September 24, 2009 Volume CXXVI Issue 3

Carlos Cooper is GC’s new head of maintenance

Staff Writer
Carlos Cooper loves anything dealing with nature.

Carlos Cooper loves anything dealing with nature.

There’s a new face on campus this year. Carlos Cooper is now the manager of Building Services. He oversees housekeeping business and makes sure that all of the buildings on campus, not just dorms, are clean and sanitary. He loves sharing information and bonding with his kindhearted staff. Carlos was born and raised in Auburn, Ala,, and went to college at Middle Tennessee State University. He graduated with a B.A. in Business Administration.

Before coming to Georgetown, he was the Operations Manager at UK Hospital. He oversaw the housekeeping of the children’s wing, the operating room and the labor hallway. He decided to join the GC family because he saw it as a great opportunity to utilize the managing and housekeeping skills he has gained over the years. “I was attracted to the leadership position. I pride myself in accepting responsibility for the leadership role and I enjoy teaching and directing my staff.”

He’s also excited for an opportunity to do what he loves on a college campus. The staff and everyone he has met so far at Georgetown have been overly helpful in showing him the ropes, and for that he is very grateful.

When he isn’t helping keep Georgetown clean and safe, Carlos and wife Kristy enjoy taking their six- and eight year-old daughters to their timeshare at Disney World and spending time with them when at home. They live on a horse farm in Georgetown and so it’s only natural that he loves to ride horses and go fishing, and he enjoys “anything that has to do with nature.”

Carlos is going above and beyond in trying to keep the Georgetown family safe during this threat of the H1N1 virus. The Building Services staff is installing alcohol-based hand sanitizer dispensers in every building on campus and will soon be spraying every doorknob and push plate with a disinfectant spray three times a day.

Meet the Tiger Cubs: GC Freshmen Introduced

Staff writer Victoria Engelhardt interviews freshmen Meredith Rigby and Ethan Smith
Staff Writer
Ethan Smith loves being a cafrat.

Ethan Smith loves being a cafrat.

This week’s featured freshmen are Meredith Rigby and Ethan Smith.

Q: What town are you from, and what high school did you attend?

Meredith: I am from Richmond and I was homeschooled.

Ethan: I am from Cynthiana and I was homeschooled, but have been taking classes at GC.

Q: Why did you choose GC?

M: I liked the distance —not too far from home, but not too close either — and I liked the small-town atmosphere. I also knew Dr. Mami Hayashida and wanted to study under her.

E: I liked the style of education.

Q: Do you have a major in mind?

M: Piano major and possibly English minor.

E: Philosophy or Psychology.

Meredeth Rigby looks forward to making lots of new friends.

Meredeth Rigby looks forward to making lots of new friends.

Q: What is your favorite class so far?

M: English 112 with Dr. Burch.

E: Philosophy 307 — the philosophy of Harry Potter with Dr. Ward.

Q: How do you like your dorm?

M: It’s not too bad, only a few days have been hot. I like living with other girls my age.

E: Anderson is very interesting, to say the least.

Q: What has been your favorite experience so far?

M: Since I was homeschooled, I love that I get to spend all my time with people my age.

E: I love the freedom I have on the weekends. Q: How do you like Caf food?

M: It’s pretty good; I like the variety of it.

E: I love it — being a caf rat sucks out a good portion of my day.

Q: What are you looking forward to this year? M: Making lots of new friends.

E: Getting into the routine of college and figuring out what I want to do with my life.

Stay tuned for more fun facts about our newest Tigers.


Staff Writer
Alex Eaton has designs on his future.

Alex Eaton has designs on his future.

Senior Alex Eaton would describe himself in one word as “enthusiastic,” while friend David Hughes described him as “determined.” Enthusiastic and determined definitely makes quite the combination, but then again, Eaton is quite the individual.

Since his favorite color is orange, it might at first seem like fate that he ended up at Georgetown College. However, what actually brought Eaton to GC has nothing to do with the color orange. When asked why he chose Georgetown, Eaton replied, “It’s an out-of-state school and I was ready for a new adventure: coming to Kentucky.” Eaton is originally from Winston-Salem, N.C. and is multi-racial. While his father is also from N.C., Eaton’s mother is from East India.

It’s likely that his background had at least something to do with Eaton’s interest in other cultures. As he said, “I am a world traveler: I’ve been to India, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Dominican Republic and Canada.” Also, his idea of a perfect day is simply a day spent living outside of the USA.

Furthermore, his dream vacation is “backpacking around the world and not feeling pressed to come home to a job” or “riding the Siberian Railway across Russia.” Knowing this, it’s no surprise at all that Alex Eaton spent five months last spring semester studying abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Eaton reflected, saying: “The experience was amazing, but mentally challenging because I was immersed in Spanish language and had to train my mind to think in Spanish. Throughout the semester, I studied the culture of Argentina and the economic despair of 2001 and its reverberations on the economy and political situation of today. During my free time, I visited the Patagonian region (in the South), as well as Iguazu Falls, Chile, and Uruguay.”

Eaton deeply values his time spent abroad and had this advice to pass to other students: “Each student should study abroad during their college career, no matter what their major. An out-ofcountry experience will break each person from their comfort zone and teach them skills that Georgetown cannot teach an individual.” Interestingly enough, when asked what his job is, Alex Eaton lists “student” as his number one occupation. Following that, he is also a Front Desk Receptionist at the Conference Center on East Campus.

Obviously, his education comes first, but as this CLC- and Spanish- major, History-minor student looks toward the future, he admitted to ideally wanting to work as a Foreign Diplomat for the State Department. Following life at GC, Eaton will hopefully either be attending graduate school in Europe or joining the Peace Corps. His senior status has been made all too real by the fact that he is currently looking into his post-GC options and, as he puts it, “I can take Pass/Fail courses [now].”

As he looks back on his years spent here, Grubfest and the CLS Hilton Head trip spring to mind as his favorite memories while Dr. Emerick and The History of the Middle East take the slot for favorite professor and class respectively. While he’ll miss those when he leaves, Eaton will also miss Foreign Film CEPs and the Simply-to-Go Beef Stroganoff.

When asked how he felt about leaving, Eaton responded: “Bittersweet feelings: I am ready to use my education to help me with my future, but after college, I am on my own!” Regardless of where exactly Eaton may end up, success is likely to be accompanying him. With his enthusiasm and determination, the world is—almost literally—his oyster.

Sam’s Hot Dog Stand is Happenin’

Staff Writer
Sam’s Hot Dog Stand is the place for a one-of-a-kind meal.

Sam’s Hot Dog Stand is the place for a one-of-a-kind meal.

One of the newest additions to the list of Georgetown businesses that accept GCard is Sam’s Hot Dog Stand.

Sam’s Hot Dog Stand is located on South Hamilton Street, which is off of Main Street and right next to campus. This means it is conveniently surrounded by many of the shops found in downtown Georgetown. Sam’s Hot Dog Stand offers hot dogs, pork barbeque, potato chips and milkshakes. Customers can choose from ketchup, mustard, onions, hot or mild chili, and coleslaw as toppings for their hot dog.

An item on the menu that has become a quick favorite of Georgetown students is the Hershey’s milkshake. Those who have had this milkshake rave about it! Sam’s has a very laid back atmosphere, which is very welcoming to students. There is seating inside as well as some tables outside. This provides a great place for students to go and hang out. This restaurant is in a great location for students to simply walk to and get a bite to eat or a sweet treat with their GCard.

Students enjoy getting out (especially on pretty days, unlike the rainy weather this week) and walking places, especially when that place accepts GCard! Sam’s is still fairly new to the area and the students here, but as word gets out about this new and unique place to eat, it is sure to be a hot spot for students as well as the Georgetown community. So get some friends together, take a walk down to downtown Georgetown, and stop in at Sam’s Hot Dog Stand for some great food and a Hershey’s milkshake!


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