October 15, 2009 Volume CXXVI Issue 5

Coach Cal supports Tigers as well as Wildcats

Sports Editor
Coach Cal was a delight for the fans and for the college.

Coach Cal was a delight for the fans and for the college.

This past week Georgetown College was abuzz with news of University of Kentucky head basketball coach John Calipari coming to campus, and he didn’t disappoint. In the midst of the rain and crowd, Coach Cal made his way around Giddings Circle in his limousine and came out to the cheers of 60 or so students, faculty and staff.

Coach Cal came to campus to speak to a group of pastors that were attending the Proclaimers Place reunion on East Campus, and on his way he stopped to talk a little about UK basketball. When talking about the expectations of his team this season he said, “You know, we expect big things out of this team and we have a lot expected of us, but right now we are at the bottom of a very large mountain that we have to climb and we have to do so against all odds.”

Kentucky will start the season in the top five for the first time in several years and the Bluegrass is very excited about it. When Coach Cal was talking about his team he said, “I have six new guys that think they poop ice cream and seven guys that feel it is their turn. Now, we play UCONN, UNC, and Indiana all in a row and I only have 45 days to make these players a team.” This is a true statement because no one knows how the entire new superstar freshman class is going to play together amongst themselves and the older guys. Only time will tell.

Something else Coach Cal talked about was fate intervening in our lives. In his recent book, “Bounce Back,” he writes about his current job and how it came to fruition. He writes about his job at Memphis and how not getting the UK head coaching postion two years ago really helped his status in the Commonwealth now and how he is more appreciative of it. Coach Cal has certainly embraced the fans so far and they have certainly embraced him in return. Now we have to wait and see how this season will play out.

The best thing I believe that Coach Cal talked about was having pride not only in Kentucky basketball, but Georgetown basketball as well. He told us to “bleed orange and black as well as blue.” So often at Georgetown we forget that our sports teams have games on the weekends and we don’t go to them because we are at, you guessed it, UK games. This was great for Coach Cal to say because one of his main points is supporting your alma mater, as he avidly supports Clarion, where he graduated from in 1982 and was a point guard.

As the saying always goes, it’s not hard to coach basketball in Kentucky, its hard coaching the media covering UK basketball. This is going to be an interesting season. As always we wish Coach Cal the best in this season and in his other endeavors off the basketball court. Don’t forget to support GC this season in all of its athletic events as well as UK. We can all bleed black, orange and blue together.

Coach Cal stopped to take pictures with many fans after his speech at Giddings.

Coach Cal stopped to take pictures with many fans after his speech at Giddings.

Homecoming athletics

As always, Homecoming brings many sporting events to be had
Staff Writer

While the traditional events will be held (the bench judging, Black and Orange day, songfest, etc.) sports fans are in for a treat with several exciting opportunities to showcase their Tiger pride and spirit.

There are several athletic events taking place at Georgetown College during this time, starting tonight when the Volleyball team takes on Cumberland University from Tennessee at 7p.m. The Tigers are coming off of an impressive win against Campbellsville University, 3-0 (25-13, 25-14, 25-16), and are looking to keep the momentum rolling. They started the season at an extremely impressive 21-0 and are now at 27-2 for the season with a perfect record in conference play.

Saturday, there are five different events fans can attend and cheer on their Tigers. The first event of the day is the alumni baseball game at 10 a.m. with a cookout following immediately. If you have questions about this you can contact Erik Hagen at 502-863-8207. In addition to the alumni baseball game is the alumni basketball game at 10 a.m. If you are interested or have any questions you can contact Happy Osborne at 502-863-8055.

The main event of the day is, of course, the homecoming football game against the University of the Cumberlands. The game will kickoff at 1:30 p.m. at Toyota Stadium and is sure to please. The Tigers have had a great season so far, including wins against William Penn, Webber International, Kentucky Christian University and a thriller against Union College during the annual “blackout game.” On the other hand, the only two losses the Tigers have sustained have been by a combined 17 points. They have played some great football so far this season and are working to keep it on the right track. Be sure to bring warm clothes to the game as the high for Saturday is a chilly 52 degrees and will only get colder as the evening wears on.

The event-filled day will conclude as the volleyball team also takes on the Pioneers of the University of the Cumberlands at 5p.m. After the eventful Saturday, Sunday brings only one sporting event: the alumni softball game. This game will take place at 2 p.m. if anyone is interested. If you have any questions you can contact Thomas Thornton at 502-863-7017.

There are plenty of sporting events to choose from, so show your Tiger pride and come on out and support your Georgetown Tigers this week and into the weekend as Homecoming 2009 winds on.

Red River huh?

Sports Editor

I remember the day: Miami against Florida state, Big Red Nebraska ruling the land (other than the corn fields) and the Red River Shootout was a game deciding who would, without a doubt, win the Big 12. Now back to reality: Florida State wants longtime coach Bobby Bowden out, Big Red has turned into Big and terrible (they still own the corn however) and this weekends game between Oklahoma and Texas is more like the Elkhorn creek shoot-out. Here is the weekend ahead:

No. 6 USC at No. 25 Notre Dame The Irish better be searching for their lucky charms before this game. Simply put: USC running attack. No more Luck of the Irish.

usc agin

The triple option of Georgia Tech is tough, but Va. Tech has a guy named Tyrod Taylor. Hokies in a close one here.

virginia tech

Just so I don’t upset any Longhorn fans…yes Colt McCoy is good, yes Texas has a good defense, no they will not win this game. Sam Bradford plays like a man.



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