October 15, 2009 Volume CXXVI Issue 5

IFC cooks up another successful event

Opinion Editor
Ariel Muñoz and Abby Watkins enjoy some chili at the Chili Cook-off.

Ariel Muñoz and Abby Watkins enjoy some chili at the Chili Cook-off.

Rain may have forced the IFC Chili Cook-off into the Hall of Fame room last week, but weather didn’t stop the students, faculty and staff from flocking to the “spiciest, hottest and meatiest” event on campus.

Vince Swecker, of Dining Services, took home the title for Hottest Chili last year. Sporting the tagline “You’ve tried his hot…now try his sweet,” Vince’s Famous Sweet Guava Chicken Chili had “a hint of tropics in every bite.” The 12 pounds of chili Swecker served up was gone quickly, which was no surprise considering the number of students who went back for seconds. The non-traditional take on the classic dish proved to be quite popular. “Everyone thinks chili needs beans,” said Swecker. “The rice gives it a completely different feel, and the guava gives it that zing.” In the end, Swecker took home the title for Most Original Chili.

Meanwhile, Betty and Tina, also of the Grille, cooked up another batch of their Famous Hot Hot Hot Light a Fire in Your Soul Chili for this year’s Chili Cook-off. After losing Hottest Chili to Vince in 2008, the ladies were ready to take over the title. They succeeded, and their chili-pot trophy sits with Vince’s in the Grille.

The Chili Cook-off is James Koeppe’s favorite campus tradition. “It brings everyone together — it’s not a stiff competition like Songfest,” he said as he ladled out a bowl of his “fabulous regular-old American chili.” The Lambs had a delicious sweet chili, with cinnamon and brown sugar in their recipe. Meanwhile, the Kappa Alpha’s served up a surprisingly hot concoction.

Among the other organizations serving up their chili recipes were the Counseling Center and the Sigma Kappas, the only sorority to enter the event. All in all, the Chili Cook-off was quite a success, allowing people from all across the campus community to dry off and warm up with a hot bowl of chili.

Vince Swecker claimed another prize this year with his Sweet Guava Chicken Chili.

Vince Swecker claimed another prize this year with his Sweet Guava Chicken Chili.

feature photo

Student Kristen Snyder took this photo while on a trip to the Cincinnati Zoo.

Student Kristen Snyder took this photo while on a trip to the Cincinnati Zoo.

A Lyrical Contest

It is the considered opinion of the Georgetonian that we
need a theme song.
Everyone else has one, so why not us?
So, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to
write the lyrics for the aforementioned theme song.
The lyrics can be fitted to any tune that you wish and
should be emailed to Joel Federspiel at jfeders0.
The winning author will receive a $10 gift-certificate to
The Store.
Submissions must be received by Oct. 31 and the winning
lyrics will be printed in a later issue.


Foreign Correspondent
Jason Snider discovered his love of art through and art historyclass.

Jason Snider discovered his love of art through an art history class.

When asked to describe his idea of a perfect day, senior Jason Snider thoughtfully replied : “Waking up on the later side of the day, say 10ish, going to Starbucks for coffee and a cinnamon roll. After that I’d lounge around listening to NPR for a bit. Lunch would be somewhere Asian. Then I’d do some gallery hopping. I’d end the night with Mexican or Latin food and drink— maybe some salsa dancing for good measure.”

He admitted that the first part of his dream day “does indeed make [him] sound 60-years-old.” However, what his perfect day truly reveals about his nature is that he is a mature young man who is sophisticated and deeply interested in other cultures. Most of Snider’s maturity probably comes from the extensive time he’s spent studying abroad. He studied abroad in Argentina and Chile the summer before his junior year. To describe this experience, he used the word “amazing.”

In addition, Snider spent a term last spring studying at Oxford University. He cited this as his favorite overall Georgetown experience, saying: “Not exactly GC, but I loved the term I spent at Oxford. I studied art history in Europe. I got to see the works I was studying in person. It was hard, but it was worth it.” Snider’s intense desire to study abroad is probably linked to his interest in other cultures, particularly Spanish culture.

When asked what he is most passionate about, he quickly replied, “Spanish. I love to speak, read and write it. I enjoy communicating with others and using that ability to help when I can.” Fittingly, Snider is a Spanish, CLC, and Art History triple major. “I started out as a CLC/ Spanish double major as I love Spanish and have a very strong interest in international business,” he explained. “I took an art history class for my Art gen ed and fell in love with it. That ended in me triple majoring and going to Oxford last spring to study art history.”

Though the prospect of graduation hasn’t really hit him yet, he admitted that, while nervous, he’s ready “to grow up and be on [his] own.” Following graduation, he plans to get his Ph.D. in Hispanic Studies and hopes to attend the University of Kentucky. As far as his dream job is concerned, he said, “Working for an international company in a job that requires me to travel the world and interact with different cultures. Ideally, I’d do marketing for them.”

As Snider begins to prepare to leave Georgetown, he looks back and reflects on how he’s changed since arriving here as a freshman: “I’ve matured quite a bit and lost some weight. I think I’ve become less studious. Well to phrase that better, I’ve learned the things I do and don’t need to study for.” He leaves GC with close to no regrets. Looking back, there’s little he would change: “[I wish] I would’ve tried a bit harder in some of my gen ed classes. I also would’ve gotten a bit less involved my junior year.”

On a related note, he offered some advice to underclassmen, saying, “Get involved as soon as you can, but do your best not to get over-involved.” Perhaps Snider will keep his own advice in mind as he embarks on a future of cultural diversity, bringing his scope of involvement to a worldwide level.

Meet the Tiger Cubs: GC Freshmen Introduced

Copy Editor

This week’s featured fresmen are Chenae Vickers and Pat VanSant.

Q: What town are you from, and what high school did you attend?

Chenae Vickers is looking forwardto second semester.

Chenae Vickers is looking forwardto second semester.

Chenae: Covington — Holmes High School.

Pat: Edgewood — Covington Catholic High School.

Q: Why did you choose GC?

C: It was so different from the urban environment that I grew up in, and I also wanted to cheerlead and I was given a theatre grant.

P: I wanted to play football here, but I also liked the small class sizes and the overall atmosphere.

Q: Do you have a major in mind?

C: Possibly Art or Theatre.

P: Probably Kinesiology or Biology.

Q: What is your favorite class so far?

C: Design Basics and Color with Zakic.

P: Interpersonal Communication with Dummer.

Q: How do you like Caf food?

C: It’s alright; I like it better than the food at my high school.

Pat VanSant is looking forwardto winning the rest of thefootball games this season.

Pat VanSant is looking forward to winning the rest of the football games this season.

P: It’s pretty good…most of the time.

Q: What has been your favorite experience so far?

C: Cheering on the Tigers.

P: Georgetown College Football.

Q: What are you looking forward to this year?

C: Second semester.

P: Winning the rest of our games and making it to the playoffs.


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