February 12, 2009 Volume CXXV Issue 3

Staff members introduce themselves


Ms. Joe and Big Tony: you see them everyday, but how much do you really know about them? Here are some interesting facts about two of the coolest staff members at Georgetown.


Ms. Joe serves up her favorite meal.

Ms. Joe Anna Boykin has been working in the Caf for nine years. When you can’t find her at the theme line, she’s probably relaxing on her farm, reading books about the Civil War. She also loves getting dressed up for Georgetown football and basketball games, and she plans on attending softball games this spring. This sweet lady has five children and 11 grandchildren, but don’t worry, there is still room in her heart for us Georgetown students! She says that her favorite meal to cook in the Caf is the meal that will please students, and she loves to ask people questions as she prepares their food. If you get in her line, be prepared to tell her where you came from, what you’re doing here, and where you’re planning to go. And don’t be surprised if she writes to you after you graduate. Her spectacular culinary skills mixed with her outgoing personality make her a hit with the students, so it’s no wonder the football team named her an honorary coach last semester. She also lets people come over to her house to go fishing, hunting or just to play outside. Any time you want to come, just let her know. More than anything, Ms. Joe loves the Lord, and she says that “If the Lord gives me His love, I need to give it back to you guys.”


Big Tony keeps campus safe for us.

Big Tony Weathers is a familiar face around campus. Sometimes he’s wearing an apron , other times he’s dressed in a Campus Safety uniform. Either way, he gives a lot of time and energy to keeping Georgetown College well fed and safe. He’s been working Campus Safety for about four years, and has been cooking up yummy food in the Caf for about two. Some people think he’s scary and intimidating, but he wants everyone to know that he is a very humble person and, as daughter Ausha says, “a big teddy bear… he’s not as mean as he looks.” So don’t be afraid to talk to him. In his spare time he likes to go fishing, and he also loves to sing and play the guitar and piano. He is very passionate about spiritual music. He has been a minister at Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church for about 18 years. In his younger days, he used to be a DJ. He loves sports, and his favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys. If you go to a sporting event on campus, you will be sure to see him there, he works almost every one. He takes pride in his job keeping everyone safe, even when it means working from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m. When asked how he stays awake all night, he said that he walks around a lot, sleeps during the day, and tries to stay alert, sometimes drinking coffee to help keep him up all night. He doesn’t enjoy writing students up, but he encourages students to take responsibility for their actions.

Students learn to dance the Salsa

By AVA JORDAN, Staff Writer
Andres Escalante teaches the class to Salsa.

Andres Escalante teaches the class to Salsa.

Almost anyone who has ever met me could tell you that I cannot dance. I do not have rhythm and am uncoordinated. There is a certain grace that dancing requires. I do not have this. However, I have always wanted to be able to dance, particularly Latin dancing. Watching people dance like that always amazed me and, quite frankly, made me jealous. When I heard Salsa dancing lessons with Andres Escalante, senior, were coming up, I decided to give it a try. The United Nations of Georgetown, a group focused on uniting different cultures and ethnicities, sponsors the weekly Salsa lessons in the Bush Center.

Escalante, the leader of these lessons, has taught Salsa at a dance center and is able to make even the worst dancers (read: me) understand the basics in no time. This past week was my first ever Salsa lesson, though I was only one of two people in this situation. Most of the students who turned out were also in the classes last semester and came back to practice their skills and learn some new steps, though both experienced and new dancers are welcomed. As there were only two new dancers in my session, Escalante moved through the most basic steps fairly quickly, though he gave full explanations, demonstrations and extra advice as the lesson progressed.

Wence Peraza and JeanneShearer practice the Salsa.

Wence Peraza and JeanneShearer practice the Salsa.

After each new step was learned, the students practiced with a partner which changed every few minutes. Also assisting with the Salsa lesson was student Wence Peraza. Both Peraza

and Escalante worked with each of the students during the practice times. With enough practice, even I was able to handle the basic steps that were covered in the first session. The classes are just getting started for the semester and all Georgetown students are encouraged to attend. It is a great opportunity for friends, couples or individual students to come together and perfect their dancing skills.

For more experienced Salsa dancers, there is a Latin Party in Lexington this Fridaynight. For more information, please see the Facebook event “Valentine’s Latin Party.”


By WHITLEY ARENS, Opinion Editor
Mallory Sparks and her boyfriend Andrew travel abroad.

Mallory Sparks and her boyfriend Andrew travel abroad.

Sometimes, when attempting to sum up a person, it really is best to begin with their roots. Senior Mallory Sparks comes from a very close-knit family in Corbin, Ky. Her parents were high school sweethearts—a label she and her boyfriend, Andrew, also possess. She gushes about their relationship, “I have been dating my boyfriend, Andrew, since the beginning of our senior year of high school. He goes to the University of Louisville, so we don’t get to see each other all the time. Even though we have been apart these four years of college, it has been great! No ring or plans thus far.” Sparks also has a brother four years her senior. In fact, he’s the majority of the reason she chose to go to Georgetown College. Her brother attended Georgetown College and she “always heard of the great experiences that he had here and hoped that [she] would be able to have the same.”

Since arriving here four years ago, she has definitely had her fair share of those great experiences, but when pressed to choose just one, she settles on Chapel Day of her freshman year. Remembering the moment, she says, “It was so much fun meeting and going through recruitment, but at the end of the week it so much fun to run out on Chapel day. A group of my closest friends had planned our outfits and stayed up all night making them. Even though we were very tired, we had a great time together. The day of Chapel day was such a rush and full of excitement. It was great running out into a group of girls that I would call my sisters.”

Another amazing experience Sparks was fortunate to gain from Georgetown was studying abroad. This past summer she studied in Austria and was lucky enough to get to visit France, Munich, Switzerland and Venice, among other places, during her weekends abroad. Of her travels, she says, “It was a great experience and I learned so much about the different cultures. These were places that I had really wanted to go, so I was able to see many things that I had learned and heard about growing up. It is amazing the things that we take for granted here.”

Such occurrences as studying abroad and simply being a student at Georgetown College have certainly had an impact on the young woman that Sparks is today. She feels as if she has grown tremendously since first coming to GC four years ago— “Through classes and leadership positions I have developed into a better person through the challenges I have faced. Each thing has taught me something different that will help me wherever I go in life. I have learned what matters the most in life.” The Business Administration- Marketing major, Chemistry and Communications double minor views Advertising as both her favorite and most beneficial class from her duration at Georgetown. This class sticks out because it was organized so differently from any other class; Sparks and students were given a real project to complete for a real advertising agency. Though Sparks says the class was a lot of work, she also says, “it was a great learning experience and [she] felt it really prepared [her] for the future.”

With the future clearly upon her, Sparks has some complex feelings toward graduation— the common mix of excitement for the unknown and bittersweet sadness at the friends that will be left behind. She says, “I am excited to be out on my own and have a job, but I am very sad to leave all my friends that I have made here at Georgetown. I won’t be able to just go down the hallway and talk or always have someone to do something with. Four years ago, I didn’t know most of the people that I am closest with and it is weird that we will not be close together.” As her four years draw to a close, she leaves behind some advice for underclassmen— “Time flies by, so enjoy each and every minute!”

Feature Photo

Sarah Carey took this photo of the Jerusalem skyline three years ago while in Israel.

Sarah Carey took this photo of the Jerusalem skyline three years ago while in Israel.


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