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Sports and Religion?

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This past Tuesday Dr. Robert Ellis, who is the Principal of Regents Park College of Oxford, gave an eloquent speech on sports. In his speech he discussed the history of sports and how the playing of sports relates to religion (in both the past and the present). During the speech Dr. Ellis pointed out many interesting things about sports. For example, it used to be a common occurrence for someone to die from injuries gained while participating in sports. Additionally, he pointed out the significance that religion had upon sports.

Dr. Ellis told his listeners about the Cotswold Olimpick Games, which were given permission from King James I in 1612. At this point in his speech Dr. Ellis challenged his audience to view a YouTube video on “shin kicking” which was one of the games played during the Cotswold Olimpick Games. If you have not done this (or you did not attend the speech) I would recommend that you do, some of the videos are very entertaining.

After speaking for a few moments on the Cotswold Olimpick Games, Dr. Ellis reminded his audience of the strict religious views of the Puritans during the seventeenth century. He pointed out that the Puritans desired to abolish sports altogether (because of their connection with pagan religions and the violence that was involved in the playing of sports which, they believed, was not proper conduct on the Sabbath day). Later in his speech Dr. Ellis went on to say that sports (as we know them today) began to develop when Christianity hit its peak and began to decline. Even though he pointed out that some professional athletes do refuse to play sports on Sunday (or the day they set aside for worship) and that this showed religion still plays a part in the playing of sports, he questioned whether sports were beginning to take the part in people’s lives that religion used to play.

In his conclusion, Dr. Ellis left his audience with intriguing thoughts regarding the development of sports and, especially, professional sports.

Trash Fashions

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Last Thursday at 5 p.m. students and community members gathered to see the Trash Fashions of Jamie McIntosh. The show also included fashions made and presented by students of Georgetown College. Several students presented works that they had made and gave brief descriptions of their works. The following picture shows a student-made skirt made of Capri Sun pouches. The students had many interesting works many of which were very insightful. Many of the student works were commentaries on fashion and things that we commonly throw away without thinking about it.

The main attraction of the evening followed the students’ presentations. Jamie McIntosh presented works made with many different and unique materials. Some of the materials she used included: tents, blankets, and plastic bags. The following are pictures of some of her creations. The two works located furthest to the left in this picture were a set. The set included a matching man’s coat and a woman’s dress, both of these items were made from a tent that McIntosh found in her neighborhood. The red and black dress that is visible in the picture was made from a blowup chair. The work furthest to the right was made from a tarp and a SpongeBob blowup chair. Audience members were impressed with the creativity and inspiration shown by McIntosh and the students. These works must have taken a lot of time, energy, and dedication.


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