November 11, 2010 Volume CXXVIII Issue 9

Social networking

Opinion Editor

Myspace is so middle school. Or so people tell me.

There are so many social networking options in the world today that I really have a hard time keeping track of it all. We have Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and a seemingly unending list of more of them popping up and disappearing on a daily basis.

According to, quite a few of the top 100 websites in the United States are social networking sites or include some social network capabilities (like Windows Live Groups being available on the Windows Live website, etc.).

As you might guess, Facebook is the second most popular website in the US. Twitter comes in at number 8, LinkedIn is number 15 and Myspace is actually still hanging in there at number 19.

But given today’s overshared world, do we really need so many social network sites? Some variety and options are appreciated, but pulling up the Wikipedia listing of social networking sites is a little terrifying. How can the busy students and faculty of Georgetown College possibly navigate the potential minefield of social networking and over-sharing?

To be honest, I do not really know the best way to sort through all of this information. I had a Myspace profile for a couple of years, but deleted it two years ago because I only ever used it to communicate with one or two people and it was just too much hassle to keep up with.

I certainly liked the option to customize my profile, but only to a certain extent. Several of my friends had profiles in blindingly bright and sparkly designs with multiple additions (virtual pets, drawings, music—Myspace was truly a site that horrified all of my senses at times).

As I mentioned, I deleted my Myspace account. I do still have accounts with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and quite possibly some other social networking sites that everyone (including me) has forgotten over the years.

People who know me well, though, can tell you that I am pretty terrible at keeping up with the social network world. I rarely update my Facebook status, it’s practically a miracle when I use my Twitter and I do not think I have ever even finished setting up my LinkedIn profile information.

Being a busy college student makes it difficult to manage all three of these accounts, but I do my best. Each site has its own positives, negatives and funny quirks, but it is for each person to decide which fits their needs best.

Facebook is my personal addiction of choice. It has options for fun apps, goofy quizzes and other timewasters that provide perfect procrastination opportunities. However, choosing your friends wisely is a must so that you don’t have an entire news feed dedicated to a single person’s life (or perhaps lack thereof).

Twitter is what Facebook was before it allowed apps to take over. It is basically a constant stream of status updates, but one in which you can see what your favorite celebrities are doing and find out what the entire twitterverse thinks about a given topic, depending on what is trending at any given moment.

LinkedIn, a professional social network, is extremely useful for those entering the job market, but is really nowhere near as fun or addictive as the others. LinkedIn provides groups that you can join to show your affiliations with fraternities, sororities, honors organizations, corporations or non-profit organizations.

In the end, which social networking sites you choose to use have to be based on your personal preferences and needs. I like to keep up with my friends’ lives, so I choose Facebook. I like to hear what my friends and favorite celebrities think about, so I choose Twitter. I like the idea of getting a job when I graduate, so I choose LinkedIn. What you choose is up to you.



Thankful in November gathers a large following

Participants seek to focus on the positive aspects of their lives that often go unnoticed
Staff Writer

In an example of the types of pictures for this event, Whitley Arens says, “I am thankful for Hillary Jones. And the awesome pictures we take during Georgetonian layout.”

Fourteen days until Thanksgiving Break and counting! And ‘tis the season to be thankful. But as this semester winds down and finals are ever-approaching, it’s easy to overlook the small joys of the day in light of all the work we have coming forward.

No matter how busy we are, we’re all guilty of making time to check Facebook. This month there has been a challenge posted to remember the little things that brighten each day called “Thankful in November.”

However, November was not the start of the “Thankful” series. Mrs. Anna Calvert in Admissions at Georgetown was inspired to create her own “Thankful in October” after a friend of hers posted things she was thankful for each day in September. After mourning a miscarriage in July, Mrs. Calvert’s friend decided to turn her outlook on life around and honor all that she had to be thankful for in life. Seeing this change in her friend, Anna decided she would transform her October, the busiest month for Admissions, into a time she could reflect positively on and was very pleased with the personal benefits she reaped.

At the end of October, another member of the GC family, Evan Harrell, contacted Anna to ask if “Thankful In…” could extend to November and all of his Facebook friends, who would invite their friends, and so on. Of course, she was thrilled at the challenge!

“Thankful in November” now boasts over 850 members, a number that has surprised both Evan and Anna and continues to rise. Each day those “attending” are encouraged to upload a picture or tag a status of what they are thankful for. Recent posts celebrate family and friends, exciting opportunities, naps and even the heat in Knight Hall (though this may have been a bit too early). Big or small, sharing the things that make our day even a little bit better “can change the outlook on what would have normally been a bad day,” explains Mrs. Calvert. It’s important to “not overlook the small things when searching for the bigger things,” she continues.

Next time you take a Facebook break from studying for that huge Bio exam, take a look at what all of your friends are celebrating. You just may remember something you’re grateful for. In season or out, it’s never too late to be “Thankful in November” and invite your friends to be as well!




Amanda’s BFF

Amanda Hamilton roars ferociously in her favorite color.

Unique, outgoing and not afraid to speak her mind. This is how friends might describe Amanda Hamilton, a senior History and Religion double major from Hopkinsville, Ky. Or, in her words, “more like Sinking Fork, but who really knows where that is?”

Many people may think having two majors along with being involved with multiple campus activities (Hamilton is a member of Phi Mu Fraternity, Campus Ministries Leadership Team and Christian Leadership Scholars) is a lot of work, but not when it’s something you’re passionate about.

Why History and Religion? “I chose history because I’ve always been interested in history and had an amazing history teacher in high school. I chose religion because I want to work in ministry at some point when I graduate, most possibly campus ministries.”

Aside from these interests, Hamilton says she is most passionate about people. “I love people. I love getting to know people. I love understanding new people’s points of view.” This passion is translating into her post-GC plans, as she hopes to attend graduate school and enter a program in higher education, possibly college student personnel, since her dream job would be, “Getting paid to nap, but that’s not going to happen, so probably getting paid to hang out with awesome college students.”

When asked why she chose Georgetown College for her undergraduate studies, she said, “I was really impressed with the freshman living situation. It had always been my goal to live in an oven…okay maybe not, but it was my campus tour and the promise of great community.” While a student here, her favorite professor has been Dr. Emerick, handsdown, and her favorite class has been Philosophy of Religion.

On a non-academic note, Hamilton says her favorite color is pink and it “has been since almost the day I was born. When I was five, I had a room the color of Pepto-Bismol. My mom always said it gave her a headache when the sun was shining.”

Her favorite movie of alltime is “Curly Sue” and her favorite on-campus food was snack wraps (pre-WOW), but is now tortellini (post-WOW). She looks forward to Hanging of the Green, her favorite CEP, each year and if she won the lottery she would “Buy my mom a house and a brand new car. Then pay off my debt from college and spend the rest of my life traveling the world,” probably making Australia one of her first stops, since it is where her dream vacation would take place.

If she were stranded on a desert island, she would want to have “lots of sunscreen (I’m a ginger, you know), a beach umbrella (the ginger thing again), and a lifetime supply of Cadbury Creme Eggs.” But she would like to make an additional note about her ginger status, saying, “I’m a ginger, but, weirdly enough, I have a soul.”

When asked about her favorite memory while at Georgetown, she said it was “Chapel Day. I felt like a super star…everyone yelling for me and super excited to see me run out of the chapel. It was great.”

While she has made many great memories at Georgetown, some of her best memories come from her study abroad experience at Kingston University in London, England last semester.

In fact, the one thing she might have done differently in her undergraduate career is choosing to spend an entire year abroad, instead of just one semester. She strongly encourages all students to take advantage of study abroad opportunities.

“Studying abroad was the best experience of my life. It will change your life in ways you can’t image and give you opportunities of a lifetime. Remember, Georgetown will still be here when you get back, but you won’t always have the time or money to spend five months living in a foreign country for fun.”

She also advises underclassmen to “Work hard, but don’t forget college is about way more than your grades. This is a time to really learn who you are and what you want the rest of your life to look like.”

Hamilton looks forward to exciting opportunities after graduation in May. “I pretend like I’m scared of it and don’t want it, but really I’m ready to move on. I’ve given Georgetown as much of my awesome as I can for now. I think it’s time to find another group of super cool people to introduce to my awesome. LOL. But don’t worry Georgetown, I hope to be back one day.”


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