April 16, 2009 Volume CXXV Issue 10

Britney Spears inspires boldness

Opinion Editor

After reading last week’s heroic tribute to Miley Cyrus, I feel inspired to pay homage to my hero in the same fashion. The popular icon by which I mold myself and my life decisions is none other than Britney Spears.

Spears, at the young age of 27, has already accomplished much in her life worthy of being emulated. At the tender age of 16, Spears had her first number one hit with “…Baby One More Time.” While most of us are learning to drive, she was taking the music industry by storm via her scantily-clad Catholic school girl image. Surely this teaches all young girls that success comes most quickly to those who wear the least clothing.

Another success for Spears was her 55-hour Las Vegas marriage. Though probably not the smartest of decisions, Spears’ willingness to dive headfirst into such murky waters proves she is fearless. From this I have learned that one shouldn’t let common sense prevent you from getting married in a baseball cap.

Also, I’m sure we can all recall her recent head-shaving incident. Though many critiqued Spears for this move, I commend her for it. It takes a bold woman to entirely de-hair her head. To me, this was not a move of insanity on Spears’ part, but rather a protest against our appearance-obsessed society.

I almost forgot that Spears is also a fan of animals. Remember the boa constrictors featured in her “I’m a Slave 4 U” video? Yeah. Once again, Spears is fearless, showing us that snakes are friends and not predators. Surely no one even noticed that the snake draped around her neck covered more of her body than the rest of her clothing. I don’t know. Maybe I’m being too harsh on Ms. Spears.

After all, she’s a very talented musician and dancer. She’s also a devoted mother of two. Plus, her extensive collection of trucker hats, as well as her ability to incorporate the accessory into ever outfit, is a thing to be pined over.

A Comical Moment:


Ava guides weather preparation

Staff Writer
A typical unpredictable Kentucky weather forecast.

A typical unpredictable Kentucky weather forecast.

Kentucky weather, as all know, is a highly unpredictable creature and should be handled with care. The arrival of springtime only exacerbates the unpredictability of the weather, to the point that it is not unusual for a 70 degree Monday to transform into a snowy Tuesday. Native Kentuckians are, generally speaking, better prepared for the sudden shifts in weather that characterize a Kentucky spring, though even they are taken by surprise on occasion. Here are some tips to help you survive the volatile mess that is Kentucky weather.

*If there is a warm, sunny, overall delightful day, it is safest to assume that the following day will be colder and full of thunderstorms and that it may involve a tornado watch.

*The Weather Channel (or http://www.weather.com) is your friend. Use it frequently, especially since the forecast may change in the time it takes for the page to refresh.

*If you have the ability to do so, it is wise to carry a jacket along, even on the nicest days. Especially on the nice days.

*Get used to rain.

*If you find yourself sleepy on rainy days, set several alarms in the morning. Rain usually does not count as a valid excuse for missing class.

*Learn to expect the unexpected.

*Remember that it is not necessarily a sign of the Apocalypse if there is rain, snow, hail and sunshine all in the same day. That is really just a sign that you are somewhere in the state of Kentucky.

*Farmer’s Almanacs and similar weather predictors are usually fairly accurate. If you want to know how bad the winter will be in advance, they will probably give you some idea.

*Think back to elementary school-try to remember what the different types of clouds mean. They tell you what the weather is about to do.

*Check local news stations in between classes for weather updates.

*Carry an umbrella at all times.

*Rain boots are cute, right? Wear them. Everyday.

*Step outside in the morning. If it is windy, wear a jacket. If you feel water hitting your head, put on a raincoat or something with a hood. If it is warm, dress appropriately.

*Give up all hope of understanding Kentucky weather. Good luck!

Student selflessly reflects on Easter

Staff Writer

I have always thought that the days surrounding Easter are the prettiest days of the year. The sun almost always shines against a cloudless sky, and if I’m lucky, I might get to see a few flowers sprouting up from the ground after a long, cold winter. However, even though the weather is wonderful and the birds are singing merrily around this time of year, I can’t help but think about what happened on my behalf thousands of years ago.

In the days leading up to this Easter holiday, I made it a priority to pick out what dress I would wear to Sunday morning Easter service back home. On top of that, I needed to pack for the long weekend, drag my laundry bag down the multiple staircases of my dorm, and jam a large suitcase into the trunk of my car, which was already bursting at the seams. After loading my car with enough clothes and homework to last for a month, I began my journey home, only to receive a call from my mother saying that my traditional route home was blocked due to construction.

Now I had to decide which exit I would need to take once I merged on the parkway. I could go my normal route, but be delayed by traffic, or I could take what I call the “backwoods exit,” and drive through an eternity of curves and forests. Because I didn’t want to be delayed from a long weekend, I opted for the “backwoods exit,” and drove for miles on a barren highway that was covered with angry clouds full of rain. As I drove behind an elderly gentleman who was going a little too slow for the highway, I became agitated and anxious, ready to get home and begin my long-awaited break.

Nevertheless, the man in front of me turned off on the same road as I did, and began to drive even slower in the rain that smacked down on my windshield, impairing my vision. As I sat in my living room later that evening, I realized that since I left Georgetown on Friday morning, I had been thinking about one person— myself. I was angry that my normal way home was blocked, and that things weren’t going my way.

Quite frankly, I was being selfish, and I wanted a bright, sunshine filled Easter. Though my selfish desires determined the attitude during my drive home on Good Friday, I looked back at that solemn, yet ironically happy day years ago, and was thankful that Jesus wasn’t anything like I am today. If Jesus would have been anything like I am, He definitely wouldn’t have went to the cross and died for the sins of the world. If Jesus was anything like me, then this world would be fatally lost, without an ounce of salvation available.

Because of the Easter season, and the fact that Jesus was more than a mere man, sinners like me actually have a chance.


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