April 8, 2010 Volume CXXVII Issue 9

Former Indian president to visit campus

News Editor

Dr. Abdul Kalam will be on Georgetown’s campus on April 13.

Next Tuesday, April 13 at 6:30 p.m. in the Neal Fireside Room in the Anna Ashcraft Ensor Learning Resource Center, the former President of India, His Excellency APJ Abdul Kalam will be giving a talk entitled, “Synergy among Partners Promotes Economic and Cultural Growth: Building Friendships Between the Peoples of Kentucky and India.” After his talk will be a short question and answer session with students.

The Georgetown community is honored to have the “People’s President” come to our campus, and his visit will be made possible thanks to former Governor Martha Layne Collins, Georgetown College’s Scholar-in-Residence. After meeting him two years ago on his last visit to Kentucky, Gov. Collins decided that promoting economic and cultural growth between Kentucky and India was something to be sought after, and that has brought us where we are today. She said, “I see this as the next big country for us to have relations with.” While President Kalam is in the state on his visit, he will be looking at ways to develop and further trade between India and the commonwealth of Kentucky.

Gov. Collins believes that we are in college to learn and get exposure to new ideas and opportunities, and this event is a good way to expose ourselves to the unfamiliar. This visit will be an opportunity to hear a major head of state speak, and it’s always nice to be able to say, “I was there when President Kalam visited.” Director of Global Scholars, Amy Carrington, said of the visit, “President Kalam will speak about building friendships between Kentuckians and the people of India. I hope His Excellency’s presentation and the activities leading up to it will inspire students to seek out more opportunities to learn about India.

President Kalam’s 10-day visit to Kentucky could result in increased trade between India and Kentucky so it may be helpful for students to become more aware of India as they prepare for the future.” We have become a global community and it is important that we are aware of our place in the world. Kalam had an impressive resume before he became president, but it was not as a lawyer or doctor—no, this man is an aeronautical engineer. He is revered by his people because of how he has brought India up to date with the modern world and advanced it in many respects. Kalam is a sought-after speaker throughout the world, and his talk is sure to inspire many.

feature photo

Junior Michael Cannon took this photo at a Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert.


News Editor

Harville will be attending Rose Holman for graduate school.

Most of us have seen the show “Big Bang Theory” and know how nerdy and weird all of the scientists and engineers on that show are. So when I tell you that this week’s senior spotlight is a physics major and math minor, you can probably come up with an idea of who this person is and what they look like. You probably wouldn’t guess a beautiful blonde girl with a heart of gold, now would you? But that’s exactly how some would describe senior Stella Harville.

Normally when I ask seniors to tell me what they are most passionate about, it is a sport or an organization; rarely is it their major and minor. Stella said, “I am most passionate about promoting the study of math and science, especially in young women. Because I have interest in math and physics, doors have opened up for me that I would never think possible a few years back, such as getting accepted into Rose Hulman. For women interested in the sciences, the sky’s the limit. However, it can be hard for women, especially in the engineering realm, to strive forward because it is a maledominated environment. I hope to get involved in outreach programs for women.”

It should come as no surprise that her friends described this Pikeville native as witty, stubborn, loving and a well-learned leader. A leader she is—she has served as SGA Chief of Staff and Vice President of New Member Education for Sigma Kappa sorority. She has maintained a 3.4 GPA while taking a multitude of hard classes and has been named to Omicron Delta Kappa and Who’s Who Among Students in Colleges and Universities. She credits her successes at Georgetown to Dr. Alma Hall, Dr. David Dickinson, Dr. Christine Leverenz and Dr. Jean Kiernan, all of whom have been able to mentor her and help her along in the last four years.

Harville learned a lot as Angela Taylor’s student worker, saying, “Her work ethic is incredible. I hope to have half of her work ethic when I start a job. She really does care about the students. Georgetown College is blessed to have her. I’m blessed to have her in my life.” Harville’s advice to underclassmen is to not wait until junior or senior year to go to the Graves Center, saying, “Even if you don’t know your major, go. Robin [Fleischer] and Holly [James] are two remarkable women who will do anything they can to help you find your vocation, as well as connect you to a beneficial internship or job related to your field.”

Harville also wants to stress that just because you are in one Greek organization does not mean you have to limit yourself to, as she put it, “just the letters you have on.” She went on to say, “There are a lot of remarkable women in the other sororities, so get to know them. In fact, two of my best friends are in another sorority. Amber Scott is an AGD and Sarah Summers is a Phi Mu. Don’t discriminate against the letters someone has on. I have been guilty of that many times over the years and I truly regret it.”

When asked to tell funny/ weird/interesting/random facts about herself, Harville spared no words, saying “I am named after my 101-year-old grandmother (Stella) and my great-grandmother (Suzanne). I am in love with John Cena. I actually went to Pittsburgh one weekend to go watch him in WWE Bragging Rights. Me and my roommate watch episodes of “The Office” every night before we go to bed. And I have a signature dance move, ‘The Cyclone.’”

The person who has most influenced her is the founder of Mission Arlington, Tillie Burgin. “I was fortunate to go on the mission trip with Georgetown College to Mission Arlington the past two years, and the work Mission Arlington does is incredible. Tillie has to be in her seventies by now and she is still going strong. Now, thousands of families, mostly poor, have been reached by Mission Arlington and have been taught the Word of God. Most importantly, she is completely dependent upon her faith in God. Tillie, as well as all the other Mission Arlington workers, prays about the Mission and lets God decide what happens for them. Having that kind of lifestyle is awe-inspiring. So I’m trying to live my life where I do what I can do, and then I pray to God and let him show me the way and whatever ends up happening, I am totally content with what happens.” That’s a philosophy we could all adapt.

Easter Egg Scramble a success


This past Wednesday, March 31, Georgetown College’s CMENC (Collegiate Music Educator’s National Conference) chapter hosted their first annual Easter Egg Scramble. The event was an Easter egg hunt conducted on the lawn between the music building and the LRC. To add a twist to the conventional Easter egg hunt, participants were searching for black eggs in the dark. Scramble-goers were allowed a flashlight to aid them in the hunting process.

Before the event, hopeful participants lined up along the edge of the lawn, waiting expectantly for CMENC President Michael Cannon to blow the whistle, signaling the beginning of the hunt. When the whistle was blown, students rushed out to find eggs and earn candy as well as non-traditional prizes like shirts, cakes, movie tickets, massages and hair cuts. Cannon feels pretty good about how the event went, saying, “I think it went really well for our first year, and we hope it’ll be even more successful in years to come.”

The Georgetown College CMENC chapter would like to thank the following businesses for their donations to the 2010 Easter Egg Scramble: Bruster’s Real Ice Cream, Between Friends, Suzanne’s, Country Peddler’s, Theatres of Georgetown, Rue 21, Sapporo Japanese Cuisine, Artique Hair Salon, Kohl’s, The Store, The Mulberry, Academy for Medical Massage of Mayslick, Ky. and Dr. Heather Hunnicutt.


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