September 30, 2010 Volume CXXVIII Issue 4

This Aggression Will Not Stand, Man

– The Big Lebowski
Back Page Editor/Bad Egg/Debbie Downer/“That Guy”

This article is written in response to the opinion column that may be found in Volume CXXVIII Issue 3, published the week of September 23, 2010. Enjoy.

For those of you unfamiliar to that which this article is responding, you need to read the paper. Our SGA President wrote an article that, ironically and regardless of intention, attempted to supress the opinion of a large portion of the student body and the Back Page.

To be frank, the shots taken in last week’s issue at the Back Page, its editor and the majority of the student body in the Opinion Column were very poorly executed. A response is unfortunately necessary due to the overwhelming lack of general understanding present in said opinion column. Also, I write this column each week in the LRC. Take that. I am out of my fraternity house.

First and foremost, we are still left questioning what, if anything, SGA can claim to actually accomplish on campus. To say that SGA and GAC are quite clearly separated by $8,000 and three letters is not a very convincing claim to identity. SGA organizes events and sends us emails. GAC organizes events and sends us emails. It is unlikely anyone can accurately identify a significant practical difference between the two organizations.

It is the job of a real SGA, though not Georgetown’s SGA, to also effect policy change. That’s right, policy change. Or at least to give all students a real voice in the legislative process. To date, SGA fails with respect to each of these responsibilities.

A direct quote from our SGA President in last week’s article states, “Stop complaining about the alcohol policy. It’s a policy.” The assertion here is that our policies must be followed without dissention merely because they are already in place. Any rational person could point out quite quickly that it takes an interesting individual to uphold that this is proper justification for maintenance of any policy. Suppose if a policy was in place saying we should all grab our left butt cheeks while trumpeting like an elephant and rubbing our left chests for five hours each Thursday. Under the presumed justification this policy’s mere existence necessitates obedience. Wrong. Policy should be followed because it is right or because it is good and beneficial for everyone. The student body is allowed to disagree with policy. What’s more, students are encouraged by this editor to, not only disagree, but vocalize such disagreement so that the student voice may be heard. One day, hopefully, our voice will be listened to as well.

This brings us to our next interesting claim from the article against the Back Page and a percentage of the student body. It was also stated that, “Putting words on the backpage of The Georgetonian to stir things up is far from an investment.” At least get it right, it’s Back Page, please. Putting words on the Back Page for no reason would be a waste of time for the editor and the readers. But voicing honest opinion is quite the investment, given that few people actually do it in the face of the Death Eaters and Dementors. Things will be stirred up because this editor cares about the college and would prefer improvement to complacency by the student body or ambiguity from the Administration. This is a real investment; wearing Orange and Black on Fridays, because you were told to do so, is not.

To be fair, it would be great if our sports teams at the very least could receive more support. That is about the only point that was well taken. Admittedly, this editor is unashamed to profess that he is exceptionally partial to the Women’s Soccer team (shout out to the senior girls). However, every team deserves our respect and our time for the sacrifices they make on a daily basis. This editor would love it if 500 students showed up for every football game (or basketball, baseball, volleyball, etc) and were loud enough to hinder the other team. Personally, this editor would love to get thrown out of a football game for heckling a ref as well (it’s on my Senior to-do list, fear not).

The student body is tired of this supposed “pushing” for policy that it was claimed the SGA can accomplish. This editor would like it finally, after three years, to come to shove. Georgetown does not have thousands of opportunities; there are not that many floors in all of our buildings combined. We have four years to take advantage of the privilege of excellent academics and faculty, enjoy the friends we make, travel if we’re lucky, and hope to God the job market improves and that one day we can pay off our student loans with a job we enjoy.

In an effort to be the voice of reason, this Back Page will be improved and it will be sharpened. There are many questions left to ask and to be answered. For instance, one must wonder how in the world our college is still financially tanking and has yet to be rescued by the donations and generosity of alumni. Perhaps there are some very real issues between Georgetown and former students who have long since graduated. That disconnect does not need to be perpetuated any longer between student body and SGA. You can do many things, but do not tell us to be quiet. If you do, pretty soon you will be on that train on your own.

Finally, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named has no heart because he performed spells on himself to defy death and achieve monstrous power so that he can kill Harry Potter and conquer the known world. Everyone knows that.

This week’s Beverage Recommendation for your Parents is Stone Ruination IPA. It is not for those with a weak constitution. Imbibe at your own peril.

“Rather proclaim it, Westmoreland, through my host, That he which hath no stomach to this fight, Let him depart; his passport shall be made, And crowns for convoy put into his purse; We would not die in that man’s company, That fears his fellowship to die with us.” - Willaim Shakespeare’s Henry V


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