April 1, 2010 Volume CXXVII Issue 8 – April Fool’s Pullout

WARNING: All information presented below is NOT real. The April Fools’ pullout is for entertainment purposes only.

Get ready to do the monster mash

Bride of Frankenstein

No one can deny that the Caf has been working overtime this semester to bring us a multitude of fun and exciting theme days. Culinary celebrations of both Mardi Gras and the Chinese New Year have been among the festive food events. With consistently booming attendance, it’s clear that theme days in the Caf are a favorite of both faculty and students alike. One freshman remarked: “The theme days have been one of my favorite things about my first year at Georgetown. It’s just such a fun break in the middle of my boring school day.”

Many students also said that they particularly enjoy the decorations in the Caf on theme days. “It just spices things up,” one student said; “Plus it’s always fun to watch your friends trip over an umbrella.” I can only assume that he/she is referring to the umbrellas present at the Chinese New Year celebration. Regardless, these theme days are in the past, but do not fear—another feisty food fest is coming up soon. Except, this one is going to be a little more fleshy.

This coming Tuesday, April 6 during lunch will be Monster Mash in the Caf. The event’s menu will include creative dishes designed to appeal to monsters of all sorts. For the zombie in all of us, the Caf staff has designed a vegetarian dish they affectionately refer to as “brains.” Comprised mostly of tofu, this dish is excellent. Not only is it ridiculously convincing, but I can also assure you that it tastes great!

Those brains look tasty.

If your monster of choice is a little more along the lines of a werewolf, the Caf also has you covered there. As a dessert on Monster Mash theme day, the Caf will be offering their version of dog treats. Giant bone-shaped cookies, complete with an icing and sprinkle spread, should help to appease the pup in all of us.

A dessert to die for.

And if you happen to belong to Team Edward, don’t worry. The Caf didn’t overlook vampires either. To quench the thirst of these blood-craving creatures, the Caf has prepared a special “blood” punch. The staff refused to release their secret recipe to me, but I have a sneaking suspicion it contains fruit punch and Sprite.

Get in touch with your inner vampire.

Other monster-friendly menu items include “monster mashed potatoes,” whose chunky texture will leave you wondering—are these bits just potato skins smashed up in here or are they actually human flesh? Also featured will be “eyeball salad,” which may or may not be composed of grapes, radishes or something else. And finally, there will be frickle fingers, which are essentially fried pickle spears that resemble fingers.

Source: www.canarygirl.com

It’s watching you.

Also, the Caf will be fully transformed this Tuesday into a terror-ific lair, complete with the staff costumed as various monsters. It is highly encouraged that all students dress up as their favorite creature for this theme day as there will be a costume contest to conclude the meal. The grand prize is an additional $25 in Tiger Dollars and a Monster Basket full of ghostly goodies.

As a final touch, the popular song “Monster Mash” will be played on repeat for the entire meal. This isn’t meant to be annoying; it’s only meant to be persistent mood music. When asked why this sort of event was planned, the Caf staff members responded that they wanted to push their creativity to the limits and truly give the students an experience that was unique. It’s safe to say that the Caf has done precisely that. So, don’t miss the chance to get your ghoul on. Creep yourself up and lurk to the Caf for Monster Mash on Tuesday.

Source: www.examiner.com

Edward Cullen reminds you to dress up for the coming theme night in the Caf.


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