November 11, 2010 Volume CXXVIII Issue 9

“The Gondoliers” sails into hearts
of audience members

Staff Writer

Michael Cannon, left, and Daniel Ng, both title characters in “The Gondoliers,” were also featured on the promotional posters seen around the community.

While Georgetown has offered tons of amazing programs and speakers, this is the first opera I have had the pleasure of attending. I have always loved operas and musicals, and I hoped this would be one to remember. I was not disappointed. Every aspect of a good opera was present, and it made for an awesomely entertaining show. Directed by Dr. Heather Hunnicutt, “The Gondoliers” (libretto by W. S. Gilbert and music by Sir Arthur Sullivan) is a hilarious production that was brilliantly put together.

Set in Venice and in the imaginary country of Barataria, the story of the opera centers on the charismatic and handsome gondolier brothers, Marco and Giuseppe (played fabulously by seniors Michael Cannon and Daniel Ng, respectively). The brothers show up in a piazza in Venice with the intention to marry two lucky ladies. To not be biased, they choose the women while blindfolded. Tessa and Gianetta (senior Sable Floyd and junior Victoria Engelhardt are perfect as the lovely ladies) are the winners of the gentlemen’s hearts. Enter the Duke of Plazo-Toro, his wife the Duchess (portrayed by one of my favorite real-life couples, seniors Chuck Harris and Haley Howard), and their daughter Casilda (played by the fabulous soprano, senior Rae Dunn). They have traveled from Spain to Venice to speak with the Grand Inquisitor of Spain, Don Alhambra (hilariously played by sophomore Shakir Mackey), to tell him that Casilda is heiress to the throne of Barataria. What they do not know is that Casilda is already in love with another man: the personal attendant of the family, Luiz (played delightfully by sophomore Nathan Van Til). The twist of the story begins when we find out one of the gondolier brothers is King. This presents a problem between Marco, Giuseppe, Tessa and Gianetta (who are now married) and of course Casilda and Luiz (who I rooted for to end up together). The plot is great, and was played out amazingly. This had everything to do with the actors, who were all simultaneously talented in their roles.

While the actors were great, so were the costumes, sets and the working gondola. The costumes worn by all characters were stunning and accurate. They looked exactly as they should for the time period. The wigs, sparkling accessories and fluffy dresses were my favorites. I was immensely impressed by the background, which represented a sparkling piazza and palace. It was entwined with beautiful colors that changed with the lighting and added to the feel of the setting. When the opera began, the real-life gondola blew me away. It was an awesome addition to the setting and it really added to the scenes. While costumes and settings further made the opera a success, the music and singing was something to really be impressed by.

Before the opera began, the audience was given a treat by being able to listen to the amazing orchestra. Conducted by H.M. Lewis, the ensemble was made up of Georgetown students and faculty, as well as members of the Lexington Philharmonic. The orchestra added so much to the performance and was perfectly presented. However, the opera would not be as great as it was without the stunning vocal talents of the actors and Chorale members. Cannon and Ng had superb vocals and added so much to their characters because of their talents. Floyd and Engelhardt were perfectly suited for the leading ladies and their singing parts definitely showed this, as they each have beautiful voices.

Overall, (if you have not noticed yet) I was very impressed by “The Gondoliers.” It was funny, romantic and the fact that it was put on by people I knew made it even better. The title characters were perfect, the Duke and Duchess absolutely hilarious, and all performers were perfectly chosen for their roles. Kudos to the Department of Music for putting on such a great show, and for choosing such talented students to be a part of this production. “The Gondoliers” was a show not to be missed, and was a top-notch event at Georgetown.



Calling all students!

Calling all students: Show It!, a juried exhibition of student art organized by SODAH, will be on view in the Anne Wright Wilson Fine Arts Gallery Nov. 29 – Dec. 9, 2010. Submissions are due Tuesday, Nov. 23. Juror Julie Schweitzer, Executive Director of The Arts Council of Southern Indiana, will speak about professional opportunities for emerging artists at 4:15 p.m., during the opening reception, Monday, November 29, 4-6 p.m.

For more information about submissions, please contact Professor Daniel Graham at or Gallery Director Laura Stewart at



Coloring contest!

Pick your favorite cartoon character, color it and submit to mailbox 708. The Georgetonian staff will pick a winner and announce it in the next issue. Submissions are due Tuesday, Nov. 16 by noon. Make sure to include your name in the submission.


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