April 23, 2009 Volume CXXV Issue 11

GC football revives once again

As 2009-2010 season approaches there are questions that still need answering
Sports Editor

With school winding down, finals coming up and summer on the horizon, there are a lot of things to look forward to. Most students will go home for the summer and enjoy some well-deserved time off, which is one thing that we all want. However, one group of hardened individuals will endure the summer hours on the gridiron and get ready for next season. As crazy as it sounds, football is upon us once again and with the annual Orange and Black spring game coming up, there are many questions left unanswered. Coming off a hopeful season where the team was expected to do well, they fell short by a slight margin, but by no means had a terrible season. They finished at 5-5 (3-3 in conference play) and hope to build off of the momentum they ended the season with when they beat West Virginia Tech 48-0 on November 15.

Although their record isn’t a shining accomplishment, it has to be noted that of their five losses, two were by a single touchdown and one was by two points. With a little more practice and on-field execution these three losses could have easily been wins and ran their record to 8-2. This is something that I’m sure will be addressed in the off-season. Something else that is really going to boost this team heading into next season is the amount of players that the coaching staff has brought in. After losing 23 key seniors they knew they had to not only fill positions on the field, but several key holes in the roster as well. Overall, they are bringing in 20 new freshmen that were announced on National Signing Day. Overall, 13 are coming from Kentucky, six from Ohio and one from Indiana. Not only are they bringing in 20 new freshmen, but they also announced in March that they are adding 20 additional names to the roster. These guys are either high school players that have signed late or transfers from other colleges around the nation. Of these 20 men, nine are from Kentucky, five are from Ohio, three from Georgia, two from Florida and one from Indiana. This truly shows that Georgetown has been heard of in many different states and people are respecting its name.

Coach Cronin and his staff have really developed a great program and have put together a freshman class that has the ability, talent and drive to grow and develop into a group of young stars. The freshman class is going to have to step up and play a key role in the upcoming season. Another factor that helps determine the amount of success this team will produce is the official schedule that was recently announced. The Tigers will play at home against Webber International, Union College, Cumberlands, Pikeville and Lambuth. These are several key games on the schedule and they get to play them on the home turf in front of the home fans, which makes a huge difference. The home game against Cumberland will be held on October 17 which is homecoming at GC and the game against Lambuth is senior day. Last year, Lambuth was able run the table against GC and get a 42-7 win. Needless to say, GC is going to be out for some revenge.

There are many factors that are going to be playing into next season and I have simply mentioned a few. The schedule, recruiting class and execution in close games are just a few of the factors that are going to affect the outcome of the season. One of the biggest factors that isn’t written in a stat book or on a scorecard is a little thing called pride. Pride is running on the field on a sunny Saturday afternoon to play the game that you have dedicated hours of sweat and blood to. Pride is getting knocked down while you’re making a block to spring the running back for a 40-yard dash down the side, and jumping right back up for the next play. Pride is the feeling you get when you don the orange and black, the colors that don’t run, the colors of winners, the colors of Georgetown.

Yes, the 2009-2010 season is swiftly approaching and I have no doubt in my mind that this team is prepared for any challenge that it is going to encounter. Again, the annual spring game will be held on tonight at 7 p.m. and I’m sure the team would love some fans there. If you can catch a break from finals and end-of-semester activities, go out and watch the game. Go out and show some genuine Tiger pride!

GC to host conference baseball tournament

Staff Writer

With a series sweep against Pikeville College and an 11-1 win in six innings on Senior Day, the GC baseball team just keeps the ball rolling. Winning their last five games has run their record to an impressive 27-19 (14-8 in conference play) and has let them peak at the right time, as they head into the conference tournament. GC will be hosting the Mid- South Conference Tournament this weekend (April 25-27) after their last regular season game which is to be held at Ohio Dominican University on April 23. Pending the outcome of the Conference Tournament, the Region XI Tournament will be held May 7-10 followed by Super Regionals and the NAIA World Series in Lewiston, Idaho, May 21-26.

After 46 games the team has some impressive individual statistics on the books. The team leader in batting is senior first basemen Eric Severson. He has started 42 games and is hitting 0.423 with 55 hits, six homeruns and 47 RBIs (runs batted in). He also has a 0.731 slugging percentage and a very impressive on-base percentage of 0.455. Not to mention Severson has a perfect fielding percentage as well.

As a team, GC has outscored their opponents by 76 runs with the majority of their runs being scored in the first inning. The baseball team has made great strides this season and has really learned how to win on the field. As the season starts to wind down they are aiming at not only a conference and regional title, but possibly a trip to the NAIA World Series.

NFL Draft update

With a talented field and 32 teams begging, this weekend should be fun
Sports Editor

2009-draft-3001With April 25 drawing ever closer, the front offices of many NFL teams are starting to go crazy. “Call this person, contact that agent, sign this deal,” are all being heard as the NFL draft looms. Every year the 32 NFL teams gather in New York’s Madison Square Garden to sit for two days in order to find out what college stars will go where. This event takes roughly 48 hours and has 256 spots available for begging college stars. With the first pick, the Detroit Lions are under a lot of scrutiny from not only the Motor City, but the professional football community as well. After a season that was rather embarrassing and disappointing, Detroit is looking for someone to not only anchor the offense, but jump-start a flat-out terrible team.

Hopefully they can draft someone to step right in and figure out this mess of a situation. One of the biggest discussions taking place surrounding the draft is the question concerning the Cleveland Browns. Who would have thought that the Browns would make the headlines? After giving prized (or so we thought) quarterback Derrick Anderson a multi-million dollar contract extension and shelling out big bucks for running back Jamal Lewis, the Browns find themselves in a tight spot. They obviously under-performed last season as they were expected to do much better than their 4-12 record shows.

After the season finale pillow fight with the clawless Bengals (or Bungles), the Browns lay claim to last in the AFC North and were officially the laughing stock of the NFL. So there are a lot of questions such as Derek Anderson and his ability to perform. There are also many trade rumors about wide receiver Braylon Edwards and his status on the team. The Browns are under a very watchful eye right now, especially when it comes to their spending. As America watches and waits this weekend only time will show how the draft plays out. We will soon have answers to many of our questions and we will soon see what college star is wearing what professional jersey.


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