April 8, 2010 Volume CXXVII Issue 9

Beat the heat—connect the dots

I thought they smelled bad on the outside!

Since the earth decided to move closer to the sun this week, you may have noticed it’s gotten a bit warm around here. If the exploding birds and liquid asphalt aren’t dead giveaways, I don’t know what is. I’m hot, and pretty warm too. Sticky would also be applicable here. Beating the heat may be difficult this week, but in most cases it’s a mind-over-matter situation. Just imagine the snowpocalypse, or yetis, or your favorite scene from the beginning of “Star Wars: the Empire Strikes Back.”

Hey—what a great idea! Why don’t you do that?! Since such scenes are so rife with snow and snow monsters and awesome dogfights, they might inspire a bit of coolness in your life. Like when all those AT-ATs are marching toward the rebel base, and they have to use tow cables to knock them over. Yeah, like that. But just don’t get so cold that you have to cut open some smelly animal in order to warm up again. In order to get those old brain juices flowing, I have provided the illustrious readers of the Back Page with this fun connect-the-dots activity page. What could it be? You’ll have to connect those ol’ dots and find out for yourself!

disclaimer: the contents of the back page are not necessarily true


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