March 11, 2010 Volume CXXVII Issue 6-Special Features

Meet the staff of The Georgetonian

News Editor

The Gergetonian staff takes a goofy picture with their favorite Georgetonian memorabilia.

Each week you look at our pages, read our stories and learn about what’s going on in the Georgetown community through us. But who are we and why do we do what we do? The Georgetonian has been the trusted news source of campus since 1896.

Dean Gambill said, “I think it’s a great way for students to voice their concerns and opinions and I really like it as an outlet for some of the creativity and angst and voices for students. When students come to me with problems, I encourage them to write an editorial for The Georgetonian.”

Each editor has staff and contributing writers to find the stories and write about them each week. The Editor-in-Chief is Whitley Arens, a junior English Education major from Georgetown, Ky. The Sports Editor is Andy Russell, Arts and Entertainment is Jacob Fuqua, Features is Joel Federspiel, Opinion is Tori Bachman-Johnson and News is the Belle of the Blue, Victoria Engelhardt. Copy editors Ava Jordan and Anna Cobb help make sure the paper is free of grammatical and spelling errors. (Don’t blame us!)

Russell decided to become the Sports Editor after discovering there was an opening that combined the two things he loved, sports and writing. Arens, the editor-inchief, loves writing, editing and managing people and that was the catalyst for her applying for this position. The Georgetonian is currently located on the third floor of the John L. Hill Chapel and staff is there each Tuesday from 4:30 p.m. until late into the evening. Before it moved to its current location, it was on the second floor of the Cralle Student Center, where Gretchen Lohman’s office currently is.

Rosemary Allen, Provost, Dean of the College and former Georgetonian adviser said, “I think the Georgetonian contributes a great deal to the college community. When there is a student newspaper, there is always the assurance that students will have a public venue and a public voice. Campus newspapers can be very powerful, both as shapers of campus discourse and as venues for expression of those who might otherwise be marginalized. It also provides the campus with a way to recognize individuals who have made significant contributions or who have achieved major accomplishments. In other words, it gives us a chance to celebrate the successes and milestones of our campus community. And my week is never complete until I have a chance to find out what’s on the Back Page.”

The staff loves to smile because they have great jobs.

In the past two decades, many of the editors have gone on to have prosperous and successful careers such as a news writer for CBS radio, a practicing doctor and several high school and collegiate teachers. Speaking of The Georgetonian’s past, Dr. Allen said, “It used to be that that we did the entire layout of the newspaper on one very old IBM PC II that was so slow that it could take over an hour to save the publication to a disk (which then had to be taken elsewhere to be printed). The editor would often have to be in the office until three or four in the morning getting it done. One editor used to stay late waiting for the document to save and would keep himself awake by studying chemistry while standing on one foot.” Dr. Allen also reminisced on her Georgetonian days, saying, “on my first issue as faculty advisor, the computer crashed and lost the entire document at two in the morning. We recreated the whole paper from scratch on my office computer between 2 a.m. and 7:30 a.m., getting it done just in time to meet the print deadlines.”

News Editor Victoria Engelhardt, left, and Editor-in-Chief, Whitley Arens show that dressing up is part of the fun in working for The Georgetonian.


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13 03 2010
Jamie Ratliff

You guys are so cute!

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