March 25, 2010 Volume CXXVII Issue 7

Dan Brown safely returns to campus

News Editor

Dan Brown’s interactions with students keep him positive and allow him to enjoy his job.

Dan Brown is alive and well, thankfully. A few weeks ago he suffered from a heart attack and had to have a stint put in but was able to leave the hospital after only a few days. He thought exercise alone would keep him healthy, but now he sees that his diet is important too. Not even a month later, he is already back in action, putting out fires left and right. As the Director of Campus Safety, Brown oversees all of the Campus Safety officers and the student desk-workers. His job duties include a little bit of everything. The morning I interviewed him, he already caught a stray dog, put out a small fire in Knight hall (surprise, surprise) and dealt with graffiti and saran-wrapped cars, all before 10 a.m.

His official duties are to look out for the safety and security of all people on the college campus, but they expand to much more. Brown has worked at Georgetown College for 12 years: before joining us he worked in safety at a hospital. At Georgetown, he started working in maintenance, then got to be a Campus Safety manager and then finally the Director of Campus Safety. He likes the responsibilities and the way every day is different and is never monotonous. Brown says that his interactions with students are what keep him positive and having fun with his job. When not at work, Brown enjoys spending time with his wife, Kathleen, their two sons and their new grandson, Jackson Daniel Brown, who is four months old. One son has already graduated from Georgetown and the other is currently attending.

Brown likes to play basketball during his lunch hour on “The Lunch League.” His league will soon be participating in “The Battle of the Badges,” where the Campus Safety team battles the other Georgetown agencies in a fundraiser tournament that raises money for girl’s athletic programs in schools. His hobby is making traditional archery equipment out of wood and he also enjoys fishing and gardening on his farm where he has horses, dogs, cats and chickens. His quote to live by is by Flip Wilson, a comedian who dressed up as a woman and said, “What you see is what you get.” What he means is that “your perception of life is very important and you can make it as positive as possible. You have a sense of control over your actions, attitudes and interactions.”

Brown’s advice for students is “don’t be afraid, be aware.” He likes to believe that former President George W. Bush stole the quote from him. He doesn’t want people to be afraid all the time, but he does want them to take precautions and be careful. Use what Campus Safety has to offer, they give rides even in the middle of the night. Speaking of Campus Safety, Brown said he is very proud of his officers: “they really care about the students, but also have to enforce the rules that students don’t like.” He wants the department to be there to help and to have good attitudes. His mission is for the officers to not just do their job, but to add a personal touch to it and really enjoy what they do.  Most would say that has been successful. If it’s not a complaint, nobody hears about it for the most part, but he wants people to realize all the good things that Campus Safety does on a daily basis and to give them credit when deserved.

He is already back on campus, but Brown still has to have two more stints put in. His doctor told him that the other basketball teams need to watch out after he has them put in, because he will be stronger and better in the upcoming season, all around. So intramural teams, be prepared to see an even better Dan Brown in the future.

Spring into the height of fashion with this handy guide


Hello Tigers and welcome back from Spring Break! I hope you all had a lovely time soaking up the sun, resting and enjoying your week off. Now that classes have resumed for the wind-up of the semester, I think we can all agree that spring is now fully in session (minus the chilly, unpredictable Kentucky weather that will continue to plague us randomly throughout March and April). Nevertheless, spring is here. And that means it is time to swap out the Uggs for flip-flops and put away the winter coats in exchange for tank tops. So, to help you all—mostly ladies, but gentlemen should feel free to read on as well—gear up for this new season, here’s my fashion top 10 for spring ’10, which have been specifically chosen and tailored to suit the college lifestyle.

Coming in at number ten is the messy bun and ponytail trend which will continue to be popular this spring. The good news about this list-making hairdo is that it requires little-to-no effort to achieve. You really don’t even need an official hair tie—a rubber band should suffice— and if you’re in a rush, you can skip the shower and still pull off this no-time ‘do for your day of academic wonder.

Next on the list at number nine is the handkerchief tank top. Besides being ridiculously cute and adorable, this flattering style offers a little bit of coverage for areas you may not be particularly fond of. Concerned about the freshman 15? Pick one of these up—you’ll look great regardless.

The number eight trend is gladiator sandals. This warrior-inspired footwear was popular last year as well. So, the upside is that you may already own a pair. If not, make a trip to just about any shoe store and you won’t be disappointed. Another plus: since they’re attached to your feet, these shoes have all the comfort and convenience of flip-flops without the annoying noise.

Number seven on the list came as quite a surprise to me. Sportswear is making a big appearance on runways in spring 2010. Who knew that jogging-wear would one day be designer duds? Since most college students probably can’t afford that, I’m sure that your usual sweats will suffice. It is now (somewhat) fashionable to skank it to class.

Somewhat similar to sportswear is number six— the jumpsuit. While not figure flattering for everyone, the convenience of the jumpsuit cannot be denied. Talk about cutting down on your grooming time in the morning: with this baby, you only have to pick one piece of clothing and your entire outfit is taken care of.

Breaking into the top half of the list at number five is the floral maxi dress. There’s not much to this fashion piece, but it’s comfortable and will make you look like a hippie. And after all, who doesn’t want an excuse to wear a giant sack to class?

The trends in jeans and denim this spring make the list at number four. This spring ripped and patched jeans are in style. This should fit into every college student’s budget. If you can’t afford new jeans, don’t worry about it. Just keep wearing your old ones and they’ll rip eventually. Then you’ll be stylish.

Now we’re up to the top three with scarves. This is a trend that’s been prevalent for the past few years, but it’s going to be especially hot this season. Scarves are cheap, which is good, and they can easily be worked into anyone’s wardrobe. One of the more practical applications of the scarf is that it serves as a portable pillow for the college student who has to take naps on the go.

Taking the number two spot is the boyfriend cardigan. This comfy and oversized covering is not only practical, but easy to acquire. If you don’t already own one, just “borrow” one from your boyfriend. If you don’t have a boyfriend, scour your local Goodwill. No one will know.

And finally, the moment this has all been leading to—number one of my 10 for ’10 is metallics. These shiny shades are everywhere this season. While they probably aren’t for everyone, and while you likely will not rock this look yourself, you can always hope that someone in your 8 o’clock class will. Hopefully, the sheen will, if nothing else, help keep you awake.


News Editor

Schlipf doesn’t plan on marrying before the age of 28.

We all remember graduating from high school and thinking we knew it all. The sense of accomplishment from finally getting out of the public school system filled our heads with arrogance. A few months later, reality set in in the form of college. Daniel Schlipf remembers this feeling very well and also exactly how he came to know he didn’t actually know it all. “When I arrived at Georgetown, I was a really closed-minded individual and I thought I knew what I wanted, and I thought I knew Greek life was not for me.”

But all of that changed when he met the men of Phi Kappa Tau and realized he could be a part of something bigger than himself, a brotherhood. “The best decision I ever made was to join a Greek organization. I have had a house full of brothers that have influenced what I have done with my life and I am the man I am today solely because of the Phi Kappa Tau men I have met over the past four years.” Not only has Schlipf been involved with his fraternity, but he also joined the Inter-Fraternity Council and held the office of President for two years.

Both his favorite experience and favorite person stem from this role; as president of IFC, he was in charge of the annual Chili Cook-Off, which he describes as, “a great bonding time where many different campus groups come together.” Greek Life adviser Angela Taylor is the person Schlipf says has impacted his life at Georgetown the most, saying Angela “has shaped who I am today by being honest with me about every decision that I have made. I respect her opinion more than any person I know, because I know she will always be honest with me and look out for my best interest.”

Speaking of interests, this Chemistry major and Spanish/Engineering Arts double minor has a passion for the practical application of mathematics and physics. He hopes to one day be a “plant manager for a household commodities company, keeping track of quality control and production of all materials that leave the plant.” Those are some lofty goals, but Schlipf is sure he can achieve whatever he puts his mind to because of his past experiences—he has watced his father make a career for himself out of nothing and build it into a solid business. He has also learned from his elders (he is the 4th generation Schlipf in Covington, KY) that a man should wait a while before getting married, with no one in the family marrying before age 28.

With a 3.8 GPA, Schlipf has been on the Dean’s list for several semesters and is also in Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta and Omicron Delta Kappa. He enjoys studying because he knows it will pay off for his career in the long run, but he says his brothers have taught him to go out and enjoy life more often. If he could change anything about his time in college, he would have “stopped to smell the roses” more often and “taken everything a little less seriously and skipped a class or two to go out with my brothers on a week night.”

When he does take a break from studying, Schlipf enjoys terrain park skiing, working on cars and relaxing on his family farm in Crittenden and loves to start his day out with a bacon, egg and cheese wrap from Ms. Janice in the Caf. Schlipf’s advice for underclassmen is to “make sure you take enough time out of your day for yourself, that’s who you have to deal with most of the day. Only put your focus on one thing at a time, and do it well. At the end of the day, reflect on one positive thing that happened that day. Always be there for your friends, they will be there for you.”


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