April 1, 2010 Volume CXXVII Issue 8 – April Fool’s Pullout

Merton and tigers and Farmville, oh my!

News Editor

So I deleted my Facebook for about 48 hours, and that gave me time to complete my articles for The Georgetonian this week—on time! Here are some weird—but REAL—news stories. For once, the contents of The Back Page are true. April Fools’! No…really.

We’ve all heard of Chatroulette by now, as it is one of the funniest and most random places to visit with a group of friends. Every time you click play, you get a sense of anxiousness because you never know what you will get. Sometimes you see some body parts you would rather not be viewing, and other times you may see a girl dressed up in a purple 80s dress wearing a sombrero, Burger King crown and tiara all together (yeah, that was me). But right now the coolest thing on the site is the guy called “Merton” or “Chatroulette Piano Improv Guy.” He spontaneously serenades the people who chat with him on the site about their appearance or things going on around them. While he won’t give away who he really is, rumors are circulating that it might be Ben Folds in disguise. Good luck finding Chatroulette Piano Improv Guy, and let me know if you think he is really Ben Folds.

Source: mediamemo.allthingsd.com

“Touching a tiger’s face is touching the face of God,” said Steve Sipek, whose front yard sign says, “trespassers will be eaten.” After playing the leading role in a pair of Spanish language Tarzan movies over three decades ago, he is now being called a modern-day Tarzan because of his love for wild animals. Over the years he has raised over 100 lions, tigers and nope, not bears or leopards.

Source: thebigcats.com

Do not get embroiled with gangs. Especially not in China; they will knife you. A 16-year-old boy was asked to load unauthorized software on a computer to try and beat a high score at the video game Counter Strike by a gang, who later accused him of cheating. The boy protested his innocence and a fight broke out, resulting in a 10-inch kitchen knife stuck all the way across his temple with the tip protruding on the other side. He somehow survived and remained conscious through the entire attack.

Source: freerepublic.com

We are all addicted to Facebook. I actually deleted mine for a few days this week so I could be productive. A guy in Bulgaria needs to do the same. While I prefer wasting time looking at pictures and writing on people’s walls, a city councilman in Plovdiv, Bulgaria was ousted for not being able to stop playing FarmVille during a city council meeting by a vote of 20-19. I guess the 19 who voted to keep him on the council are probably the ones he is friends with on Farmville.

Source: farmvilles.com

A ship set sail this week. What a surprise, right? Well actually it is, seeing as this two-masted, 60-footlong catamaran is made out of 12,500 plastic bottles. Yes, you read that correctly, 12,500 plastic bottles created a cute little boat that plans on spending the next three months sailing 11,000 miles from San Fransisco to Sydney to draw attention to the alarming amount of plastic churning away in the world’s oceans.

Source: bayarea.blogs.nytimes.com

Seriously, don’t mess with the Italians. The courts there already convicted Google workers for the posting of a video of a kid with Down syndrome being bullied, even though they didn’t film, upload or review the video, so it comes as no surprise that the courts have created crazy laws about Mafia prisoners. Rule 41 keeps them in solitary confinement with little open air time and under constant video surveillance. The problem with this exists because even the Mafia have to go to the restroom, and they, like the rest of us, don’t really want it being filmed. The court ruled that the camera be switched off when they are in the restroom but that the guards still be able to watch through a peep-hole in the door. The spokesman for the Association of Mafia Victims made a good point when he said, “King Louis XIV of France regularly went to the toilet in public and no one was bothered… why is this Mafiosi being given special treatment?”

Source: peterbeers.net

disclaimer: the contents of the back page are true


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