April 9, 2009 Volume CXXV Issue 9

Next stop: Segovia – Spain

Contributing Writer
Students who study in Segovia will get to see this vista.

Students who study in Segovia will get to see this vista.

In June, six students from Georgetown College are going to have the opportunity to enjoy four weeks studying Spanish in Segovia, Spain, as part of one of the KIIS Summer Programs (Kentucky Institute for International Studies).

This program consists of a month-long study abroad, with daily classes. The students will be able to explore Segovia`s Roman and medieval past, venture into the surrounding areas of Old Castile and also visit some world-heritage sites such as Toledo and Salamanca. Exchange programs such as this are for more than language majors. This experience can really change students’ lives. It`s a chance to enrich one’s knowledge and cultural understanding, to become more mature and to make memories that will last a lifetime. Living abroad also helps students to develop an understanding of their interests and goals.

Many students find that studying abroad determined their career interest and their college course of study. Emily Stow, the Spanish professor from Georgetown College who is going to be teaching some of the classes in Segovia, adds that participating in a cultural exchange program is a great opportunity for students to learn about another culture from different perspectives, while improving their skills and confidence in the language.

Unfortunately, the deadline for applying to Segovia Spring Program was Feb. 20. But it is offered every season and besides, there are many other kinds of exchange programs available. Students who are interested in such an experience should begin thinking of packing. A good start is visiting the web site http://www.georgetowncollege.edu/InternationalPrograms or contacting Emily Brandon,Georgetown College Director of International Programs (emily_brandon@georgetowncollege.edu) for further information.

Maybe next season it will be the right time to have an unforgettable adventure somewhere around the world.

Meet RayShon

Staff Writer
RayShon wants to become an under-cover agent.

RayShon wants to become an under-cover agent.

RayShon Quaynel Williams has worked Campus Safety for four years; but how much do you really know about him? His favorite part of his job is socializing and getting to know students, and he hates having to write parking tickets.

When asked about his funniest moment on the job, he said “The funniest moment would have to be helping a student walk across campus during the ice storm and falling right on my butt in front of a bunch of students. It was something to see!!”

When he isn’t working, he likes to read, learn about new things, meet new people, play basketball, travel, watch UK football and basketball and hang out with his girlfriend. Sorry ladies, but it seems they are pretty serious. She moved to Los Angeles, and he too will be there,in the LAPD police academy, shortly.

He plans on moving to LA and becoming an undercover agent, as soon as the LAPD gives him the call. Being a police officer has always been his passion, but he just wants to be happy and successful in life, no matter what he ends up doing.

While he says he won’t miss George-town very much overall, he will miss lunch league basketball.

When asked why students like him more than his fellow Campus Safety officer Big Tony, he replied “Because I’m much cooler and I don’t like drama! Big T loves it. You have to watch him, he’s sneaky!”

Easter Egg Hunt

Staff Writer
The Easter egg hunt was a success.

The Easter egg hunt was a success.

As we move through our adolescencent years into our twenties and experience the many new things about college life, it is easy to forget about the simple childhood things that used to make us so cheerful.

As Easter approaches, GC’s sophomore class decided to create a way to bring that fun back to campus, while providing an opportunity to appreciate our faculty and staff. The sophomore class sponsored an Easter Egg Hunt this past Sunday, April 5. The Hunt was held as a service project and was meant for the children of GC’s faculty and staff members.

Several sophomore class members came out and helped hide eggs and also set out cookies and snacks for the parents to eat. Sophomore class officers, Sara Hodgson, Lauren Kennedy and Leah Babik were in charge of the planning and preparation for the egg hunt. Babik said, “The sophomore class wanted to give back to those who have worked so hard to give us the best possible college experience.”

Everyone’s work paid off in the end. “It was a huge success and was wonderful to see all the children so excited about coming to hunt the eggs. I hope that we can have an Easter Egg Hunt again next year!” said Babik. Babik would like to thank everyone who helped out and participated in the event.


Opinion Editor
Hannah Davis shares her first name and birthday with Hannah Montana.

Hannah Davis shares her first name and birthday with Hannah Montana.

An interesting fact about senior, Hannah Davis is, in her own words : “Hannah Montana and I share the same first name and birthday. I am not happy with this.” While this might seem like a bit of an unusual answer, it’s really quite indicative of what Davis dubbed her “quirky” ways.

Davis is an art/theater double major from Lexington, Ky. One might wonder why she chose that combination of majors. “I chose my majors because I have always loved making stuff,” she said, “and [now] I get to make stuff all the time!”

One might also wonder why Davis chose to settle in at Georgetown College. When asked, she phrased the story beautifully in saying: “I had been on a few college visits, and every single one was rainy and I didn’t like the schools! My mom suggested I look at Georgetown, so we did a drive by. The sun literally parted and sun rays shone down upon Giddings, and I was sold.” Since beginning her freshman year here, Davis has changed from a shy commuter to a girl, with awesome roommates, who cannot be made to “shut up.” As she attributes most of this positive change to living on campus, she gave the following advice to underclassmen: “LIVE HERE! If you are a commuter you miss out on so much! College is for a reason! You get to become your own person; four years of fun! And work, but FUN!”

Besides growing as a person, Davis has had many memorable experiences at GC over the years. When asked to choose her favorite, she responded, “I have way too many great GC experiences! But I would have to say that my favorites are anytime I get to perform my very original very awesome dances to either Flash, by Queen or Maneater by Nelly Furtato. In fact, the only thing Davis would have done differently is getting to know even more people or, as she said, “Bring out the Kristin Dickinson in me; that girl doesn’t know a stranger!”

Like many of her fellow seniors, Davis has been thinking about graduation. She said, “Graduation is a scary thing because it means I have to get an adult life and wake up before noon on a daily basis-something I haven’t done since high school!” In the future, Davis will be forced to wake up early to attend more school as that constitutes her after-GC plans. Though she will be leaving soon, Georgetown has become an integral part of who she is. In fact, if she were to win the lottery, the college would benefit. She explained: “If I won the lottery I would buy a big ole house, fill it with IKEA furniture, and put some [money] in a nest egg for my future children so they can go to college (Georgetown) and build George McGee a new theatre building.”

The theater major is quite involved with LTS, SNATS and Maskrafters on campus. She actually played a large role in the behind the scenes work of the recently performed “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” However, besides her theatrical exploits, Davis is also a huge fan of TV. “My spare time is filled with television!” she said, “I own a semi-outrageous number of television shows on dvd, of which I am very protective. “LOST” is my spare time.” Knowing this about her, one would probably not be surprised to learn the following: “If I were trapped on a desert island the three things I would want would be Jack Shepard, Sawyer and a fuctional TV.”

It seems that would be Hannah Davis in a nutshell. Now that everyone has been educated, hopefully she can avoid being confused with Hannah Montana.

feature photo

Adam Standiford took this photo at Hilton Head N.C.

Adam Standiford took this photo at Hilton Head N.C.

Ask RayShon

How can the country fix the economy?



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