October 22, 2009 Volume CXXVI Issue 6

Then and now: GC professors look back

Homecoming is a time to reflect on and honor the past while still looking to the future. Here, Georgetown professors reflect on their college days or the beginning of their teaching careers and how times have changed since then.

Professor Daniel Graham: When I was in college, I thought I was smart. Now I know better than to think that (at least I think I do). When I was in college I thought all my professors did was teach class and make art. Now, I know that to be false, they do more than people know. When I was in college I thought my girlfriend and I would be together forever. Now I am glad that it didn’t work out.

Dr. Scott Takacs: Then (1997), I had sincere intentions to exercise more.  Now (2009), I discovered intention to exercise does not get you in shape.

Dr. Tom Cooper: Then (1973), pep bands played “Rock and Roll, Part II” at athletic contests. Now (2009), pep bands play “Rock and Roll, Part II” at athletic contests.

Dr. Mary Anne Carletta: When I was in college, only one person in my freshman class had a handheld calculator, and it cost $400.00. Now, people use cell phones, at least for simple calculations. When I was in college, registration was held in a huge gym, and you went to stand in line at the table that represented the course that you wanted the most and thought was going to be the hardest to get into. Then, you went to stand in line at another table, and another… Now, it’s all done on your own computer at the crack of dawn, as long as your Internet connection isn’t down.

Dr. Homer White: We lived in these 150-year-old dorms that had radiator heating and fireplaces. When it hit zero degrees outside and the radiators weren’t enough, we would gather dead wood from the forest across the street from campus and light up. Nowadays everybody has to wait until the college turns on the heat.

Dr. Ellen Emerick: When I was in college, jeans were considered rebellious apparel, now they are the standard “uniform.”

Dr. Rosemary Allen: When I was in college, the only telephone available was the one down the hall that we all shared. Someone had to be willing to leave their room to go answer the silly thing if it rang and come get you or take a message (good luck with that). Now, pretty much everyone carries a phone at all times and can’t imagine what it would be like without that instant access to communication.

Dr. Joe Lunceford: One of the standard “gripes” among students has consistently been the CEP program during my 28+ years at Georgetown College. The requirement is now down to six events per semester, for a total of 48 for a four year stint. When I was in college, we had this number every semester, without any choice as to what events we attended! We had assigned seats at 11 a.m. every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with faculty or staff checking attendance just as diligently as was done in classes.

Dr. Patrick Sheridan: When I started college (Fall 1994), we were just getting computers that had Microsoft Windows installed in the labs.

Dr. Lisa Lykins: When I was in college there was a “Beau of the Blue” contest with college men dressing like women and performing skits. Now, that would never happen!

Dr. Terry Clark: When I was in college at Georgetown, Dr. Lunceford taught New Testament. Now, I am teaching at Georgetown, and Dr. Lunceford is teaching New Testament.

Dr. Taylor Thompson: When I was in college in the late 1960s and early 1970s, things were a-changin’. In my freshman year, all female students had to wear skirts to class and all males had to take two years of ROTC. Female students had to be in their dorms by 11:30 p.m. on weeknights, later on weekends. They had to sign out and in at all times as well. Of course, the guys had no such restrictions. I do remember one panty raid, several anti-war marches and one serious hurricane. Things loosened up by junior year.

Dr. Roger Ward: When I was in college in the 1980s (before DVDs or even VCRs) there were always 20 or so movies showing on weekend nights that groups would use for fundraisers, some pretty strange and delightful shows and interesting community moments. Now movies are mostly viewed in rooms with just a couple of people.

Dr. Tracy Livingston: When I was in college, I stayed up all night studying for exams, now I stay up (not quite all night) making up exams.

Professor Emma Bolden: When I was in college, students had to hide their love for Britney Spears, as if it was the most shameful thing possible. Now, students openly profess their love for Ms. Spears, going so far as to call her a legitimate artist.

Dr. Todd Hamilton: When I was in college, we had one phone in the hallway for every FOUR dorm rooms. Now, students use their cell phones.

(From left to right and top to bottom) The benches painted for Homecoming by Alpha Gamma Delta, Allen Hall, Anderson Hall, Collier Hall, East Campus, Flowers
Hall, Kappa Alpha, Kappa Delta, Knight Hall, Lambda Chi Alpha, President’s House Association, Phi Kappa Tau, Phi Mu, Pi Kappa Alpha, Pierce Hall and Sigma
Kappa show school spirit.


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