March 11, 2010 Volume CXXVII Issue 6

‘60s group rocks campus

Contributing Writer

The Epic’s are from the ‘60s.

Saturday night, the John L. Hill chapel resounded with oohs, aahs and shooby-doo-wahs and the stage was transformed into a rock n’ roll venue, complete with colorful spotlights and huge speakers. The ‘60s band The Epics performed a concert of oldies as the final even in the Foust Artist Series, which has been bringing fabulous performances such as The Spencers: Theater of Illusion and the play “Much To Do About Nothing” to Georgetown College this year.

The Epics was formed in 1959 by a group of high schoolers in Louisville, KY. The band became quite successful, making records and touring until 1965. They made waves having a female lead vocalist in a male-dominated era. In 1973, the band got together to play ‘60s music for a high school reunion and decided to get back together for good. Since then, they have been performing concerts of good old rock n’ roll for audiences who remember the ‘60s and those who simply love the music of the era. Saturday evening, the audience included both.

There were quite a number of Georgetown students present, as well as people from the surrounding community. In addition, there was a special section of seats reserved for guests who attended the President’s Dinner held earlier in the evening. After a brief introduction by lead singer Lynn Cline, the performance opened with a lively rendition of “Let’s Go to the Hop.” The show continued with various songs such as “Johnny B. Good,” “My Girl” and “Chain of Fools.”

Cline led some songs, while his daughter, Toni Renfro, or the other female singer Jean Ulmer lead others. Steve Hartley, the bass guitarist, also sang, sporting a surprisingly high range on “Rag Doll.” The other members of the band included David Beck on drums, and David Sisk on lead guitar. Tony Ratterman played keyboard, especially rocking during the song “Great Balls of Fire.” In between sets, the musicians would talk about changes going on in the music world and the world in general during the ‘60s. They also spoke of changes to the band, such as when they added female vocalists in 1962.

The final song of the concert was an a cappella version of “America the Beautiful,” sung in honor of our country and the people who serve it. The audience was asked to join in. The concert was a fun event, and the performance seemed authentic to what could have been seen in the ‘60s, albeit the musicians were quite a bit older. It was interesting to hear this type of music, which is usually not heard in concert. The audience seemed very entertained, and it is rumored that Dr. and Mrs. Crouch were seen dancing in the back.

Africa perseveres in recession

Dr. Mark Plant gives the Business Invited Speakers Series talk
Staff Writer

Dr. Mark Plant, African director at the International Monetary Fund (IMF), was the guest speaker for last Tuesday’s Business Invited Series lecture. The title of his lecture was ‘The Impact of the Great Recession on Africa’. He discussed the struggles Sub-Saharan Africa faced and is still facing. Africa was hit hard by the food and fuel crisis. Governments had to shift their focus from simply developing their countries to feeding the people and helping them survive. Then, shortly after this crisis, the great recession hit in 2008.

The three themes of the natural great recession that Dr. Plant discussed were that Africa was better prepared, than in previous crises, risks remain large and that medium-term challenges remain. The 2000s was a record decade for growth in Sub-Saharan Africa and the international reserves rose. Then there was an prominent drop once the recession hit. The IMF let money to low income countries during the recession but continued to warn them about risks that remain.

The following risks remained: a dependency on global recovery, weak banking systems aid dependency that leads to extra fragility that impedes growth. To help minimize or avoid these risks as a whole, countries were encouraged to Maintain macroeconomic stability, invest wisely and borrow prudently, address corruption problems and fight poverty. Sub-Saharan Africa is making progress but is not on track for 2015. Dr. Plant said, “You can’t erase corruption overnight and there is certainly corruption in Sub-Saharan Africa.” The recession hurt Africa badly. The good news is Africa was prepared and they just have to get through the medium-term obstacles.

Seniors one-stop shop

Contributing Writer

With Spring Break coming up next week, it’s time for seniors to start thinking about the future. The Senior Celebration helped seniors make sure they are ready for that which is looming ahead of them: graduation. The one-stop opportunity to prepare for graduation was on Wednesday, March 10 in the Hall of Fame Room in the Cralle Student Center. Senior Celebration gave seniors many opportunities to get things done all at once. First off, students received a schedule of the graduation events, and they were able to pick up their caps and gowns and order graduation paraphernalia such as personalized graduation announcements, Georgetown College rings, and diploma frames. This was also an opportunity for seniors to look into hotel information for their family members who will be attending graduation from out of town.

Students could verify that they are completely ready to graduate by making sure with the registrar’s office that all of their eligibility requirements have been met, and they could review their financial information with the business office. This was also a great time to set up appointments with financial planning. Seniors were also able to learn more about the opportunities and resources the Graves Center for Calling & Career has to offer them, and they were able to give their contact information so they can receive information about internships that relate to their degrees.

One of the best parts of the Senior Celebration was that students who received scholarships had the chance to write a thank you note to those who have contributed toward their education. As a senior, I was very excited about doing this, because I would not have been able to attend Georgetown College without the generosity of others. I suspect there were many others who are in the same position as me. There were also several prize drawings that seniors could register for. As one can see, Senior Celebration offered seniors many different things to help prepare for their last days at Georgetown and beyond. So before leaving for Spring Break, seniors could come to the Senior Celebration and get all those things out of the way, so they could enjoy Spring Break and their final days here at Georgetown College with a lot less stress.

Henna tattoos for all

Copy Editor

Sarah Summers receives a tattoo from artist Peggy Coots.

On Wednesday, March 3, several students sat down in the Grille and gave their fellow students henna tattoos. Peggy Coots, one of the artists for the evening, estimates that 100 students got henna tattoos that night. Students could choose from a variety of traditional designs or make special requests, like Sophomore S.E. Price, who chose an Indian elephant, but also requested the word “imagine” on her hand, referring to the Beatles song.

“I have always wanted a henna tattoo because I am really interested in the Indian culture. I really like the design that I got, but I would never want anything permanent. I chose an Indian elephant because I think the decorations that are painted on them are beautiful. I also had ‘imagine’ written on my hand for the John Lennon song.” –S.E. Price

“I absolutely LOVED my henna tattoo! It was so intricate and beautiful. Peggy Coots was my artist and I just told her to draw whatever she wanted and I ended up with an awesome swirly, flowered design that covered half of my left hand and my ring and pinky fingers also. I hope we have another “Henna Tattoo” night soon, because this one was so much FUN!” –Sarah Summers

“I’ve always loved Indian culture, especially weddings and the traditional Mehndi that the brides get before the ceremonies. I love my henna and plan on getting more traditional henna in the future!” –Hillary Jones

“When I was in Morocco I missed the chance of getting henna, so when I heard about it in the Grille I knew I couldn’t pass it up the second go around!” –Ashley Hashampour

“I got one before and I liked it so I got another one this time, floral design, around my wrist. I like them because they aren’t permanent and you can get whatever you want!” –Christy Graves

Hillary Jones gets henna on her hand.

Around the WORLD!

News from all corners of the globe…

-Voters in Switzerland recently rejected a proposal to allow animals to have court appointed and funded lawyers represent them. While animals needing lawyers may sound strange to us, it isn’t all that unusual in Switzerland. They already have laws stating that social animals such as pigs and goldfish cannot be kept alone and that dog owners have to take training courses to learn how to care for their pets.

-Over 200 snowboarders and skiers set a world record on CairnGorm Mountain in Scotland this week for having the most people simultaneously go down the mountain wearing kilts.

-Lady Gaga has again shocked the world. This time not because of her scandalous outfits and bizarre wigs, but with the revelation that she is not only single, but also celibate.

-In the late ‘70s a man named Rodney Alcala was “Bachelor Number One” on the hit show, “The Dating Game,” but now he is a prisoner, begging for his life. After his stint looking for love, he turned to murder, killing four women and a young girl. He is currently serving as his own attorney in the sentencing phase, hoping to again use his charm, but this time to win him his life rather than a date.


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