March 12, 2009 Volume CXXV Issue 7

Students share Spring Break plans

Staff Writer

Warm weather is finally here, and with it comes the time all college students spend the cold months longing for: Spring Break! Different students from Georgetown will be traveling the country this spring break. Some people, well a lot of them actually, are going to Panama City Beach, while others will be doing mission work. No matter where they go, students will be having lots of fun next week!

Matthew Hubbard and girlfriend Danielle Harrison will be going to New Orleans for a few days to spend time with her cousins and then heading back to Paducah to spend time with their families.

Kristin Dickinson and Allison Damron will be going to Florida.

Kristin Dickinson and Allison Damron will be going to Florida.

Kristin Dickinson will be making the long trek to Treasure Island, Fla. for the third time in her college career. “I am going with Allison Damron, Lacey Lamb and Amber Pelfrey. Hopefully, all I will be doing is lying on the beach getting a tan, and eating good seafood!”

Triston Mullins and his friends Perry Dixon, Michael Taylor James, Caitlyn Anglin and Jen Bowling are going to the Gorge. They will spend Thursday through Sunday camping and will probably hike, fish and swim if it’s warm enough. He says “It’s mostly about spending time with friends by a campfire and sharing memories. We will stay in tents and cook out of a dutch oven. In the dutch oven I intend to cook soup beans, corn bread, peach cobbler and any other oddities I can come up with. The others will cook the rest of the food.”

Kelly Kreiner is in Spain this semester, and will be celebrating Las Fallas in Valencia, during the same week as Georgetown’s spring break. She will be doing lots of fun things to celebrate the week of Las Fallas. They construct statues, have large parties in the street with food and music, set fireworks off all day and night, and on the last day, set the statues on fire. She thinks it should be a fun time!

Leah Babik will be on a “road trip to nowhere.”

Leah Babik will be on a “road trip to nowhere.”

Leah Babik and two of her best friends from home go on spring break together every year. This year they are taking a “road trip to nowhere.” They have a list of things to do such as: fly a kite out of a window, mud wrestle, go to a hoedown, karaoke, go to as many parks as possible, swing dance, Christmas carol in a neighborhood, dumpster dive, throw bouncy balls off a bridge to see how high they bounce, dress up and go roller skating in a park, etc… The final goal is to end up somewhere on a beach. They have set some rules, such as not wearing any makeup and not bringing any clothes (they are going to buy them all from thrift stores and wash them at a laundry mat), and are also going to video record the entire trip. “We are always up for an adventure and love that we don’t have anything planned!”

Amy Hall will be on a Mission Trip for Spring Break.

Amy Hall will be on a Mission Trip for Spring Break.

Amy Hall is going to Cedar Rapids, Iowa for a mission trip with James Koeppe and Gretchen Lohman. They will be helping with flood relief efforts because the area was devastated by flooding this past summer and still hasn’t fully recovered. Hall says, “I’m really excited to go because we need to realize that there are people in America that need our help just as much as those outside of the country. I am more than willing to give up my spring break to go help those less fortunate in our own backyard. I see it as an opportunity to give back to people and grow closer to God during the process.”

Chelsey Adkins is going to Daytona Beach with Molly Hunter, Jordyn Honchell and Sam Richardson. They plan on eating at Paula Dean’s restaurant in Savannah, Ga. on the way down, and lying on the beach every day.

Sarah House is going to Indian Rocks, Tampa with her family and they will be “beaching it” for seven days.

Tyler Choate will be in Lexington with his dad from Wednesday to Saturday, watching the KHSAA Sweet 16 Basketball Tournament at Rupp Arena.

Ariel Muñoz and Abigail Watkins will be on a mission trip to Arlington, Texas.

Ariel Muñoz and Abigail Watkins will be on a mission trip to Arlington, Texas.

Ariel Muñoz and girlfriend Abigail Watkins are going on a mission trip to Arlington, Texas and will be working with people with social and economic problems. He says, “There are several people who speak Spanish, so that is a great tool for me. I will be working with them and also in charge of the music.”

Adam Gilley and ten of his fraternity brothers are going to Panama City Beach. “We are going to relax, hang out and enjoy the warm weather.”

Justin Brown is going to Panama City Beach with about 12 people from the Phi Tau house. They are looking to have a great time and create lots of memories and stories to be told because it’s the last spring break at Georgetown for a few in the group.

Alex Martin is going to Panama City Beach with a bunch of friends that he graduated high school with. He says, “Basically, we’re going to escape reality for a few days, avoid the worries of school and homework, and enjoy a week-long party.”

Amber Scott is going to Panama City Beach with a group of 11 friends from campus. They don’t have too many plans except to lay on the beach all day! “I know there will be a day when the guys will be golfing and us girls will be going shopping. We are just going to relax, sun bathe and have a great time!”

Cody Gipson is going to Panama City Beach.

Cody Gipson is going to Panama City Beach.

Cody Gipson and about 20 guys from the football team are going to Panama City Beach and staying at the Bikini Beach. “We’re just going to chill on the beach and go out at night and have a good time.”

Alyssa Potter is staying here in Georgetown to work at Hometown Manor, an assisted living residence here. “I’m working to save up money in order to go on the Chile mission trip this summer!”

Mary Alice Birdwhistell will help lead the mission trip to Arlington, Texas.

Mary Alice Birdwhistell will help lead the mission trip to Arlington, Texas.

Mary Alice Birdwhistell is a student leader for the Campus Ministry Spring Break trip to Mission Arlington in Texas. A team of about twenty Georgetown students from across campus will be going to serve underprivileged children and youth in low-income housing units in the Arlington area. They will be doing Backyard Bible clubs as well as other community ministries for Mission Arlington. “This is my third Spring Break at Mission Arlington, and I absolutely love it! God has really stretched me so much through serving there, and I can’t wait to go back!”

Ryan Farthing is going down to Macon, Ga. to stay with his dad for the week because he lives here with his mom so he doesn’t have many opportunities to see him. His father has a farm and they are planning on fishing, riding four wheelers and doing other outdoor activities.

Mike Durborow will be going to Panama City Beach

Mike Durborow will be going to Panama City Beach

Mike Durborow is going to Panama City Beach with some of his Lambda Chi Alpha brothers and will be hanging out on the beach every morning and going out and exploring the town at night.


Opinion Editor
Allison Damron studied abroad in Oxford.

Allison Damron studied abroad in Oxford.

It really is possible to deduce much from one’s character when you learn the things which he or she deems absolutely necessary for survival. When Senior Allison Damron was asked what three things she would choose to accompany her on a deserted island, she replied, “My iPod (if the battery would never die), a stack of books and a huuuuge vat of green tea.” So, music, literature and liquid.

The literature part, at least, isn’t all that surprising, considering Damron is an English major. She’s an English major (with a Creative Writing emphasis) and a psychology minor to be exact. When probed as to why she chose this combination, Damron said, “I want to go into publishing and so I figured English and creative writing would give me a good, broad base of writingrelated information to build on. And psychology is just cool.” Good answer. Since she wants to go into publishing, it’s not surprising that her dream job is to be an editor at a publishing house. As of right now, her postgraduation plans are a little up in the air, but it seems as if Damron is on the path to achieving this dream. “I actually just got accepted to my top choice grad school for Publishing and Writing (Emerson College in Boston) which is super exciting,” she said, “but I might take a year off first to work and get some internships in publishing and stuff and then try to head up there next year! I just haven’t decided yet.”

Currently, Damron is employed at the Writing Center here on campus, though she did “just finish editing the opening chapters of a Lexington-area novelist’s second book.” That’s really not something that many students can say they’ve been doing in their spare time. Speaking of students, one might wonder how someone like Damron came to be a student at Georgetown College. When explaining her school choice, she said, “I’m from a high school that had about as many people as GC and I really loved the dynamics. It was small enough that you could know everyone but just big enough that there was still a lot to be involved with. Also, it was both close to Lexington and only a few hours from home (Ashland, Ky.), which was nice.”

While reflecting on her time at GC, Damron picked an experience from her freshman year as her favorite Georgetown College moment: “Living on 3rd main in Knight Hall freshman year; I met some awesome girls and we had so much fun together! I’m still really close to a lot of them today, even though some of them don’t even go to Georgetown anymore.” She’s racked up a list of favorite classes, “Shakespeare, Poetry workshop, Creative Non-Fiction workshop,” but only one favorite professor. Of her choice professor, she said fondly, “Dr. Burch is my hero. She has been my teacher, adviser, tutor for the Oxford program, and helped me choose a direction for my thesis. I’ve been lost this semester since she’s been on sabbatical!!” Wait a second. Did she just mention Oxford? Yes, she did. Damron studied at Oxford in the Spring of 2008.

This experience, and her four years at Georgetown, has really shaped her, changing her from the girl she was when she arrived here. “I’m much more confident in my abilities. I’ve learned that it’s possible to find a way to accomplish almost anything if you want it badly enough,” she explained, “This was especially true when studying abroad: my laptop and cell phone got stolen while I was at Oxford and it was difficult and expensive to have to deal with something like that so far away from home. Yet, despite it all, I still managed to get all my work done on time AND have an awesome time.”

In fact, Damron was so shaped by Oxford that she offers underclassmen the following advice: “STUDY ABROAD. If you’re at all interested then look into it because it’s an AMAZING experience!!” With that mindset, it’s likely Damron would be quite content on her deserted island with only green tea, her iPod and a large amount of books. After all, isn’t that its own form of studying abroad?


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