February 18, 2010 Volume CXXVII Issue 3

Gen Ed revisions coming soon

Contributing Writer

A revised general education curriculum is in the final stages of overhaul and will be ready to be rolled out in time for incoming freshman this fall. Though specific courses are yet to be announced, the new requirements will feature more choices for students and a cohesive “freshmen core” of classes. Students already at Georgetown will remain under the requirements in which they began school.

All incoming freshmen will take a seminar-based course with emphasis on intellectual readings and discussion deemed necessary for the student’s education. This will allow professors to draw on those experiences in subsequent classes because every student will have taken the course. Dr. Bill Stevens, Associate Professor of Biology and Co-Chair of the General Education Task Force, says this common core of knowledge will be able to tie discussion together. He said, for example, “I’ll maybe know of a few specific philosophers I can talk about when I’m teaching neurobiology.”

Students will also be expected to take “flag courses” which contain a certain amount of writing, quantitative, and multi-cultural content. They will be given a great amount of choice in each of those categories. Dr. Stevens said that few of the current faculty was teaching at Georgetown when the old curriculum was created. “We hope this not another 30-year curriculum because our real intent here is to get the ball rolling where it’s just part of what we do. We look at the curriculum on an ongoing basis. We make changes occasionally and it evolves.”

The General Education Task Force began with Dr. Stevens and Dr. Cliff Wargelin, Chair of the History Department, who as Co-Chairs began distributing faculty surveys and holding discussions. The task force then expanded to include Dr. Julie Decker, Dr. Doug Griggs, Dr. Brad Hadaway, and Dr. Barbara Burch. During the 2007-2008 school year, a series of General Education Revision Committees (GERCS) were created to focus on different parts of the revision process. A large majority of the faculty served on either a Skills, Core, Distribution, Multi-cultural, or Connectedness GERC. A synthesis committee combined the recommendations of the individual groups and proposals were discussed at length during the 2008-2009 school year until the faculty decided upon the “freshman core” model. An implementation task force is currently at work to approve courses and groom ideas for the new curriculum.

Dr. Stevens and Dr. Cliff Wargelin were honored at Founder’s Day this year as recipients of the Curry Award for Faculty Excellence for their work in revising the curriculum. Dr. Stevens credits his colleagues for coming together to re-shape the general education requirements. “We decide that it wasn’t our job to propose a curriculum. It was our job to have the faculty somehow come together and figure out what we needed to do. And what we have is based on the combined experiences of all of us as teachers.”

Hot Latin rhythms chase winter blues away

UNG hosting a Latin dance party next Thursday, Feb. 25
Staff Writer

What better way to chase away the cold February blahs than to dance to Latin rhythms?” said Emily Brandon, sponsor of the United Nations of Georgetown, in anticipation of the upcoming Latin dance party that UNG is hosting next Thursday, Feb. 25 in the Caf.

Free Latin dance lessons will be offered by Wence Peraza and Shannon Grosheim at 7 p.m., right before the party starts at 8 p.m. Every student who shares a love for Latin music and dance is invited to join the party and dance to the salsa, merengue, bachata and reggaeton music. “It will be a great event to have on campus to show everyone a unique culture. Hopefully we will have a good turnout and possibly have another party later in the semester,” said Angelina McCoy, coordinator of the party.

The United Nations of Georgetown has also been offering free Latin dance lessons every Thursday at 6:30 p.m. at the Rec.

Tori Murden McClure inspires GC

Copy Editor

What hasn’t Tori Murden McClure done? McClure presented the annual Collier Lecture in John L. Hill Chapel on Tuesday, Feb. 16. McClure is best known for being the first woman to row across the Atlantic Ocean, though, as anyone who has heard her speak can tell you, she has done far more than just row a boat.

She received an Bachelor of Arts degree from Smith College, a Masters in Divinity from Harvard University, a Justice Degree from the University of Louisville School of Law and an Master in Fine Arts in Writing from Spalding University. She currently serves on the board of trustees at Smith College and works as the Vice President of External Relations, Enrollment Management and Student Affairs at Spalding University. In the past, she has worked as a chaplain at Boston City Hospital, ran a shelter for women, and has worked with the mayor of Louisville and Muhammad Ali.

McClure was the first woman and the first American to row across the Atlantic Ocean alone, as well as the first woman and the first American to travel over land on skis to the geographical South Pole. During her lecture, McClure showed a video from “Inside Edition” which described her first attempt at the Atlantic crossing in 1998. The total distance of that trip was supposed to be 3,400 miles, but it was cut short when McClure’s boat got caught in Hurricane Danielle. Up to that point, McClure’s boat had capsized three times. During the hurricane, it capsized 11 times over the course of 12 hours and she received a painful shoulder injury before finally activating her distress beacon. When she was rescued by a container ship called Independent Spirit, she had been alone at sea for 85 days, a record time.

The following year on Sept. 13, 1999, McClure made the attempt again, this time traveling “the easy way”—from the coast of Africa to the island of Guadalupe. This trip was deemed easier because of the direction of the trade winds, which would blow in her favor. However, just as it seemed McClure would beat the record for an Atlantic crossing by one week, the trade winds turned against her. The first hurricane in recorded history to blow from west to east in those latitudes was headed in her direction. She called up her boyfriend at the time, Mack McClure, on the satellite phone in her boat, the American Pearl, and proposed to him. She then rowed continuously for the next week “so he wouldn’t change his mind.”

McClure also read some excerpts from her book, “A Pearl in the Storm,” and explained her fears and anger throughout her adventures, saying that it took some effort to realize that “I am, after all, a woman. We don’t slay our dragons. We embrace them.” She finally learned to accept that there will be times when she will not be able to fix everything and to embrace herself and her abilities as they are.

Pick-up line contest is a hit again

Contributing Writer

The 2nd Annual Pickup Line Contest took place last Thursday, Feb. 11 at 3 p.m. in the Grille. The timing was perfect, due to the fact that many students were in line for Cash EQ. The first round of contestants consisted of returning champion Christian Heavens, as well as Emily Lyon, Kito Albino, Patrick Cornette, Chris Hendrick, Alonzo Jones, Chris Lewis and Jonathan Yelton. The event was hosted by Georgetown College DJ Christopher Young.

“Excuse me do you have the time…the time to write my number!?” Lyon threw the first crowd-shocker of the competition. Cornette was next, saying, “Lick your finger…now wipe your shirt…let’s go get out of these wet clothes.” Requests for keeping the content of the lines clean were continually made throughout round two due to Lewis’ lines, such as, “If I told you, you had a beautiful body…would you hold it against me?”

Going into the final round, Christian was in first place, with Yelton, Hendrick, and Lyon not too far behind. The final four held down the fort of the competition, the competition ended with last year’s champion, Christian Heavens, coming in last but still winning the Students Choice Award. He said, “I look forward to taking my title back next year.” Third place was awarded to Hendrick, and in second place was Yelton. After all was said and done, Lyon was crowned the champion of the 2nd Annual Pickup Line Contest.

Around the WORLD!

News from all corners of the globe…

—An 11-year-old in New Hartford, N.Y. was recently charged with felony attempted second degree assault and misdemeanor fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon after he stabbed a classmate in the neck with a pencil while getting help on a math problem. Apparently, New Yorkers now regard pencils as weapons.

—Famed rapper Lil Wayne did not report for his one year of jail time last week, instead getting the judge to postpone his sentence so he could have some dental work done in Florida.

—Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has declared a state of emergency due to electricity shortages and rolling blackouts throughout the country. Chavez has ordered customers who increase usage 10 percent to pay 100 percent more on this month’s bill, and customers who increase usage by 20 percent have to pay 200 percent more this month. Those good customers who decrease their usage between 10 to 20 percent will get a 25 percent discount on their bill, while those decreasing usage by over 20 percent will only pay half of their regular bill this month.

—A statue of President Barack Obama at age 10 was recently taken out of a park in Jakarta, Indonesia after civil law suit was filed thanks to over 55,000 Indonesians who joined a Facebook group asking for it to be taken down because he is not an Indonesian hero. It will be re-erected in front of the school he attended for three years while living with his American mother and Indonesian step-father.


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