December 9, 2010 Volume CXXVIII Issue 12

Gift giving guide for her and him

News Editor

This is the perfect gift for Twilight fans.

Isn’t it truly the best time of the year? This is the point when people begin to get in the Christmas season with their holiday decorations, constant fire hazards of trees and candles and snowmen running amok with joy; Christmas is truly here and not a minute too soon.

In case you haven’t heard, there are only 16 days left in the shopping season, so you better get busy!

Although for most, myself included, you will surely put off shopping as the last thing on your to-do list because of the hassle of the crowds, idiots, women drivers and lines longer than new rides at Kings Island.

The best thing to do is online shopping: I can get slippers for mom, a new watch for dad, some movies for my sister and another useless vase for my grandmother without leaving my living room. Isn’t technology nice?

These flats are made for dancing with your special someone.

I recently had someone ask me what they should get their girlfriend for Christmas, to which I replied, “jewelry or something else shiny.” If you have a significant other at this time you are by no doubt stressing out about what to get him/her. Fear not, I have the answers for you right here. You don’t even have to leave your dorm to order it.

For her:

Scene It? Deluxe Twilight Edition: For those of you who think “Twilight” is for prepubescent girls and their moms, you are wrong. I know a lot of college age girls that went to see the movie on opening night and talked about it for days. This is a great gift that will feed her craze for Edward or Jacob, whichever she prefers. $19.99, Custom Photo Book. Guys be warned: This one will take some work. What you need to do is get together some of her favorite photos from the year of you and her or whatever you choose. You can scan them and put them all on a website in your “photo basket.” Lulu will then put all of your photos in an album and you can organize it all and do all the fancy razzle dazzle with it too. Or take the lazy route: simply get her registered on the website and let her do it all. T h a t ’ s m o r e like it. Starting at $14.99,

Forever 21 Sequin Flats: Bear with me guys, as this does sound pretty lame, but oh the points you will score on that silent night. Get her these flats that are nice and flashy looking. Once she opens them, she will think, “oh great, more shoes!”

However, tell her to keep digging. In the bottom of the box you will have placed a note that says, “One free dinner and a night of dancing on me.” Next, watch her melt. I have yet to meet a girl who doesn’t enjoy a nice carb-filled dinner and dancing. The shoes are $10.50 at The dancing will vary by joint.

A good, classic date night: Guys, this will take a little work, but it will be

A dinner for two will win you lots of points this Christmas.

worth it (see silent night line above). Here’s the situation: she’s nagging you because you never spend any time together, so you invite her over for a nice evening. Here’s what you need: a good recipe, a romantic comedy and some music.

First, start off by cooking her dinner. Even if you have to have your mother cook it before and you simply heat it up (yes, I am guilty of this) just do it.

Next, watch the movie “Julie and Julia” ($9.99, This is a nice romantic comedy that will be good for her and you can suffer through. Next, you move the coffee table, roll up the rug, turn on the Barry White or Bing Crosby and do your thing. This is a nice night that she will never forget and will make for a memorable Christmas.

For him:

Your guy will love these M&M’s of his favorite sports team.

Microbrew of the Month club: This one your guy will really love. With this club the lucky guy will receive twelve bottles of premium brew (four different kinds) once a month from breweries all across the country. The company has three, six, nine and twelve month packages. The price wasn’t listed but for more information go to

NFL Team logo M and M’s: This is simply a fun way to say that you care about something he cares about. You care about him enough to remember his favorite team and that he loves chocolate. You don’t have to get NFL teams either. You can get college logos, NHL teams or pretty much anything you want. $29.97



Sports Editor

Warren Taylor can often be found at the library circulation desk.

If you’ve ever checked out a book from the LRC, you probably recognize the face of Warren Taylor, a senior whose job in the library has become an important part of his identity.

“Even when I’m not on duty, people still ask me questions about the library if I am eating dinner or trying to do my homework. A friend of mine used to joke he knew that I lived there,” said Taylor, who says that one of his hobbies is bringing a crazy presence to his job. He’s even been known to hand out “gold stars” to the most quiet library patrons.

As a history major, Taylor says he loves a good story, and “history is the story of humanity.”

“Plus you get juicy stuff like the heads rolling at the height of the French Revolution or the fact that William Howard Taft got stuck in the White House bathtub,” he added.

His favorite class was History of the South with Dr. Lykins, and his adviser, Dr. Liyan Liu, earned the spot as his favorite professor. Dr. Liu has not only given him great advice and believed in him, but also helped him get a forthcoming article published in the “American Review of Chinese Studies.”

While at GC, Taylor also won the Mary Wharton Award for American History, and hopes to one day be a college professor specializing in Appalachian and Southern history. He plans to attend graduate school at UK or the University of Georgia next fall in order to earn his Ph.D.

Taylor’s friend, GC faculty and staff member Kyle Potter, said of Taylor, “[His] keen intellectual curiosity is driven by the conviction that understanding the past really can guide people to a better future.”

Taylor chose Georgetown College because he liked the location (close to his home in Paris, Ky.) and the size of the school—“small like my high school so I would not be swallowed up in a sea of humanity,” he explained.

Now, almost four years after arriving here, Taylor feels he’s grown and changed. “When I came into G-Town I was a very opinionated and standoffish person. Now I think I’ve learned to appreciate people for who they are and have realized that the world is a lot bigger than my own head or dorm room.”

Two parts of the world that especially interest Taylor are Appalachia and the South. “My passion in life is making sure that the people from the South and Appalachian regions have their stories told and everything that has shaped their way of life examined in detail,” he explained. “I would also like to document the ongoing struggle against mountaintop removal and do some work involving Appalachian ghost lore; I love urban legends and ghost stories.”

Taylor’s other interests include reading, watching great films that “make [him] cringe and think at the same time,” and debating at the dinner table. He spends a good deal of his spare time watching movies, and thus far has watched 68 of the International Movie Database’s Top 250 Movies.

He also enjoys keeping up with blogs—“I love original writing by everyday people because it offers you a look into lives and situations that everyone might overlook if someone didn’t document them.”

Taylor’s favorite musicians are Johnny Cash or Alice in Chains, his favorite movies are “The Dark Knight” and “Friday Night Lights,” and his favorite book is “Ender’s Game” by Orson Scott Card. He’s an only child who credits his parents with giving him the freedom to make his own choices while keeping the pressure on him to make the right decisions in life.

On a somewhat random note, Taylor’s list of lifetime goals includes eating a 72- ounce steak, and every time he tries to throw a water bottle into a trash can, he misses, even from a foot away. “I also have an unhealthy obsession with eating spicy food,” he said.

If given his college experience to do over again, Taylor would “take more risks socially and intellectually.” He advises underclassmen to “leave everything in your heart on the table at the end of the day. If you put everything into your day and do everything you can for the people you love, I think you can be a little perfect.”

To close, here are a few words from Nick Hemlepp, a former Georgetown student and a friend of Taylor’s. “Ask me, any day, how would I want to end my life when the zombie apocalypse comes, and I’ll have one answer. I want a Risk board, a couple bottles of old Maker’s Mark, and Warren Taylor. This man is my brother. He is a wise man, full of fight. Warren is a man worthy of my highest distinction and praise. He may have his flaws, but I guess being a PS3 man is a forgivable sin. This man will be seen as one of the good men of Georgetown, and a great man of our generation. I give you my brother, my keeper, my best friend…Warren.”


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