November 5, 2009 Volume CXXVI Issue 8

Meet Bryan Langlands, the Interim Campus Minister

Copy Editor

Bryan Langlands is the Interim Campus Minister.

Bryan Langlands has been working at Georgetown since 2006. If you have ever had class in the basement of the Chapel, you have probably seen his office. As the Interim Campus Minister, Bryan is in charge of both Campus Ministries and the Chapel Team. He spends most of his time working with students who do ministry on campus. He coaches and mentors them as they do ministry, such as Common Ground and Freshmen Family Groups. “I enjoy having the ability to harness the passions of students I work with and being able to give them the resources, encouragement or promotional help they need” to get their ideas off the ground.

His other focus is on partnering with academic departments and different campus groups, and he works with staff and faculty to integrate questions of faith and ethics into broader campus conversations. “Campus Ministry seeks to help students, staff and faculty to integrate questions of faith and ethics into the broader academic conversations taking place on campus…Some of our most important goals involve providing students, staff and faculty with avenues: for asking tough questions about faith and culture, for practicing faith on campus through worship gatherings and small group opportunities, and for using the knowledge we gain in the classrooms to serve the residents of Scott County and the surrounding region,” he said.

“I love my job because it’s a great opportunity to do what I believe I’m called to do— work with students and use the gifts God has given me —and this is where I’m supposed to be.” Bryan loves the questions students ask and the overall atmosphere and energy of Georgetown College. Bryan loves being on a college campus, and this is evidenced by the fact that he has been on one for the last 15 years, either in school or as an employee.

He graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a degree in English Literature, then received a Master of Divinity and a Master of Theology, both at Duke Divinity School. Currently, Bryan is enrolled in the Doctor of Ministry Program at Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington D.C., with a concentration in Spirituality and Story.

When not on campus, he enjoys spending time with his wife Amanda and playing with their two daughters, Ava and Vivienne. Bryan is also the pastor at Mount Gilead Methodist Church. “In ten years, I hope to continue to be in the ministry where God calls me. During my time here at Georgetown, I hope to grow as a human being and as a minister, and I hope to help students, staff and faculty to encounter the grace of Jesus Christ in powerful ways.”


It’s a Knight Hall Halloween

halloween sorna kamara

Sorna Kamara dressed up for Halloween.

halloween georgia wartman and arielle evans

Georgia Wartman and Arielle Evans also participated in Knight Hall’s Halloween event.

halloween katie sanders and shelby barron

Katie Sanders and Shelby Barronor pose in Knight Hall.




Foreign Correspondent



Matt Hubbard plans on working in photography after graduation.

Matt Hubbard is a senior Art major and, in his words, he is from “as far west in the state as you can go, in Paducah.” After finishing high school at Community Christian Academy in Paducah, Hubbard originally pursued his higher education at West Kentucky Community and Technical College (WKCTC). This didn’t last long; by his sophomore year, Hubbard was a GC student. He explained, saying, “I chose G-town because my friend Jared Hughes, whom I graduated from high school with, was going here already. So I decided to transfer from WKCTC in Paducah to come here and room with him sophomore year.”


Since then, Georgetown College has been an environment for growth for Hubbard, particularly in relation to his major. He explained what exactly made him decide on an Art major: “I chose Art because I really like the professors [here] and how they encouraged me in my artmaking. I didn’t really get that anywhere else, and I was planning on pursuing a photography business after I graduated.” Being an Art major has reached its culmination in Hubbard’s senior year. In fact, it’s one of the factors making him very aware that he is a senior. “Being a senior has really come down on me because I’m finishing up my Art Senior Thesis and doing my show in the fall instead of the spring. So it’s getting down to crunch time to basically finish my degree.”

He added, “And I’m doing many things for the last time, like Homecoming and ‘Welcome Back’ parties and that sort of thing.” Unsurprisingly, Hubbard’s favorite GC class was an Art class—Printmaking with Daniel Graham—and his favorite GC professor an Art professor—Dr. Juilee Decker. Besides being very dedicated to the Art department, Hubbard is also an active member of the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity on campus. One of his favorite GC memories is “Chapel Day when [he] came out of Cooke and got crowd-surfed by all the Lambs.” He threw in a few more details, saying, “I’m the 1,332th member of our chapter of a fraternity that turned 100-years-old this year. Also, rush Lamb!”

The “Rush Lamb!” came up again when Hubbard was asked to give some advice to underclassmen. He also added, “Don’t sleep in class like I do.” Jokes aside, Hubbard feels that he has grown up during his time at GC. Since coming here, he explained, “I think I’ve matured with age and I’ve definitely gotten a cute girlfriend out of it.” This “cute girlfriend” is none other than graduating junior Danielle Harrison. She came up several times during Hubbard’s interview. At one point he laughed, saying, “I feel like I’ve [mentioned] her way too many times.” His idea of a perfect day definitely includes her: “Anywhere, on a beach, at a baseball game, hiking—as long as I’ve got my girlfriend.”

He proceeded to add, “Danielle and I have been dating for a year and 8.5 months. It’s safe to say she might be getting a Candlelight sometime.” With this knowledge in mind, Danielle is understandably going to play a large part of his future. When asked about post-graduation plans, Hubbard said, “Well, I’ll be following Danielle to wherever she’s going to graduate school (hopefully Georgia)!” He somewhat jokingly added, “Then I’ll be getting four jobs to support us in this economy.” Apparently, in his spare time, Hubbard “snorts Pixie Sticks for money,” so that could be job number one.

Meet the Tiger Cubs: GC Freshmen Introduced

Copy Editor

This week’s featured fresmen are Elizabeth Maines and Nathan Van Til.

Q: What town are you from, and what high school did you attend?


Elizabeth Maines enjoys Acting with George McGee.

Elizabeth: Georgetown— Scott County High School.

Nathan: Georgetown— Scott County High School.

Q: Why did you choose GC?

E: I liked the small campus and the fact it was close to home.

N: They almost paid me to come here—haha.

Q: Do you have a major in mind?

E: Probably Vocal Music Performance and Theatre double major.

N: Vocal Music Performance most likely.

Q: What is your favorite class so far?

E: Acting with McGee.


Nathan Van Til enjoys Old Testament Law and History.

N: Old Testament Law and History with Clark. .

Q: How do you like Caf food?

E: It’s pretty good.

N: It’s not horrible.

Q: What has been your favorite experience so far?

E: The Children’s Opera that LTS put on.

N: I really enjoyed the NATS competition with the Music Department.

Q: What are you looking forward to this year?

E: The break between semesters. I am going to sit around, sew and finally savor my free time.

N: Participating in the Opera Workshop—I am excited about doing musical theatre.


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