February 18, 2010 Volume CXXVII Issue 3

Tigers take down Cumberlands, West Va. Tech, prepare for Pikeville

Contributing Writer

Junior Eddie Gray finishes up a free throw.

In moments of weakness, you return to your fan base for support. Head Coach Happy Osborne called on students in the cafeteria this past Thursday, hoping to create a college basketball atmosphere that could propel the Tigers to victory. The students and the team both came through in a big way as Georgetown College defeated Cumberlands 66-57. The team made it two straight wins by edging West Virginia Tech 87-69 on Saturday.

Georgetown’s win over Cumberlands was a roller coaster ride of back and forth basketball from tip time to the final buzzer. Coach Osborne could be seen raising his hands throughout the second half, asking the crowd to get on their feet for the home team. He said, “I’ve got to attribute our win Thursday to our students. They were outstanding. They changed the game.” The Tigers trailed 32-28 at the half, but clawed back in the second half by outscoring Cumberlands 38-25. The team shot 52 percent from the floor, but just 56 percent from the free throw line.

Senior Kyle Saxton scored 16 points and grabbed 7 rebounds for Georgetown. However, he gave students all the love after the game. “Our fans really came out. Happy made an announcement at lunch today and it really worked. The student section was great. It was just a great atmosphere. And just a good game all around.” Senior Hollis Giles, named Mid-South Conference Player of the Week on Feb. 8, scored 16 points in the win. Soph-omore Vic Moses had 13 points and 6 rebounds for the Tigers.

Georgetown built on the Cumberlands win by defeating West Virginia Tech on the road. Moses was one of four Tigers in double figures, scoring 18 points in the game. The Tigers shot more than 49 percent from the field, and handed Tech their second straight loss. Saxton has confidence in the Tiger’s ability to continue to win big games: “I think we can build on it, just from the fact of how we played down the stretch. We stayed poised. We really took care of the ball. And really played great defense.”

With four games remaining, Georgetown moves to 19-6 and 7-3 in the Mid-South Conference. The Tigers have a chance to get a share of first place in the conference if they can defeat Pikeville College at home on Thursday night. Coach Osborne is hoping students will turn out in droves like they did for the Cumberlands game. “We need to pack it. We’ve got to have the same support that we had [against Cumberlands] or better.” Pikeville defeated Georgetown on Jan. 21 by a final of 76-65. Tip is set for 8:00 p.m. from Davis-Reid Alumni Gymnasium. Come out and support the Tigers as they come down the home stretch of the season.

Sophomore Vic Moses puts up a shot.

Senior Hollis Giles puts up a three against Cumberlands.

Athlete Spotlight: Hollis Giles

This senior from Houston is looking for more than accolades and wins; he wants a championship.
Contributing Writer

Hollis posing for the 2009-10 team picture.

What age did you start playing basketball? Was it always the sport that you loved the most?

-Three. No, football. I played pee-wee football, but not middle school and high school. I regret not playing football.

Who is your favorite NBA player and team?

-My favorite NBA teams are the Houston Rockets and the Denver Nuggets. My favorite player is Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heat.

Tell me something that no one on campus might know about you.

-I love to shop for clothes and shoes.

Who is the best player in the NBA—Kobe or Lebron? Why?

-Kobe because he is an assassin. Lebron is really good, but until he wins a championship, he can’t be the best. Kobe has a championship and has gotten it done before, while Lebron has yet to do that.

What is your favorite memory here at Georgetown?

-The snow because I just like looking at the snow. I might complain about it sometimes, but I love seeing how much snow is outside.

Who are the funniest players on the basketball team?

-Eddie Gray and Teshawn Byron. They do so much random stuff. Teshawn does impressions of everybody especially Johonne’s voice and expressions. Eddie is just off the wall all the time, but everyone on the team is really funny.

Does Vic Moses ever get mad?

-Yeah, he gets mad but it’s a rarity for Vic to get really mad. I won’t even call it mad, I would call it more getting upset. He is showing more emotion this year than the first two years I was here.

What has been your take on how the season has gone this year?

-It’s been a really rocky road. We’ve had our ups and downs because people have gotten hurt, and we have had a lot of close losses. The way the season has gone [combined] with all the situations that we have [gone] through, I think has better prepared us for the rest of the year.

If you were not a basketball player, what do you think that you would be doing right now?

-I know I wouldn’t be a regular college student. I would probably be playing football.

If you could pick one team in the Mid-South Conference to play in the championship game and hit a buzzer beater against who would it be and why?

-I don’t really care who it is against because if they are good enough to be in the championship with us they are good enough for me to make the shot against. If I had to pick someone though it would be Pikeville.

What does Hollis Giles like to do in his free time?

-Watch all sports on television, but mostly basketball. I could sit and watch television all day. I am a very mellow person that likes to enjoy my time and hang out with my friends.

Describe for the ladies a date with Hollis Giles.

-Dinner and a movie, whatever they want to watch, especially chick flicks. I like watching chick flicks.

What are some of your upcoming goals?

-My upcoming goals are to win the regular season conference, the postseason conference tournament, a national championship and to graduate in May. After graduation, I would love to play basketball somewhere. I would [like to] play basketball until I can’t play it anymore.

If you could vacation anywhere in the world, where would it be? Why?

-I would say China because it is a fashion capital and they have some of the most advanced technology. They also have Air Force Ones for $20.

Finish this sentence: Hollis Giles wants to be remembered for…

-I would like to be remembered as a basketball player that people look at as someone who did whatever it took to win. Off the court I would like to be remembered as a mellow person that was cool to be around and hang out with.

Hollis Giles prepares to put up a shot from distance.


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