March 12, 2009 Volume CXXV Issue 7

Best-kept Spring Break Secrets

St. George, Utah:

If you need a little Spring Break fling but are looking for something with a bit more of a commitment, go marry some Mormon girls in America’s second-fastest growing city! Just like Florida, this has become a lovely retirement destination.

Hutchinson, Kan.:

What better way to celebrate Spring Break than in “The Salt City”? Hutchinson is home to the National Underground Salt Museum and the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Museum. So, apparently you might be able to space travel. Unbeatable.

Burlington, Vt.:

If heading south into the warm air isn’t your thing, consider the quaint cottages of Vermont. Guzzle gallons of maple syrup and try to find a coat factory. Also, peruse the LARGEST PUBLIC LIBRARY IN THE STATE!!!


Charleston, W.Va.:

Nothing seems more inviting than the state whose motto is “Open for business!” Be sure to check out Magic Island, described by the tourism bureau as “an area located at the junction of the Elk River and Kanawha River.” Scintillating! There is plenty of trouble to be gotten into in a town that names its sports teams “Power.”

Fort Wayne, Ind.:

The crown jewel of what might be the most exciting state in America. Two-time winner of the “All-American City” award, Fort Wayne boasts a handful of museums, some minor league sports teams, and some old forts. Looking for a party? Fort Wayne was named for “Mad” Anthony, so you know it is zany.

Huntsville, Ala.:

If you need any convincing to visit this Spring Break uber-destination, consider that it used to be named Twickenham and started as literally a single log cabin. Clearly, the guy liked to party. Much like Hutchinson, Huntsville also hosts a space center, leading me to conclude that it too offers space flights. Awesome.


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