February 26, 2009 Volume CXXV Issue 5

“3 for CE” is a hit with students

Look for the new menu in the Grille.

Look for the new menu in the Grille.

If you’ve been to the Grille recently, you’ve probably seen the signs advertising the new choices for cash equivalency “3 for CE.” Between 2-4 and 7:30-9:30 p.m., you can now make your own combo, possibly consisting of four chicken nuggets, chicken patty, cheeseburger, pepperoni roll, cheese wrap, one Bosco stick, two mozzerella sticks, french fries, mac and cheese, chips, side salad, small drink, Rice Crispy Treaty, or scone.

Retail Manager Vince Swecker says that “3 for CE” was created to allow some more options for the students by offering the most popular items currently on the menu, only in a smaller portion. Astudent can choose a little of everything to satisfy their wants without having to spend too much or waste food.” Items were chosen for the menu by analyzing the bestselling items and putting them into a portion that worked for CE. While, as of yet, there have not been any requests for additions, Swecker is open for suggestions. Feel free to leave him a comment in the box by the pick-up counter at the Grille. Egg rolls and another dessert option are being discussed for future additions.

Different students have had varying opinions about this new option in the Grille. Senior Andrea Chadwick has yet to order from the “3 for CE” menu, but said that “it is a great thing that appeals to many more students.” Sophomore Sable Floyd agreedwith Chadwick, adding, “I also appreciate the Grille for expanding its options.” She likes that there are options for new food combinations and that it gives students more choices at an affordable price. The combo of choice for freshman Arielle Evans is a Bosco stick, side salad, and a drink. She loves that she is able to make her own meal and choose exactly what to eat. “It gives me more options when I choose to eat there during cash EQ.” Abigail Watkins, a sophomore, is appreciative that a small drink is also included on the menu, so she can get an entire meal of her choosing. She said, “I love that there is macaroni and cheese on the menu. It’s actually really good.” Freshman Brittany Venci doesn’t eat in the Grille much because she thinks it is unhealthy, but she would be willing to give “3 for CE” a try if healthier options were added . S w e c k e r said that healthier foods are an option if people will let him know what it is they want. If you have a suggestion for an addition to or subtraction from the menu, you can just fill out a comment card in the Grille.

Equine Scholars get new member

By AVA JORDAN, Staff Writer
Jeanne Shearer and Ashlyn Anderson-Keelin are fostering Lotawana.

Jeanne Shearer and Ashlyn Anderson-Keelin are fostering Lotawana.

The Equine Scholars Program at Georgetown College has a new member this semester—Lotawana, a 4-year-old off-the-track thoroughbred horse. Lotawana, a bay, is a resident of the Kentucky Equine Humane Center but has been chosen to be fostered by Jeanne Shearer and Ashlyn Anderson- Keelin, two freshmen members of the Equine Scholars Program. The goal of their foster work is make Lotawana more adoptable and to prepare him for his future work.

Shearer and Anderson- Keelin plan to follow the book “Beyond the Track,” written by Anna Ford, in their efforts to retrain Lotawana for a lifeaway from the track. The pair has “spent the last couple of weeks allowing him to get acclimated to his new home and working on the basics,” according to Anderson- Keelin. Their primary focus so far has been on leading and grooming, though they hope to progress with Lotawana soon. Anderson-Keelin said that they are going to try to be riding him before spring break.

The two scholars are supposed to write a weekly blog, available on the Equine Scholars Program official website and Facebook page, detailing their work with Lotawana that week and how he is progressing. It is hoped that there will be a opportunity to include some video on the weekly blog as well. Lotawana, though goodnatured and progressing well so far, has a lack of vision in one eye and must learn to work around this issue as well as keeping up with his training from Shearer and Anderson- Keelin. Lotawana’s student trainers are very excited to be working with him this semester and have high hopes for what they can accomplish through consistent efforts, time and the methods of “Beyond the Track.”


By WHITLEY ARENS, Opinion Editor
Heather Stillwell and Tyler Vandyke pose for a photo.

Heather Stillwell and Tyler Vandyke pose for a photo.

When asked to describe himself in one word, senior Tyler Vandyke chose the word “motivated.” Motivated—the word carries all kinds of connotations— meaning that Vandyke sees himself as driven, ambitious and determined. One of Vandyke’s friends, Pete Thackston, added to this portrait of Vandyke in choosing “optimistic” as a prime descriptor. So far, Vandyke seems to be a pretty sensible student and a fairly positive guy. It’s only until a few of his other friends are consulted that the image broadens.

Friends Bret and Kyle Saxton described Vandyke as “classy” and “gorgeous” respectively. Now, while it is entirely possible that they were just being boys and having a little fun, it’s also entirely possible that Vandyke really is classy and gorgeous. Either way, there’s definitely a little more to him than “motivated.” Vandyke, whose self-proclaimed “official” job title is full-time student, is a business administration-finance major. He came to Georgetown College after hearing “good things.” Also, he added, “I really liked it when I visited as a high school senior.” Once here, he met Dr. Cooper who helped him finalize his choice of major. Vandyke said, “I knew I wanted to be a business major all along, and Dr. Cooper helped me decide to choose Finance as my emphasis.” In addition, Vandyke gave Dr. Cooper the honor of tying for first with Dr. Lumpkin for his Favorite Professor Award.

Continuing with the award-doling, Vandyke gave Business Policy “Favorite Class.” His dream job is very set—to be a financial analyst— but his future plans are still a little unclear. Of aftercollege life, he said, “I have no idea. I hope to get a job once I graduate.” Though Vandyke is uncertain of where life post-GC will take him, he is actually very ready to make that next step. When asked about graduating, he expressed his feelings as follows, “I’m ready to be done with the classroom.” Vandyke, in looking back, doesn’t have too many regrets concerning his time spent at Georgetown College. As far as things he would change, he found only one—“I would have played baseball my first two years here instead of waiting until my junior year to start playing.” Needless to say, Vandyke does play baseball for Georgetown. Actually, playing baseball for the college and, “getting loud at basketball games” are what he chose as his favorite GC experiences.

While most students will say that Georgetown College has shaped them or really had an impact on the person they’ve become, Vandyke looks at the changes in himself during his four years here in a simpler matter. Of how he’s changed since coming to GC as a freshman, he said, “I am about three years older.” Simple answer, but he’s definitely right. Like most students, Vandyke does have a life outside of the classroom. This life involves a selection of various pastimes, passions and hobbies. He, one might be interested to know, plays both the violin and the guitar. Also, the Chicago Cubs, about which he is most passionate in life, take up a portion of his free time. However, the majority of his extra time is spent in other ways. He explained, “In my spare time I hang out with my girlfriend, Heather, [play] tennis, and streak for cash.” That’s certainly an interesting combination of personal pastimes.

Oh, but the intricacies of Vandyke continue. The proud recipient of the “Best Dressed” award in 8th grade, he is also an avid Wii bowler. Actually, his Wii bowling ability is connected to one of his proudest accomplishments — “I bowled a 300 in Wii Bowling, and Bryan Bonner will never accomplish this so I am proud of it.” Bryan Bonner, his roommate, is also his hero. About him, Vandyke said, “He does it all.” Well, it also seems like Tyler Vandyke does it all, or a least a bit of it. He’s certainly a senior with spin.


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