March 12, 2009 Volume CXXV Issue 7

Tigers take second in MSC conference tournament

Sports Editor

When Georgetown was entering the MSC tournament at the end of the season, they were thinking about not only the first round, but winning the championship. The first game of the MSC tournament for GC was against Pikeville College this past Saturday. Coming into this game they were riding a wave of confidence after finishing the regular season with a blowout win over St. Catharine College and were looking to continue that dominance. This game was played on a neutral court at the Civic Center in Frankfort, so no one was at a distinct advantage. With inferior players, depth and coaching, Pikeville was no match for Georgetown.

Starting the game for GC were the original starting five that had played all season and had created a great starting lineup for coach Happy Osborne. Coming out hot, GC hit their first few shots, but cooled off quickly and ended up shooting 13-of-35 in the half (37 percent). Pikeville didn’t shoot any better in the half, registering 30 percent on 10-of-33 shooting, but was able to keep up with GC by going to the freethrow line nine times. Both teams went back and forth for the entire half and the score at half-time was very close, 32-27 in favor of Georgetown. After several halftime adjustments by Coach Happy Osborne, his boys were able to come out in the second half and play the type of basketball that they have played all season long: steady and smooth with minimal mistakes.

They came out in the second half and shot 50 percent (18-of-36) from the field and hit 5-of-8 three point shots. This hot shooting eventually put Pikeville in a hole they could not get out of. This, coupled with the extreme defense that Georgetown has shown all season, really put Pikeville in yet another bind. They needed some great shooting and some forced turnovers to get out of it, but they weren’t able to get it. They shot 9-of-24 (37 percent) in the second half and missed all five of their three point attempts. GC was able to put the clamps on Pikeville and outscored them in the second half 26-45. This ran the final tally of the game up to 77-53 in favor of GC. The leading scorer for GC was guard Demetrius Guions who had 16 points in 27 minutes of work. He also threw in six rebounds and one assist. What a win for Georgetown as they were propelled into the MSC championship game against University of the Cumberlands.

The championship game of the MSC tournament was decided between two teams that have been at the top all season and wanted to end things the right way. This game was the second of the day for both teams as they played for all the marbles Saturday night. GC came out of the gates hot in the first half, shooting 66 percent in the first half on 14-of-21 shooting from the field and hitting 2-of-7 three point attempts. This was momentous in comparison to Cumberland’s shooting. They only shot 37 percent (10-of-27) in the first half, which led to a deficit going into halftime, 26-32. Coming back in the second half, GC knew they had to keep up the strong shooting because of Cumberland’s tenacious defense, but they were unable to do so. Cumberland only shot 36 percent (8-of-22) in the second half which wasn’t much better than GC’s 30 percent (6-of-20) but was enough to get by.

This game came down to the wire, literally. With just a few seconds left Cumberland was able to get off a three point shot that hit the rim and went right in the hoop, giving them the victory and the MSC conference title. Vic Moses led all scorers with 19 points, five rebounds and two assists. Guions put up his second big performance of the day with 10 points and five rebounds while Vincent Crutcher added 10 points and four boards as well. Although the game didn’t turn out in favor of Georgetown, they still took second place in the conference. After this season is over there is just one thing that the Georgetown Tigers would love to have: a banner to hang, a trophy to hold and a ring to wear.

Tickets punched, March awaits

Disappointment looms for many teams as college basketball heads down the stretch

Sports Editor

With February coming to a close and March creeping in there is just one thing on the minds of many sports analysts, bracketologists and number gurus around the world: March Madness. Finally, the time of the year when 64 of the best college basketball teams get together for the final knock-down, drag-out fight of the season. March Madness isn’t just a test of skill and depth; it is also a test of endurance and will. With so many games in as little time as possible, having a full roster is key coming into this time. However March has taken a different turn for several teams this time around and I’m going to play a little in or out with some individual teams as March Madness draws nearer. Let’s start close to home:


Kentucky 19-12 (8-8) RPI: 80, SOS: 63

Losing five of their last six
games in SEC play really puts this
team on the outs headed toward
March. There aren’t many quality
wins present on the schedule for
the Cats, except West Virginia, and
couple that with losses to VMI, I’m
going to have to say they are OUT!

Miami (Fla.) 18-11 (7-9) RPI: 53, SOS: 26

Miami (Fla.) 18-11 (7-9) RPI: 53, SOS: 26

Beating Boston College twice
and handling Wake Forest just
doesnt outweigh the loses to most
quality opponents and Georgia
Tech. The canes are OUT!

Florida 22-9 (9-7) RPI: 48, SOS: 90

Florida 22-9 (9-7) RPI: 48, SOS: 90

With the RPI constantly going
down and the SOS getting weaker
as opponents lose, things are fading
for the Gators. However, a win at
No. 10 Washington and nine wins
in the SEC puts them in position.
It’s all up to the SEC tourney now
for the Gators. So I’m going to say
they are IN!

Minnesota 21-9 (9-9) RPI: 41, SOS: 43

Minnesota 21-9 (9-9) RPI: 41, SOS: 43

Winning their first 12 games
before losing to Michigan State was
impressive. Even more impressive
were wins against Illinois and Ohio
State. The Gophers are IN!

Oklahoma State 20-10 (9-7) RPI: 25, SOS: 6

Oklahoma State 20-10 (9-7) RPI: 25, SOS: 6

Giving every opponent a run
in every game, Oklahoma State
stands out among the rest. With
quality wins against Texas A&M,
Texas and Kansas State and quality
games against Oklahoma and
Kansas, Oklahoma State has got to
be IN!


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