April 9, 2009 Volume CXXV Issue 9

Ask President Crouch

Question: What is your vision of Georgetown College in the next five years? 10 years?

Answer: My vision for GC is to continue to evolve as a top notch, academic institution within a Christian context. It is important that we constantly work to create an environment where our students gain confidence and the intellectual ability to have a fulfilled life. There are different models we can adopt to achieve this vision. The challenge is to do it with a strong financial model.

Question: What do you feel is your biggest accomplishment as President of Georgetown College?

Answer: My biggest accomplishment is the remarkable talent we have brought together at this place. Almost all our employees have been hired since I became President. We have more buildings and many new programs, but the quality of the people that work and study here is what I am the most proud of as President.

Question: What has helped you press on through the hard times you have had at Georgetown College?

Answer: I told the trustee’s way back in 1991 that I had a confidence that would allow me to handle the difficult situations that were certainly to happen during my tenure because of two things: 1. I have a strong sense of God’s calling to help young people reach their fullest potential. I am here because I feel strongly God called me; therefore, I have the assurance of His presence. 2. I have had many failures in my life and God has always lifted me up. Because he has done it in the past I am confident he will in the future; therefore, I am not afraid to fail. God will be with me and this institution to lift us up and carry us to “safe” places.

Please submit your questions to be answered by President Crouch to sga@georgetowncollege.edu.

A Comical Moment:


Unmotivation infects campus

Student speculates as to reasoning behind the onset of “academic slump”
Staff Writer
This sight could awaken the unmotivation parasite.

This sight could awaken the unmotivation parasite.

Every school year, there comes a mythic time when a large portion of the student body of any given institution and arguably all of the faculty are rendered verifiably insane. Call it what you will: an academic slump, spring fever, or the limbo of pre-summer, but even the most diligent of students and professors are not immune.

We are unmotivated, forgetful, slothful, lunatics. Last week, my keys were temporarily misplaced (not lost) twice. On Monday, I left my room without putting on deodorant. I’m disgusting, I know! But here’s the kicker: I walked around the better part of the day, offended by my own odor, not realizing it was mine. I know I’m not alone in this predicament. Maybe not forgetting to apply deodorant, but you know what I mean.

For example, my throne for “World’s Worst Procrastinator” is in danger of being overtaken. At first I thought it couldn’t be done, but I must acknowledge that there have been a few worthy competitors (take a bow; you know who you are). We are losing things and procrastinating (and, in my case, smelling foul). I may not always have “it” together— whatever “it” may be—but this is enough to cause alarm. What’s the cause of this wide-spread demotivation? The pleasant spring air? False! The weather Monday was anything but pleasant, and yet I was oblivious to my own stench.

Could the imminent prospect of the freedom of summer be the culprit? Possibly, however, I’m more inclined to believe there is an infectious parasitic creature which has hijacked our minds. It lies dormant most of the year, only to be awakened by the scorn we feel when we see people wear flip flops while the grass is still frosted. You know the people, and I scorn them. Or what about the possibility that some kind of gas is pumped though our heating and air conditioning units that we inhale that causes us to go a little bit crazy? It could be that it’s only pumped during that miserable time of year when it’s warm but the heat is still on everywhere and no building exists that doesn’t make you sweat.

See what I mean? What was that besides wasted brain power, thinking up parasites and gases, brain power that could have been used in a more productive manner—maybe not homework, but something productive nonetheless. All we can do is surrender to the unnameable power. There’s no use in fighting it; I lack the motivation anyhow.

Miley Cyrus rocks student’s socks

Staff Writer
Miley Cyrus being heroic.

Miley Cyrus being heroic.

Recently, I have started thinking about the people who most inspire me to be the best person I can be. Despite all of the middle school essays I’ve written on the topic, I suppose I’ve never really had a “hero” in the traditional sense of the term. I usually just said my hero was my mom and made up some reasons as to why that sounded convincing. (No offense, mom!) In my considerations, though, I think I have discovered who my true hero may be.

Yes, I have come to a conclusion-Miley Cyrus is my hero. I have never been a fan of Hannah Montana or silly pop music, but even I have to admire the way the girl, only 16, handles herself. She has faced several scandals already in her young career as an American teen sensation and has overcome them to be an even stronger presence than before. After that “scandalous” photo shoot with Annie Leibovitz, pregnancy rumors, photos with friends, a tumultuous break-up with Nick Jonas, rumors of stage doubles and lip synching, and Youtube videos with a friend mocking fellow teen stars, it is a miracle she has a career left at all, let alone such a popular television show and two CDs. Not to mention the impending release of her very own movie.

It is because of her amazingly down-to-earth attitude and the support of her family that she has weathered all of these scandals. Having had such a full life, she has already written an autobiography detailing the entirety of her existence up to her 16th year. Born Destiny Cyrus, she chose to legally change her name to Miley, though she is only a teenager. This, if nothing else, makes me admire her, simply because my parents would not let me change my name when I was younger. Now that I have had the same one for so long, I have gotten somewhat attached to it and would have a difficult time adjusting to a new name. Any teenage girl who is allowed to make such a decision and is able to pull it off so easily deserves to be celebrated, especially when the name she chooses is just a shortened version of a childhood nickname.

Also, there’s just something about the fact that she is only 16 and is dating a 20-year-old underwear model that impresses me. For such a pure, innocent teenage role model, she has quite an interesting relationship. Finding a guy that much older than her who happens to share her religious and moral beliefs and models underwear? Surely, Miley Cyrus should be every woman’s hero.

Also, surely everyone can sense how sarcastic I’m being.


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