February 12, 2009 Volume CXXV Issue 3

Valentine’s Day caught you unprepared? No problem. Just fill in the blanks, cut this card out and let Cupid do his thing. We’ve done the hard work for you and crafted a love letter for the ages.

Dearest ______ (name of loved one),
My love for you is so ______(adjective) that
I would cross the ______ (adjective) depths of
the _____ (indigenous body of water) to be by
your side. Your _____ (body part) reminds me
of a beautiful ______ (pastoral setting). You
mean more to me than my _____ (beloved
possession) and I would not trade you for
any _____ (plural coveted possessions). Just
as _____ (renowned historical military figure)
fought bravely at ______ (renowned historical
conflict), I would fight ____ (adverb) for you. The
other day I was at ______ (world wonder) and
thought about how I would buy it and rename it
after you if my ______ (dream job) venture ever
succeeds. Even a _____ (natural disaster) could
not deter my love for you, unless it was fatal for
me. In that case, I would reincarnate as a _____
(his/her favorite animal) and spend my new life
watching you all of the time. If I survived, I would
build you a _____ (type of building) out of _____
(rare substance). I will ______ (manner of speaking)
my love for you from the _____ (adjective)
mountaintop. You mean _____ (quantity) to me.
_____ (adjective) yours,



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