December 3, 2009 Volume CXXVI Issue 11

GC provides alternate spring break

Copy Editor

It may be freezing cold outside right now, but spring will be here before we know it and that means the best week of the year: Spring Break! Each year Campus Ministries offers a variety of service-oriented trips as alternative spring breaks. This year they will be going to Arizona, Texas and North Carolina.

Phoenix, Arizona—No More Death Camps (No Más Muertes). Their slogan is that “Humanitarian Aid is Never a Crime.” Their mission is to end death and suffering on the U.S./Mexico border because, as their slogan shows, they believe that humanitarian aid is never a crime. This will be a very intense trip, and only 10 students are being allowed to go. They will not be able to shower during their stay, they have to sleep in tents, and they have to cook their own food, all in the desert. Daniel Henson is the student leader this year. The students will be shown parts of the desert memorializing people who have died trying to cross the border and will learn about immigration policies. They will be able to help with humanitarian aid and will still be taught that, though you can’t transport anyone anywhere, you can still provide aid. They will be doing this again next year, and interested students can still talk to Bryan Langlands about applying.

Anathoth, North Carolina—Anathoth Garden. This service-oriented trip will be working in a rural town’s community garden. This would be a good way to learn about gardening before the planting season begins in the new Georgetown College Community Garden. The students will also be taking tours of local farms and markets and they get to take a trip to Duke Divinity School. They will also have the opportunity to worship at Cedar Grove United Methodist Church. The garden is an outreach ministry of the church. This is the first time this trip has ever been taken and Campus Ministries would love to have a big turnout. The trip will be a learning experiece to teach how to garden and also, as the website says, to discover how “in gardening our bodies are broken (they get sweaty, sore, tired), given to others, and are renewed by the very act of giving. As we learn to nurture plants that will one day feed our neighbors and ourselves, our pride is reshaped. We learn that there is no task that we are too good to perform.” The hope is to learn to appreciate food even more, and there will be both educational and spiritual aspects during the trip to bring back to the GC community garden. Eighteen students can go on this trip. The deposit is $50 and can be given to Campus Ministries Intern Katie McCracken, though the total cost is TBA.

Arlington, Texas—Mission Arlington. This group will be doing Backyard Bible Studies and working with children for four days over spring break. In previous years, they have held services at apartment complexes and church parking lots. After a full day, the students just hang out and do fun things such as going to Billy Bob’s in Fort Worth. Mission Arlington supplies everything and it is like a Vacation Bible School. Please contact Ben Hutcherson at if you would like to go or co-lead with him. Also, this summer, Campus Ministries will be taking students to Garca, Brazil for a two-and-a-half week trip to work at the Alpha and Omega Children’s Home. They will be staying at the orphanage the whole time and will plan lots of fun activities and play with the kids, along with doing mission work around the home. They will also have time to debrief afterwards and talk about what they have learned and how it has changed them. Be looking for fundraising activities to help support this trip! If anyone is interested in leading or going on a different service-oriented trip, please contact Bryan Langlands or Katie McCracken—they are always willing to help get other trips together, and also subsidize and promote them.

Campus Ministries is also helping to sponsor a Georgetown College Community Garden, which is in the works on Jackson Street between the McCandless House and the Business and Economics buildings. There are 12 plots available, each measuring 5’ by 20’. If you are interested in a plot, contact Dr. Homer White at Planting will begin in the spring and the garden work will be continuing through the summer. This community garden is part of a larger network of community gardens in Georgetown and will be a good way to bring students, faculty and staff, as well as members of the Georgetown community, together to work towards more sustainable eating practices as well as bring together the different groups to go back to our roots. Another goal of the project is to get the food that is produced in these gardens into the Caf.

Also coming up, Campus Ministries will be hosting the Scroggins Park Christmas Wrapping at 11 a.m. on Reading Day in the Campus Ministries Lounge. The final Common Ground of the semester will be held Dec. 8 in the Hall of Fame room at 7 p.m. Chris Bean will be speaking about how he ministers through making coffee. Free coffee will be provided.

GCAT prepares for tournament

Features Editor

The Academic Team poses together after hosting a tournament last spring.

Once again this year, Georgetown College’s Academic Team (GCAT) is competing in the Kentucky Collegiate Quick Recall League, where both Varsity and Junior Varsity divisions are the defending champions. In fact, the Division I (Varsity) team has won the KCQRL tournament three years in a row. Thus far this year, though, Georgetown has had a tough pair of matches that have ended with second place finishes for both Division I and Division II.

This Saturday, Dec. 5 is the last tournament of this semester. It will be held at Jefferson Community and Technical College’s Southwest Campus. The team is anticipating another good tournament this weekend.

This year, the Division I team consists of Tyler Frailie, Rebecca Sicking, Elizabeth Fannin, Joel Federspiel, Ava Jordan and Ryan Thompson. The Division II team lists Meredith Mueller, Courtney Mueller, Sarah McIntosh, Rebekah McIntosh, Kyle Huskin, Josh Slone, Katie Rapier, Ashlyn Keelin, Jeanne Shearer, Rachel Castillo, Charlie Crowe and Meredith Rigby among its members. Both of these teams are coached by Dr. Barbara Burch and Dr. Tim Griffith. The teams practice three times per week throughout the semester.


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