April 22, 2010 Volume CXXVII Issue 11

With the first pick in the draft…

With players going up and some cashing down, the NFL Draft is sure to bring madness
Sports Editor

“With the first pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, the St. Louis Rams select Sam Bradford, quarterback, Oklahoma.” And with these few, simple words the NFL Draft will be off and running. This is the time of the year when General Managers and coaches alike look at their squads, critique their roster and fill in the blanks with some big college names and some big college busts. The draft is a risky endeavor because teams never know what they are getting. The only way that NFL owners can judge players is by game film, team workouts and combines, and that doesn’t even get close to speaking towards a player’s potential in the NFL. At the NFL level, the speed of the game changes, the players get a lot bigger and the hits come harder than ever. The only way to find out how a player will perform in the NFL is to throw him into a game and see for yourself.

For those of you out there that are unfamiliar with the draft but still feel the need to read the sports section (thank you to all of my loyal readers), here is how the draft works. All 32 NFL teams get one pick in the first round. The teams are ordered by their win-lose record the previous season (with the worst teams getting the better picks) and the picks are 1-32, with the first pick being the best. Once the first pick is made every team is on the clock and has a certain amount of time to talk it over and figure out who they want to pick. There are a total of 239 picks without compensatory picks (255 including compensatory picks) and each team has a different number of picks. This is a short version of how the draft works and it is really pretty simple.

This draft could be one of the best drafts in a long time because of the franchise like abilities from some of the players. Players like Jimmy Clausen (quarterback, Notre Dame), Ndamukong Suh (defensive tackle, Nebraska), Eric Berry (safety, Tennessee) and Sam Bradford (quarterback, Oklahoma) are all players that owners can build a team around and some owners want to do just that. Let’s take a look back at the five biggest flops in recent draft history. Remember, these five guys were the biggest things coming out of college and were supposed to be future NFL stars.

1. Ryan Leaf, quarterback, Washington State.

Leaf was taken with the second overall pick in the 1998 NFL Draft by the San Diego Chargers and he flopped big time. Aside from his publicized tantrums and rants that the media feasted on, he threw 13 touchdown passes to 33 interceptions in two seasons. Leaf was taken right behind Peyton Manning. That deserves an LOL.

2. Akili Smith, quarterback, Oregon.

Smith was taken with the third overall pick by the Bengals in the 1999 NFL Draft and was an immediate failure. He started 17 games in four years with the Bengals and was cut in 2001, cut again by the Packers in 2003 and once more by the Buccaneers in 2005. Yet another great draft by the Cincinnati Bengals.

3. Tony Mandarich, offensive tackle, MichiganState.

Mandarich was taken by the Packers with the second overall pick in the 1989 NFL Draft and was considered the next great tackle. He never came close and was cut in 1992. In addition, Barry Sanders was taken right after him in the Draft. Good choice Packers.

4. Heath Shuler, quarterback, Tennessee.

Shuler was taken by the Redskins with the third overall pick in the 1994 draft and was an epic fail. Shuler held out for 13 days and then played poorly. Gus Frerotte, a seventh round pick out of Tulsa, beat him out of the starting job. I bet it’s hard getting beat out by a seventhround pick.

5. Lawrence Phillips, running back, Nebraska.

Phillips was the sixth overall pick in the 1996 NFL Draft and had serious character questions. He lasted 25 games with the Rams before being released in 1997 for insubordination. Here is a great example of an overpaid crybaby that deserves the boot. Jokes on you, Lawrence.

Karlet loses the interim tag

Staff Writer

Brian Karlet is no longer an interim, butthe official head coach.

After serving as the interim baseball coach since November, Brian Karlet is finally the head coach as his interim tag was taken off this past week. The administration has watched him all year and has seen how he can lead this group of young men. They were more than happy to welcome him to the official head coaching position. Karlet said on the GC Athletics website that, “It is definitely an honor. From day one, I approached this as if I was already the head coach and not just for this year, but for the future. I was passionate about Tiger baseball when I was a player here, and I’m still passionate about the program now as its coach.”

Karlet has made an instant impact on the position as his team is third in the MSC Conference. Just in the past couple of weeks they have swept St. Catharine and split the series with no. 14 ranked Rio Grande to boost their record back to .500 at 23-23. However, the most impressive thing is their conference record. The Tigers are sitting at 18-4 in the conference with a series coming up against Campbellsville to finish out conference play. Karlet noted the fantastic conference play in the same interview, but said his team needs to find ways to get out of conference wins as well.

The Tigers started off the season in a rough manner against tough non-conference opponents and had a 4-12 record to show for it. Since conference play started they have gone 19-11 and are looking to make a big splash in the post-season. They have home games coming up against Campbellsville on the 23 and 24, so go out and support the Tigers as they head down towards the end of the season and a spot in the MSC Conference Tournament.

NBA Playoffs shoot and score

Lebron James continues to amaze in the Playoffs by splitting the Bulls defense on his way to the rack.

Carmello Anthony attempts to block a shot against the Jazz in the first round.

D-Wade just doing his thing against the Celtics.

Steve Nash gets around a Blazers defender.

Kevin Durant dunks over Lamar Odom in the first round of the NBA Playoff’s.


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