February 5, 2009 Volume CXXV Issue 2

ALD tutors, impacts lives


Members of the Alpha Lambda Delta honor society are starting out the month of February with a philanthropy project. They volunteered at the Scroggins Park Child Development Center on Feb. 2, and will also volunteer again on Feb. 10 and 11. The group is collecting money for the center, as well. Members who do not volunteer must make a donation of at least $5. The center, located in Scroggins Park (a low-income housing neighborhood in the city of Georgetown), is a community building where elementary school students can come for help with homework. Georgetown College students working as tutors provide the children with worksheets if they don’t have their own homework, and afterwards snacks are served and games are played.

Alpha Lambda Delta is a national honor society for students who maintained a 3.5 GPA and were in the top 20 percent of their class during their first year of college. Each year, the group’s officers plan new philanthropy events. Most of these projects focus on education, as the organization is based on academic accomplishments. Junior Ashley Johnson, the current president of Alpha Lambda Delta, enjoys the experience of working at Scroggins Park. “As a volunteer, I feel privileged to get an opportunity to get to help children feel more confident and optimistic about their school work,” said Johnson. “I feel like the group of Alpha Lambda Delta members who participate enjoy giving back to the community and possibly impacting a child’s life.” If you’re interested in volunteering at Scroggins Park but aren’t a member of Alpha Lamba Delta, there are other opportunities for you. Each week on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 4-5:30 p.m., Georgetown students meet there to tutor the children. Contact Brittany Lin at blin0 if you have any questions.

Kappa Alpha house gets a redesign in 2009


Have you been in the Kappa Alpha house since Christmas Break? If not, it’s definitely worth a visit. After discovering a Kappa Alpha Renovation fund set up by alumni three months ago, the boys at the KA house decided to put the $21,000 to good use and renovate the downstairs of their house. In just one week and two days, the lobbies and entranceway were transformed. Junior Blake Caudill explained that the Kappa Alpha house had not been renovated in quite some time. The couches were mismatched, the carpet was old, and the tile didn’t look good.

As the owner of a construction business, Caudill knew he was up to the task of redoing all of that plus much more. In three days, he built the cabinets in the front entryway and spent another day building tables for studying. All of this, he did himself. Amazing, right? Caudill and some of his brothers returned to the house the Saturday before classes started back this semester, in the hopes of replacing all the flooring before the occupants began moving back in. In three days, they managed to paint the walls, gut out the floors, and completely redo them. In the entranceway and informal lobby is new tile flooring, and the formal lobby is now wood. No more carpet. The floors were designed to be able to take out one piece of wood or one tile at a time if something happened to them, as to not make the whole floor need to be replaced.

Also, new furniture, including matching couches, chairs, and coffee tables were put in place. A study area with six desk stations is now ready for use with the house’s brand new wireless internet connection. A new speaker system and all new electrical fixtures were also installed. As if that wasn’t enough, a new scratch-and-burn-resistant pool table with a stain resistant top was also brought in. Caudill said that they went with all high-quality products so everything would last longer. He stated that they are full of Kappa Alpha pride and wanted to fix up their house to represent the pride they have for their fraternity. The boys still have about $7,000 left, and in the future they plan to redo their basketball court with a new gorilla goal and to do more cosmetic work to the outside of their house, such as landscaping and new fencing. They also have plans to repaint the stairwells and hallways of the upper two floors, and to remake the kitchen.


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