February 5, 2009 Volume CXXV Issue 2

Steelers take Super Bowl title

By ANDY RUSSELL, Sports Editor

Famed coach Vince Lombardi of the Green-Bay Packers coined the phrase ‘a game of two halves’: “You have to play as hard in the first as you do in the second…you have to play all 60 minutes.” Famous Chicago Bulls player and fan favorite Michael Jordan made the term “dynasty” famous when his Chicago Bulls won multiple championships in the 90s. Both of these terms can be applied in this situation. This year’s Super Bowl was sure entertainment for those who watched (in the second half that is) and showed us what a true NFL team looks like (sorry Cowboys, Titans and Patriots).

This year’s Super Bowl champion was a team of true class that cared more about the “team” concept instead of individual statistics (Terrell Owens anybody!?). The Pittsburgh Steelers have led the league in total defense since the dog days of August training camps and have also had serious offensive threats like Heinz Ward and Willie Parker all year round, not to mention the great tandem of Big Ben Roethlisberger and Mike Tomlin. This Super Bowl is being called the “greatest game of all time.” In my opinion, that’s not right.

With everything considered, the Super Bowl was more of a letdown than anything. The game started with Pittsburgh getting the ball to start. After 71 yards on nine plays the Steelers were able to turn their opening drive into three points with a Jeff Reed field goal. Hoping to respond to the opening points by the Steelers, the Cardinals got the ball…and went nowhere. After a punt the Steelers received the ball again and had a calculated drive down the field which lasted 11 plays andcovered 69 yards and resulted in a touchdown. At this point things were looking bleak for the Cardinals. With a 10-point lead and the Steelers defense just getting warmed up, the Cardinals knew they had to respond on their second drive. A little over five minutes later, the Cardinal put seven points on the board and cut the lead to a field goal. This was crucial because it put a huge dent in the scoreboard and took the wind right out of the Steelers’ sails.

The next drive for both teams was punts and then both quarterbacks were picked off on the ensuing drives. However the Steelers ran their pick back for sevenpoints. This put the lead at 17-7 with the half closing. The interception ended the half in favor of the Steelers. The score at the half remained 17-7 in favor of the Steelers. Now, I am an avid football fan and I love a good defensive struggle, but this half was just boring. The second half is where the action really began to pick up. Hang on to the edge of your seat, for the second half was one that held lots of scoring, defense and scrutiny.

The Cardinals got the ball to start the half, but to no avail. They had to punt just a mere four minutes into the half. The Steelers however started the second half much like the first, with a Jeff Reed field goal that put them up by 13 points. After yet another punt by the Cardinals, the Steelers let another opportunity slip through their hands. Punt after punt after punt occurred on both sides of the ball. However, early in the fourth quarter, Arizona was finally able to put a drive together and put seven points on the board thanks to veteran quarterback Kurt Warner. This put the score for the game at 20-to-14. Then late in the fourth quarter Arizona forced Pittsburgh into a terrible situation on their own goal line and they were able to come up with a safety.

This two-point mess put the Steelers up by only four (20-to-16). After the Steelers stalled on their next drive the Cardinals were able to seize the moment and come through just as they had all post-season. Kurt Warner hit Larry Fitzgerald streaking down the side for a 64-yard touchdown that, if you can believe it, put the Cardinals up 23-to-20 after Neil Rackers made the extra point. However Big Ben was not to be denied. On the final scoring drive of the game Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was able to hit Santonio Holmes in the corner of the end zone for the final touchdown that put the Steelers up 27-to-23. The play was reviewed many times and from a vast array of angles. However, in the end the play was upheld and the Pittsburgh Steelers were Super Bowl champions.

Finishing the game in record style, Ben Roethlisberger ended up going 21-of-30 for 256 yards and one touchdown. Wide Receiver Santonio Holmes (Pittsburgh) was named the MVP of the game. He had nine catches for 131 yards and one touchdown, which happened to be the game winner. For now, the Pittsburgh Steelers are Super Bowl champions.

Intramural athletics take center stage

IM basketball has a surprising amount of competition

By ANDY RUSSELL, Sports Editor

One of the joys at Georgetown College is intramural sports. I know what you’re thinking: “Athletics is not quite my thing.” And the truth of the matter is that it doesn’t have to be. Intramurals isn’t about winning or losing, it’s about having fun while playing games that we all love. Several sports that are also intramurals are basketball, football, soccer, water polo and even one of the greatest college games: corn hole. That’s right. The great sport of corn hole takes no amount of athletic ability or guile. It simply takes a steady hand and a good eye. Many of the great sports that are intramurals are purely for fun and for the student body to come out and watch. One sport right now that has picked up particular speed is basketball.

Intramural basketball is one of the biggest things on campus right now and rightly so. Each fraternity, sorority, independent and East Campus resident plays some part in intramural basketball. Whether it’s playing, keeping score, refereeing or cheering on their team, every person has a responsibility to a team. There are three leagues in intramural basketball (in case you are not familiar with it). There are the A-league teams (for the most experienced players), the B-league teams (for moderate players), and the C-league teams (for the least experienced players). When it comes to points (for the President’s Cup or what not) only the A and B-league teams get scored. The C-league is more for fun; nevertheless, it is highly competitive.

I had the pleasure of going to several intramural games lately and I was highly impressed by what I saw. I watched the men of Lambda Chi Alpha play the men from the President’s House Association and it was a shoot-out. Both teams went back-and-forth the entire game, trading bucket for bucket. However, with 13 seconds left to play and the PHA’s down three points, things were looking bleak. Then freshman Cody Butler for the PHA’s was fouled shooting a three-point basket. He stepped to line and made only one of his three free-throws. The Lambs were able to inbound the ball and run out the rest of the clock, preserving the win by two points.

This is just one example of the many competitive games played during intramural basketball. As you can see, intramural basketball is a very competitive league that features lots of young talent. John Roberts is Intramural Supervisor which means that he is head chair over every intramural sport. He had this to say about intramural athletics: “Intramural sports is an opportunity for Greeks, independents and athletes to come together and enjoy competition and student life on campus.” If you have any questions about how to join an intramural team you can contact John Roberts or anyone on an intramural team and they can point you in the right direction.


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