorized a trip to Keeneland with the intention of doubling, or even tripling, their annual donations. While the proposition may seem risky, the potential increase in funds should be seen as a relief for both current and prospective students. In a recent report released by the college regarding the Trustee’s budgetary meeting, they disclosed a very special gift of $1 million, enabling the budget to remain balanced.

With some investigation, the source of the monetary gift has been discovered. As recently as last week, a bet was placed on the 5th horse in the 6th race, which, going off at 28-1 odds, meant that the college would be the winners of approximately $1 million. Betting on horses doesn’t seem like the most certain way to increase the Georgetown coffers, however, and the disaster that would have ensued had they lost could have been devastating.

“It isn’t technically betting when it’s a sure thing,” remarked a Trustee, with a knowing twinkle in his eye. Allegedly, the Board enjoyed the delicious (and cheap!) Breakfast at the Track before placing the bet that temporarily solved the financial crisis. “We are all very excited and relieved,” said a Trustee. “We are especially looking forward to the fall meet.” Though Georgetown does not officially endorse betting on the horses at Keeneland, they do reccomend the track for its beautiful scenery and place in Kentucky history.


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