February 19, 2009 Volume CXXV Issue 4

Men’s basketball wins again

By ANDY RUSSELL, Sports Editor
Maurice Pearson hits one of his attempts from the charitystripe.

Maurice Pearson hits one of his attempts from the charity stripe.

As busy as you might think you are during this time of the school year, there is always a group that is busier. The busiest group on campus now is the men’s basketball team. As they start to head towards the homestretch of the current season, we start to see the post-season structure forming. As Georgetown leads the Mid South Conference at 8-1, they are likely to take the top spot in the post-season. But the team is looking for more than just an MSC title, but a deep national championship run and possibly a national title. With three games remaining this season, the Tigers can’t look too far down the road just yet. However, they have been taking care of business for the past three games now. After a close loss to Lindsey- Wilson College they have pulled out all the stops the last three games with a blowout victory over Campbellsville (73-45), a gritty win against the University of the Cumberland’s (56-53) and an impressive offensive win against West Virginia Tech (82-52).

Here’s how the Tigers were able to pounce on W.V. Tech and get another well-deserved victory: With a mid-afternoon tipoff and the stadium packed and ready for action, the home team was definitely at an advantage for this one. Georgetown was looking for their 24th win of the season and they were not going to be denied. GC came out and played some rousing defense and was able to hold W.V. Tech to 29 percent (8-of-27) shooting in the first half. GC has always been a tremendous defensive team. They were able to challenge every shot that the opposing team put up extend their defense very well. On the offensive end they were much more efficient from the floor than they were the three-point line. They were able to shoot 37 percent (13-of-35) in the first half, but they only shot 1-of-13 from three-point range. Even with the poor threepoint shooting, they were still able to gain a sizable margin at the half, 20-38.

The second half proved to be much of the same things: lots of GC scoring and lots of W.V. Tech misses and frustrations. Although the shooting improved for W.V. Tech in the second half (39 percent) they still struggled to score. Frequent turnovers and timely fouls cost W.V. many opportunities on the offensive end of the court. GC took advantage of these timely mistakes and turned them into points on the other end. Georgetown’s improved shooting in the second half (54 percent) was the biggest factor in the runaway victory. Another distinct advantage on the GC side of the stat page was free throw shooting. They hit 73 percent (17-of-23) of their free throws in comparison to W.V. Tech, who only cashed in on 13 of 22 attempts. This led to a lapse in scoring on the W.V. end and gave GC the edge they needed to run away with the game.

In the end, the score was not pretty. GC won the game by 30 points with the final tally 52-82. The scoring came from many different areas on the team, not just a single person. Overall, GC had four players in double figures with the leading scorer being freshman sensation Vic Moses who had 19 points on 8-for-9 shooting in over 30 minutes of work. He also added 10 rebounds and one assist. The next leading scorer was guard Demetrius Guions who had 14 points in 24 minutes. He also had four assists and five rebounds. Maurice Pearson added 12 points and Kyle Saxton added ten. An interesting stat from the game was eight of Maurice Pearson’s 12 points coming from the free throw line. He went 8-of-8 from the line, completing a perfect game from the stripe.

GC is clearly starting to get hot down the stretch and that is what needs to happen in order for this team to make a deep run at the title. With the team sitting at 24-2 overall for the season (8-1 in the conference), they are looking prepared and ready to take on whatever obstacle is thrown their way. As students at Georgetown College continue to get busier, see if you can get some time available to go out and cheer for the Tigers coming down towards the end of the season. Go out and support your Tigers on the way to the national championship!

“Sports Illustrated” does more than sports

By ANDY RUSSELL, Sports Editor

In all of my years of writing articles for newspapers on sports, one can assume that I am an avid sports fan. I love sports of all kinds, especially collegiate athletics. I cherish being able to sit down on a Saturday with some of the guys and watch a college football game or basketball game. These are, simply put, some of the smaller, yet finer, things in life that I truly enjoy. However, when one becomes an avid sports fan it is his or her job to keep up with what is happening in the world of sports. For this, my dear readers, we have “Sports Illustrated.”

“Sports Illustrated” is a sports magazine that comes out to its loyal customers once a month. It contains many articles on a wide variety of sports topics. Possible topics include: anything college related, professional sports, life outside of sports, tournament predictions, quirky stories, players from the past and lots of pictures. There is also one unique feature to “SI” that I like particularly. Once you get done reading all the stats and looking at the pictures, you get to the very last page of the magazine. There you will find a short, onepage article written by a different columnist each week that tells an inspiring story from around the world.

One of the stories that has been in the magazine was about a young man who had lost one of his legs in a car accident yet was still able to play golf on a competitive level. Another story that struck a chord deep in me was the story of a senior in high school who had been on the JV basketball team throughout all of high school and his senior year wasn’t any different. However, for the final game of the season his coach pulled him up for the varsity game. With a huge lead towards the end of the game, the coach put the young man in so he could play for the last few minutes of his high school career. He ended up getting fouled and made two free throws. This sounds ordinary, but it’s hard for a boy with Down-syndrome to make free throws. This was a truly inspiring story.

One may not go so far as to say that sports are inspiring to all, but I would beg to differ. Sports are something that we all can do if we choose to. However, there are people that would choose to cheer for the players and support them in every facet of the game. I give those people the utmost praise as well. Then there are those people that want nothing to do with the game. They would rather do other things and that’s perfectly ok, too. But all three come into contact: athlete, fan and non-supporter through these stories. Even though you might not be a sports fan, if you can just take five minutes to read one of these electric and emotionally stirring stories and I’m sure you will feel a sense of compassion and love for the game that I, myself, take part in.

Tyler Hansbrough,UNC basketball

Tyler Hansbrough,UNC basketball

“Sports Illustrated” grasps the pure beauty of sports in its simplest form. Yes, it is a magazine with stories, games, history, pictures and the like. But it’s also a means to inspire, a means to think deeper and a means to connect us all, on the common ground of love for others. The next time you’re out and you see a “Sports Illustrated,” just pick it up, turn it over, and read the back page. You will truly be inspired by a story of trauma, willpower, and triumph. That is the story of the true American spirit. This is the game that we all can take part in.


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