October 29, 2009 Volume CXXVI Issue 7

Bleacher Creatures roam sporting events

News Editor

The Bleacher Creatures do their thing at a football game.It often seems that Georgetown students lack school spirit, but the Bleacher Creatures are doing their best to change that. Bleacher Creatures, a group which only began this year, already has about 20 members and is constantly growing, though all but four of these students are freshmen. These students are the embodiment of energy and school spirit, often wearing crazy outfits and shouting so loudly at sporting events that they lose their voices. Students in the Bleacher Creatures group have also been known to have crazy hair and wear capes to the games they attend.

While the Bleacher Creatures specifically support sports like football, basketball and volleyball, their over-all goal is to have fun and represent the college and athletic department in a positive way. Because of their enthusiasm and odd appearance, these students catch the attention of others and draw more students in. Students interested in getting involved with the Bleacher Creatures can attend the group meetings, which occur at 8 p.m. on Mondays or Wednesdays, depending on student schedules and tests. The meeting schedule is flexible because the group wants everyone to have fun, but also to put their primary focus on academics.

The Bleacher Creatures have attended five games as a group so far this semester. According to Ticha Chikuni, the group’s staff adviser, the Bleacher Creatures are starting the year off slowly in order to learn what works and how they can improve as a group. However , one of the games they have already attended was an away football game at Campbellsville University. As Chikuni says, “There is no distance we will not go.”

Bleacher Creatures is not an entirely new concept to Georgetown, though. The Georgetown Activities Council brought up the idea during their Executive Council retreat over the summer and learned that a group like this had existed in the past but that the idea had died out. GAC then decided to revive school spirit at Georgetown by supporting our sports teams. Coach Cronin and Eric Ward, Director of Athletics, liked the idea of starting Bleacher Creatures and agreed to fund the group.

Current Bleacher Creatures include TJ Kelly, Mary Francis Malick, Morgan Barnes, Nicole Armes, Brakota Smith, Erica Greer, Seth Kochera, Jen Bowling, Lauren Hiller, Geoffery Chalfant, Megan Byassee, Megan Vallance, Brandon Green, Darius Gates, Sara Faulconer, Chris Hendrick, Tyler Wiles, Jonathan Yelton, Dominique Higdon, and new addition Elizabeth Boeglen.



Foreign Correspondent

Candace White discovered her love of history while pursuing a biology degree.

While Georgetown College was originally only a backup choice for Senior Candice White, it is safe to say that she doesn’t regret ending up at GC. Though graduation is still over a semester away, White is trying to soak up all she can before it hits. She said: “I’m still taking it in. It only seemed like yesterday when I had my first college class with Dr. Emerick and then afterwards was welcomed by ‘08 graduate Ryan Arnold.”

In fact, Ryan Arnold— among others—has much to do with how White developed during her time as a student at GC. When asked how she had changed from her freshman year, White wanted to give thanks to those that helped her come into her own. She responded: “Actually I have to thank Ryan Arnold, Katheryn and Connie Mucker. They are the ones who showed me the ropes around campus and how to be myself.” White will graduate as a History major, Biology minor. However, biology was her original major. White, herself, explained the switch, saying: “At first my major was Biology. When I was a junior, I had three biology classes and one independent history class with Dr. Emerick that dealt with Elizabethan period. I focused all of my attention toward my independent study course instead of my three biology classes. By spring semester of my junior year, I had lost the passion to study biology. So I talked to Dr. Emerick about my situation and I decided to become a history major.”

Following graduation, White really wants to continue school and hopefully get her doctorate in history while, as she says, “working to pay the bills.” Her dream job would be “either working with Anthony Bourdain on the Travel Discovery Channel, becoming an archaeologist, or working at the Smithsonian or any big museum in D.C. or Texas.” White admitted that she wasn’t totally ready to graduate. Her feelings are mixed at the moment: “[I’m] scared and excited at the same time. I’m going to miss the people that I’ve gotten to know.”

Actually, meeting new people was one of White’s favorite GC experiences. When asked to list a few, she responded: “There are so many… from T-Griff (Dr. Griffith) doing his morning glory dance to partying with my friends. I would have to say meeting the people that I [now] know. There is always some interesting story on how I’ve met my fellow acquaintances.” Though White describes herself as “determined,” she has a pretty practical side as well. For instance, there’s her outlook on CEPs. When prompted to choose a favorite or least favorite CEP, she said: “CEPs are CEPs. They are required in order for me to graduate.”

Her plans for how she would spend the sum were she to win the lottery are also quite practical. White explained what she would do: “First, pay my bills. Then buy a house in Texas for my parents. Then I would move to Italy and buy a house in Tuscany where I can grow grapes and run my own winery.” Whether life takes her to Italy or to an awesome job at the Discovery channel, chances are that White’s passion for history will securely guide her future. With her determination and practical smarts, she’s got it made. Though she’s got a little something extra, too; as White’s best friend described her: “Cool and smart with a hint of fabulous.”



Meet the Tiger Cubs: GC Freshmen Introduced

Copy Editor

This week’s featured fresmen are Molly Shoulta and AK Daniels.

Q: What town are you from, and what high school did you attend?


Molly Shoulta looks forward to picking a major.

Molly: Louisville—Kentucky Country Day.

AK: Alexander City, Alabama—Benjamin Russell High School.

Q: Why did you choose GC?

M: The small campus size, the religious life, and my siblings went here and they loved it.

AK: I liked the academics and the football team.

Q: Do you have a major in mind?

M: No, I’m still undecided.

AK: Business Administration.

Q: What is your favorite class so far?

M: Basic Musicianship I with Burnette.

AK: Interpersonal Communication with Dummer.

Q: How do you like Caf food?

M: It’s really good.

Football Headshots 2009 Daniels, Akaris-FR

AK Daniels wants to be a Business Administration major.

AK: The Caf keeps me full.

Q: What has been your favorite experience so far?

M: The welcome back parties were really fun.

AK: Getting to meet new people.

Q: What are you looking forward to this year?

M: Next semester—I’m looking forward to my new classes and deciding on a major.

AK: Getting a good education.



feature photo


Student Victoria Engelhardt took this photo of campus from her iPhone.



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