April 30, 2009 Volume CXXV Issue 12

GC softball wins conference title

Softball beats rival Campbellsville, baseball set to take on Campbellsville in MSC finals
Sports Editor
The Lady Tigers celebrate after a hard fought title game win against Campbellsville.

The Lady Tigers celebrate after a hard fought title game win against Campbellsville.

This past weekend was a big one in the life of the GC baseball and softball teams as both hosted their respective Mid-South Conference Tournament games. The championship for the baseball team is this weekend, May 1, but the softball team was able to finish up a great season with a Mid-South Conference Tournament title.

This past weekend the softball team was able to put together three games and 26 innings to capture the title on their way to the NAIA National Tournament in Decatur, AL. Their first game was a dandy against Lindsey Wilson. After regulation they were all tied up and had to go into extra innings in order to determine the winner. They were able to win 5-4 in the ninth inning to avenge a loss the previous day to the same team. The pitching was sensational in this game as the Lady Tigers were able to steal a great win, the first of the three, and they went on to face Campbellsville in the next game.

The next game was against the other Tigers in the conference, Campbellsville, and this game proved to be a long one. The game lasted 10 innings and went well into the day, and the Tigers, GC that is, were able to finally take the victory, the second of the three, 7-4. This was a huge win for the team as it propelled them into the championship game against Campbellsville for one last time.

The Mid-South championship game was a great match-up that pitted top seeded Campbellsville against second seeded Georgetown. This was a game that was going to be good not only because of the rivalry between the two teams, but because of the games they have had this season as well. This game really lived up to the billing as it went down to the wire, but GC was able to pull out the win 5-3. The team was able to play three amazing games in three days and add one great Mid-South Conference title to their record on their way to the National Tournament.

As for the baseball team, their conference is still on the line. The championship game will be this weekend, May 1, and GC will be playing Campbellsville for the title. It wasn’t an easy road to the championship game however. In the first game of the tournament GC faced-off against a tough Cumberland’s team that had given them some hard games this season. They played tough, but they were only able to post three runs to the board as opposed to Cumberland’s six. This first loss put them in the loser’s bracket, but they still were able to play their way out of it.

The first game in the loser’s bracket was against West Virginia Tech, and a tough one at that. The pitching was great in this game and GC was able to put out just enough runs to squeak by this team and advance to the next game against, who else, Cumberland. This was a huge game because it was a rematch of the first round and GC wanted some revenge this time around. They played excellently, and they got their revenge. GC hammered out 11 runs and really beat down Cumberland’s on their way to the conference finals against top seeded Campbellsville.

If they win the conference final then they will move on to the Region XI Tournament to play a different opponent. If you get a chance, go out to cheer on the baseball team in their conference finals match-up against Campbellsville as they try to finish out a great season on top. Continue to be on the lookout for the National Tournament bracket for softball as they play in the National Tournament. Hopefully they will bring home the title.

NFL Draft surprise

NFL Draft holds promise for many, some go home robbed
Staff Writer

This past weekend 252 of the best college stars were drafted into the NFL and some picks were more surprising than others. However the draft never disappoints, with lots of fun from exciting commentator Chris Berman and the great environment the draft always creates, everyone enjoys watching this momentous day.

The first big surprise of the draft was Texas Tech wide receiver Michael Crabtree falling to No. 10 in the draft. Crabtree was projected to go as high as the fourth or fifth pick, but he fell all the way to 10 which was a great surprise to the 49ers, as they were able to snag him up as soon as they could. The thing that perplexes me is that they don’t have a quarterback to throw to him. Their quarterback last year, Shaun Hill, really struggled throughout the season and watching Crabtree play in college, this is something that he isn’t going to accept. He isn’t going to like not being thrown to down the field or on any occasion at that. And with a running back like Frank Gore, does Crabtree honestly think he will be an impact player?

The next big surprise in the draft was Florida wide receiver Percy Harvin dropping all the way to the twenty-second pick in the draft. Harvin, an all-around player from two-time national champion Florida, was projected to go at least by the 15th pick, but ended up dropping down to 22. The Vikings were very happy when they found out that Harvin was still on the board by their pick and they snatched him up. He will make a great addition for Tavaris Jackson, the quarterback for the Vikings, as they both are running types that love to make big plays.

Another big surprise that occured in the draft this year was Michael Bennett, a defensive end from Texas A&M, going undrafted. After a spectacular season this past year, anchoring the Texas A&M defense with his special talent and physical frame, one would have thought that Bennett would have at least got a pity bid in the sixth or seventh round, but it wasn’t to be. He finished the season first on the team in tackles and passes deflected, and also obtained three sacks this season. The thing that I think killed him this draft was the amount of defensive talent present in the draft. In fact, seven out of the first 15 players drafted play on the defensive side of the ball, and three were defensive ends.

This draft was very defensive heavy, and this caused Bennett’s stock to fall. Jonathan Casillas experienced the same disappointment in the draft. Casillas, and outside linebacker from Wisconsin had shown promise in the past. He accumulated 162 tackles his junior season, but then injuries plagued his senior season and he was unable to perform for part of the season. He still ended up with 62 tackles in 10 games. Although Casillas is undersized for his position, listed at 228 and 6’3’’, he has shown a lot of promise with his run-stopping abilities and his speed to get to the line. Again, Casillas had a lot of upside, but the draft was so heavy on the defensive side that his stock was really hurt.

The draft was very peculiar this year, and it seems to get that way each and every year. People get drafted in different spots and some coaches are pulling their hair out trying to make sense of it all. We can just wait and see as to how these picks pan out in the next few seasons.


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