February 5, 2009 Volume CXXV Issue 2

Dancing my way to fitness


Zumba instructor Lindsay Phelps moves to the music.

Do you love to dance? Do you typically hate working out? Are you ever bored on Monday nights? Personally, I answered yes to all of the above. Thankfully, I have a solution: Zumba. Yeah I know, the name sounds foreign and a bit frightening, but in reality, this is the most fun I’ve had working out since coming to college! Every Monday night from 6-7 p.m. you can burn between 500-700 calories, just from dancing (and not even realize you’re doing it)!

Still skeptical? I was. I went in thinking that I would be dancing to tribal African music, or something of the sort. Needless to say, I was not very excited about trying it out, but during the first song, I realized I had it all wrong. The first song, “Fuego” by Pitbull, starts out saying “You think ya gangsta, cuz you did time?” Not exactly what I was expecting, to be sure. Needless to say, this Latin-American inspired rap song was a great way to get my body moving. Zumba is not tribal music; it is actually a blend of rap, salsa and merengue songs, mostly from Latin America. A guy named Beto Perez invented Zumba one day when he forgot to bring his aerobics music to the class he taught, and had to improvise and use the music in his car. All he had was the salsa and merengue music he loved to listen to, and amazingly his class loved it and Zumba took off from there.

I’m glad it made its way to Georgetown College. Each song has a different feel, and each move works a different part of your body. Trust me, I’m feeling it already. Some songs are fast: you are shimmying, jumping, twisting and turning until everything starts to spin, but by that time it’s over and you can finally get water. Other songs are slower, making it easier to catch your breath and teaching you cool, sexy dance steps at the same time. Instructor Lindsay Phelps says that this class is “extremely fun, and it’s addictive too!” I would have to agree with that statement, mostly because of the ab workout.

I was expecting some calm music to be playing while we did sit-ups in the floor. But guess what? I was wrong again. Very wrong. Instead of slow, calming music, the song “Lean Like A Cholo” by Down started blaring. I couldn’t help but burst out laughing. The instructor showed us the moves to the song, which included following the lyrics which said “elbows up, side to side” and it ended up being the most fun (well more like the only fun) ab workout I’ve ever participated in. Oh, and there was no laying down either, it was all standing up doing dance moves that worked every possible muscle in the abdominal region.

This Latin dance-inspired workout appealed to graduate student Brittany Thomas because she loves to dance and Zumba gave her an opportunity to do just that. Before class, instructor Phelps explained to me that you don’t realize you are working so hard because you are having such a good time. I just kind of nodded, but didn’t actually believe her. Now I do. Don’t be scared or intimidated: it doesn’t matter how good (or bad) of a dancer you think you are. The steps are easy, learning the dances are fun, and it’s a great way to do a total body workout. Zumba will be going on each Monday until March 9. So the next time you are bored on a Monday evening, get out and give Zumba a chance, I dare you. Trust me, I hate exercise, and I still loved it.

United Nations of Georgetown to Host International Fashion Show: A “Celebration of Heritage”

By HALEY HOWARD, Staff Writer

The United Nations of Georgetown College will be hosting an International Fashion Show sometime in March. The project is still in the early stages of development. To support the fashion show, the organization is currently in the process of a clothing drive. They are asking to borrow different articles of clothing from anyone on campus that reflects the cultures of other nations. “Some of the countries that we are looking [to] include,” says Chayna Hardy-Taylor, a member of the United Nations of Georgetown and a coordinator of the International Fashion Show and clothing drive, are “India, China, African countries and Spanishspeaking counties, but there are many more.”

Donations of both male and female clothing are desired. Of course, what would a fashion show be without models? “We are looking for people who are willling to be models for the fashion show,” says Hardy-Taylor, “both male and female, faculty and students.” Anyone interested can contact Hardy-Taylor at chardy0@georgetowncollege.edu. According to the organization’s website, the United Nations of Georgetown “seeks to celebrate the heritage of Georgetown College’s international students.” An international fashion show promises to do just that. “The idea [for the fashion show] came about,” says Hardy-Taylor, “because we not only wanted to expose the Georgetown community to different backgrounds, but be entertaining and fun.” The event will certainly be fervently anticipated.


By WHITLEY ARENS, Opinion Editor

Bryan Wathen plays soccer for Georgetown College.

If senior Bryan Wathen won the lottery, he would have a tri-fold plan for that money—“I would have to start off by paying off the college loans I’ve accumulated here. Then I would help my family with a new house and car and then spend some on myself.” Despite the fact that attending Georgetown College has resulted in an accumulation of student loans, Wathen has enjoyed his time as a student here. He first became interested in Georgetown when he visited a friend one weekend—“I visited one of my friends who went here one weekend and really liked the faculty and staff.” When he tried out for and made the Men’s Soccer team, his place at Georgetown was pretty much cemented.

Since arriving as a freshman, Wathen has grown more outgoing thanks to GC. Of the alterations in himself, he remarks, “Being part of Phi Kappa Tau and the soccer team has caused me to be not as shy as I was when I first came to Georgetown.” Now, four years later, with graduation not so far in the future, Wathen holds the sort of typical, bittersweet attitude toward leaving—“I have mixed feelings because I am ready to go out and start a career for myself but at the same time I don’t want to leave all of my friends I’ve made.”

In the expanse of time between arrival and graduation, Wathen—a Business Management major, Spanish minor from Miamisburg, Ohio—has accumulated a lot of favorites. His favorite class was International Business Operations, “because it was fun learning about the different countries and how each one has its own traditions.” Random relevant fact: Wathen’s dream vacation is “a trip through Europe stopping in every country and enjoying the sites and different cultures.” Another couple of his favorites would be Dr. Cooper and the “One-Alarm” Grille sandwich filling the slots of favorite professor and favorite on-campus food respectively. And to round out the list of preferences is his favorite GC moment of, “finally winning the Flag Football Championship with Phi Kappa Tau in [his] final year here.”

Wathen, who describes himself as “easy-going,” is only slightly mainstream in that he likes the color blue and comedy films. However, the boy has some pretty interesting hobbies such as his love of woodworking. Wathen describes the history of his interest in carpentry as follows, “I first became interested in carpentry my freshman year of high school when I was signing up for classes. I needed one more class and decided to take ‘Introduction to Woodworking.’ I really enjoyed the class and took the other three woodworking classes they offered at my school. “My first job was trim carpentry where I got to work on million-dollar homes. Then my senior year of high school my teachers really liked my work and asked me to work for them doing remodeling. I’ve really enjoyed the carpentry field and now work on my own. The two things I like the most about carpentry and remodeling is there is always something new to learn or try so it doesn’t ever get boring and the satisfaction I get when I get to see the final product.”

The fact that carpentry both perpetually intrigues him and gives him an immense sense of satisfaction would explain why owning his own woodworking business is his dream job. His current postgrad plans involve, “looking for a job right now for when [he] graduate[s] in a management position with a company until [he is] able to get a reputation as a professional carpenter around the area.” His ambitions may be unique, but they’re definitely attainable. When asked what drives him, he responds, “I’m passionate about doing the best I can in everything I do.”

Feature photo

Kate Sutton took this photo at the National Mall in Washington D.C.

Kate Sutton took this photo at the National Mall in Washington D.C.


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