March 5, 2009 Volume CXXV Issue 6

Tigers defeat St. Catharine

Sports Editor

This past week the men’s basketball team was able to beat a fading St. Catharine college. This game happened to be Senior Day for four of the stars on the team: Jerry Turner, Demetrius Guions, David Graham and Cheyenne Moore. With St. Catharine coming in with a dismal 5-21 record winning would not be the issue; it was just going to be by how much. As boring and one-sided as the game was, the score was slightly worse. The tigers won by a final margin of 36 points, 78-42. As much as this game was one sided, there was a little excitement to be had: the GC bench got a technical foul in the first 10 seconds of the game. The game started as fast as it possibly could with both teams jumping right out of the gate. St. Catharine came out and didn’t exactly shoot the lights out. They shot 30 percent on 10-of-33 shooting in the first 15 minutes. Not bad you might say? Well, when GC came out and burnt the nets off, St. Catharine knew they didn’t have a shot (no pun intended). Georgetown went 17-of-27 in the first half and tallied 63 percent from the field. Three-point range was a similar story, going 3-of-8 for a 37 percent total. GC, with their expertise in the shooting category, was able to take a sizable lead at the half; 41-25.

Coming out for the second half GC wasn’t able to keep the 63 percent totals up from the first half, but they did shoot very well. Fortyfour percent on 16-of-36 kept the lead without question and the fans on their feet. St. Catharine, on the other hand, continued their valiant effort, but to no avail. They only hit 5-of-27 shots in the second half for a grand total of 18 percent. Yes, that’s 5-of-27. Their total for the game was 25 percent. GC’s total for the game was much more impressive and, quite frankly, bigger. They shot 52 percent for the game hitting 33 shots for the game. GC was able to run away with the game early with great shooting and tough defense. The leading scorer for GC was Guions who had 13 points on 4-of-9 shooting along with five rebounds and three assists. The next leading scorers were Vic Moses and Abdoulaye Ouedraogo who both had 11 points and three rebounds. The final scorer in double figures was Vincent Crutcher who had 10 points, six rebounds and one assist.

Coach Happy Osborne was able to get a lot of guys in the game largely due to the Tiger’s strong lead. There were several contributors off the bench that were able to get into the game and onto the stat sheet. St. Catharine’s leading scorer was Arthur Latham who had 13 points of 4-of-19 shooting. The end of this game marked the end of the regular season for the men’s basketball team. However, it also marked the beginning of another season, the NAIA championships.

Soon the team will be playing in the Mid-South Conference Championships and then onto the national stage in Kansas City, Mo. This team knows the true meaning of pressure, and so do its coaches. They have been in several close games this season as players and many of the coaches have played on the national stage with Georgetown as well. Putting up one of the top regular season performances in GC history, they are ready to move toward bigger things. The first game of the MSC Conference championships for GC will be against the winner of the West Virginia Tech and Pikeville game on March 7. All MSC games will be held at Frankfort, so, if you can, get there to support your Tigers as they roar towards a national title.


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