April 15, 2010 Volume CXXVII Issue 10-Special Features

Greek Week 2010 is here

From blood drives to pool games, Greek Week offers entertainment for everyone
Sports Editor

As the semester starts to wind down, everyone on campus knows what is coming up. No, I’m not talking about summer, finals or anything related to school, but Greek Week. This is the one week of the year where all of the Greeks on campus can show their Greek spirit for the entire week in their own unique way; and it is finally upon us.

Greek Week began on April 12 and will continue through April 18. It will end with the Greek banquet, which is an annual dinner that not only commemorates the end of Greek Week but is also the time where all of the Greek awards are handed out. Among some of these awards are Fraternity Man of the Year, Sorority Woman of the Year, philanthropy awards and the coveted President’s Cup.

The men of Lambda Chi Alpha have taken home the cup 10 of the 12 years the cup has been given, however the field seems wide open this year as every organization, both men and women, have made significant impacts both on and off campus this year. This is not going to be an easy decision for the committee to make this year.

There are many things that make up Greek Week, including a Greek blood drive, Greek Devos at Common Ground, Greek games, Greek pool games, the Greek God and Goddess event and Greek community involvement. At all of these events, members from every Greek organization on campus must show up and sign-in to get their respective organization points for the week.

This is Greek Week 2010.

The Lambs go with the simple look for Greek week.

The Kappa Alpha Greek banner for 2010.

The Sigma Kappas use the iPhone to sport their spirit.

The Phi Mu ladies sport their Greek spirit.

The Pikes show a little muscle in 2010.

The AGDs go nuts for Greek week.

The Kappa Deltas go very simple this year.

The Phi Taus go with the messy look this year.


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