February 11, 2010 Volume CXXVII Issue 2-Special Features

Getting ready for V-day 2010

Are you prepared? Consult our guide to planning the perfect Valentine’s Day celebration for you and yours.
Features Editor

Victoria Engelhardt is pictured here receiving a box of candy hearts—a lame and mainstream gift, in our opinion—from Andy Russell.

There comes a day in every boyfriend’s life that he dreads. And it comes every year. So for those of you out there who have the V-day blues and don’t have any clue what you are going to do about it, we here at The Georgetonian are sympathetic to your cause and have compiled this handy-dandy guide to see you through this traumatic day. The following is our list of the top five Valentine’s Day activities.

Number five: Dinner and a Movie

— Coming in at number five, is the perennial classic of dinner and a movie. The good news is that this is a proven way to spend your day. The bad news is that it can get quite expensive, costing somewhere in the neighborhood of $50-$80 depending on the restaurant choice and the concessions purchased at the movie.

Number four: Volunteer for a day

— Our number four choice is somewhat less mainstream and involves puppies, so that is always a win because they make girls go “aww.” We recommend that you and your special someone go spend the day at the Humane Society bringing joy to the animals there and to yourselves. This activity is also free, so puppies plus free equals one happy day.

Number three: Old Married Couple Day

As another less expensive option, you might consider what we have dubbed “Old Married Couple Day” whereby the two of you can spend the day hanging around the house doing such fun activities as playing board games, baking together, watching movies or any other activity that you can think of that does not involve leaving the house. Plus you can wear your Snuggies!

Number two: Laser tag and paintball

— Coming in second place is laser tag and paintball. This option is going to be a little more expensive, costing you around $90 for either 6 games of laser tag (plus $20 in game tokens and 8 large drinks at Lazer Blaze in Louisville) or an entire day of paintball at Open Range (an indoor paintball facility in Crestwood). This option allows a couple to express themselves in a healthy way while exercising together and having some good “clean” fun. In addition, this could serve as good anger management—who needs counseling?

Number one: Day trip to Cave City

— Our number one choice for how to spend your Valentine’s Day is a day trip to Cave City, where you can choose from a number of entertaining and original activities. My personal favorite is Kentucky Down under—I mean you can’t go wrong with an interactive Australian animal park. Other activities include Dinosaur World, with more than 100 life-sized dinosaurs; Guntown Mountain, where you can see live gun shows and explore a haunted house; the Alpine Slide—a 1⁄4-mile long sled ride; and as a final option, there is always Mammoth Cave. It’s the perfect opportunity tell her “Rawr!”— it’s “I love you” in dinosaur.

Hopefully one of these will spark your fancy. If not then there is always flowers and chocolate, but really, who wants to be that lame?


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