September 10, 2009 Volume CXXVI Issue 1

The Golden Age begins anew

Back Page Editor

The passing of the past Back Page editor heralds the beginning of a new era in Back Page journalism. Not that the Back Page is necessarily known for its high caliber reporting, but the new editor definately pledges to uphold such supposed and possible imaginary standards. I, Joel Darland, as the new editor of sed page, have many lofty goals for the “New” Back Page.

Personally, I am quite indifferent to whatever appears on pages that come before this one. Seriously, who cares about Georgetown news and other “interesting” tidbits? I for one want to hear about real news. So I, as the new editor, promise to bring you, the readers, news that is actually cool and worth reading. Granted this will be things I find interesting, such as jetpack dinosaurs, laser-sharks, and exploding laserpack dinosharks. But I digress. In short, the back page probably won’t change much, excepting that it will be less humorous and more poorly written than it previously was.

Also: For your consideration, here’s the staff in horrible G-card picture form

From left to right, top then bottom: Kelsey Bender, editor-’n-chief; Ava Jordan, news and other-boring-things editor; Joel Darland,the best cartoonist/back page editor ever; Joel Federspiel, web/features editor and second coolest Joel on staff; Tori Bachman- Johnson, current opinions editor and former editor of every other page; Andy Russell, touchdown sports page!; Victoria Engelhardt, copy editor with sweet galoshes; Whitley Arens, who kind of just hangs around/foreign correspondant; and Jacob Fuqua, a&e editor and resident new guy.

Don’t blame us, blame the swine flu.


disclaimer: the contents of the back page are not necessarily true


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