October 1, 2009 Volume CXXVI Issue 4

Grubfest, a Georgetown Tradition

Copy Editor

Craig Jolley sees Grubfest as a great way to meet new people, have fun and be silly with different people. He thought about jumping into the mud and becoming a human sundae, and now regrets not doing it. “I saw a lot of people having the time of their lives and I feel that anybody who missed Grubfest missed out on some new friends and good memories.”

Jordan Robinson said “A lot of sweat and tears go into making this event possible.” The residence life staff is in charge of putting on Grubfest, and area coordinators Laura Aispuro and Ticha Chikuni did a lot of the work. Robinson added, “I think Grubfest was a great success. I mean anytime you get that many people together with mud, oil, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, etc., there is no choice but to have fun.”

Nathan Waddle could not participate in Grubfest this year because his wrist is broken. His favorite memory from Grubfest was the tug-ofwar game last year. “The best part of Grubfest is just playing after it’s over.”

Sarah Summers has participated in the past four Grubfests. She knows that at Grubfest all bets are off and it’s every person for themselves. Even though Sarah is an old pro, she was still stunned when she gave a friend a muddy hug and he smashed an egg on her head. “It’s all fun and games, and eventually you’ll get the person back…whether by mass amounts of mud down the back of their shirt, or a mop head soaked in spaghetti sauce tossed into their open arms.” The best part of Grubfest to her, is the fact that you can get your clothes as dirty you want and you won’t get in trouble with your parents or teachers. “Plus, who else does something as exciting and different as Grubfest? Georgetown is one of the only places I know that does something like this, which is what makes this school so unique!” Her favorite game is the Human Sundae game because “it’s like having a food fight without getting in trouble with the people who work in the Caf.”

A collage of pictures from last week’s Grubfest.

A collage of pictures from last week’s Grubfest.


Foreign Correspondent
Jessica Lanham looks eagerly toward the future.

Jessica Lanham looks eagerly toward the future.

Most GC students understand the drill, at least in theory, when they arrive here as freshmen. Start school, get adjusted, make friends, pick a major and then—once all of that is out of the way—look toward spending four long years learning, experiencing and growing up. From that vantage point, graduation seems like a far off and almost imaginary prospect—something that one will spend four years preparing for, rather than something that creeps up and hits before a second has even seemed to pass.

However, from the standpoint of most seniors, graduation is a real and imminent prospect while the last four years are just a blur. Senior Jessica Lanham agreed that time here does pass by very quickly. When asked how she felt about graduating next spring, she said: “Umm…well, I’m not a huge fan, but I understand that graduation is just another part of my Georgetown experience, but it’ll be hard to adjust without my best friends living down the hall from me or just hanging out with people and procrastinating.”

Lanham is a senior from, as she put it, “Southgate, Ky. AKA Northern Kentucky. I’m about ten minutes from Cincinnati and people always give me a hard time when they ask me this.” Lanham didn’t really specify as to why she chose Georgetown College, but it’s evident that she’s happy to have ended up here. Over the last four years, she’s had a great many memories here, but when asked to pick a favorite, she was able to narrow it down to one or two. She said: “One of my favorite experiences is the Campus Ministry New Student Retreat. It’s usually for Freshman Family Group (FFG) parents, and I’ve gone the past four years—first as a “kid,” then as a “mom,” and this past year, I got to plan it as the “grandma” of FFG. It’s just so much fun to hang out with people and to get to know upperclassmen and to interact with one another. In addition, living in Knight Hall freshman year and meeting some of my best friends was and has been fantastic.”

Besides leaving Lanham with a collection of great memories, Georgetown has provided the perfect environment for her personal growth. She elaborated, saying: “I feel that I’ve changed so very much, not only in regards to politics and theology, but just as an individual. I think I’ve learned to think for myself and to really question who I am as a person.” Speaking of theology, Lanham is a Religion major, Spanish/Psychology minor. In her last four years of classes, she listed Dr. “Doc” Birdwhistell and Dr. Klopfer as her favorite professors.

When asked what her favorite class was, she had this to say: “One of my favorite classes has definitely been Dr. Sheila Klopfer’s ‘Women in the Christian Tradition’ because I had never considered a lot of things about women during that time and it really opened my eyes to how feminism and Christianity should be very cohesive with one another.” Moving forward from her favorite class and favorite professors, Lanham isn’t sure what the future will hold. When asked what her aftercollege plans were, she laughed and said, “That’s a good question.” She then added, “Maybe grad school or seminary. Maybe hanging out in a South American country. I’m not quite sure yet.”

Though not thrilled about the prospect of graduating soon, Lanham wouldn’t change anything as she reflects on her time here. “I think each decision that I have made has allowed me to grow from those experiences,” she said, “both positive and negative.” As Lanham prepares to leave GC, she remains through the words of wisdom she passes on to underclassmen: “Stay involved on campus, invest in others-even if you’re super busy, procrastinate as much as you can and just have fun because the time goes by so quickly!”

Meet the Tiger Cubs: GC Freshmen Introduced

Copy Editor

This week’s featured freshmen are Kayleigh Riddell and Jonathan Kays.

Jonathan Kays is from Bardstown.

Jonathan Kays is from Bardstown.

Q: What town are you from, and what high school did you attend?

Kayleigh: Scott County, Scott County High School.

Jonathan: Bardstown, Bardstown High School.

Q: Why did you choose GC?

K: My grandfather worked here from the time I was three until 2007.

J: I have two siblings who went here, and GC offered me the most scholarship money.

Q: Do you have a major in mind?

K: I have no idea what I want to major in.

J: I want to do something with Spanish, possibly a double major in Spanish and English.

Q: What is your favorite class so far?

K: That’s a tie between Psychology with Singer and History with Crinean, I love both teachers.

J: Acting with McGee.

Kayleigh Riddell is from ScottCounty

Kayleigh Riddell is from ScottCounty

Q: How do you like Caf food?

K: It has better food than my high school did.

J: I like the ability to eat healthily.

Q: What has been your favorite experience so far?

K: I have been waiting for the Fun Run for years.

J: Playing Frisbee in the Quad.

Q: What are you looking forward to this year?

K: The overall college experience, especially the fun parts and being on my own.

J: Meeting new people and participating in Songfest.


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